monitoring the weather to see when



monitoring the weather to see when
 It might be that time of year when most of us are
monitoring the weather to see when the next
snowfall will take place, but not everyone has to
be troubled by Old Man Winter. Regardless of
where you live, a fabric structure from ClearSpan
can provide you with an ideal working environment that’s unparalleled in the industry. Our
buildings can be installed anywhere and used for anything! Tucked in the shadows of the Peninsular
Ranges north of San Diego, soccer
teams can now play year­round in
Size: 35' Wide x 16' Long office, 63'
Wide x 120' Long indoor soccer field Location: Vista, Calif.
Application: Athletics and recreation –
Are you looking to expand, but can only
build upward? The versatility of a
ClearSpan building allows them to be
installed anywhere – even on top of
your brick and mortar building! Size: 35' Wide x 76' Long Location: East St. Louis, Ill.
Application: Industrial building – waste
Incorporated in 1784 and appointed the sole capital city of Connecticut in 1875, the city of Hartford covers 17.3
square miles and has a population of 125,000, making it the fourth largest city in the Constitution State. As
winters become longer and more crippling, the city must quickly respond to snow and ice removal for its
residents, commuters and workers that account for a general metropolitan area of over 1.2 million people. Bob Umashankar has been the city’s civil engineer and project manager since 2005, and recently
concluded that instead of replacing a roof on the city’s wooden salt shed, they would replace the building
with a more sustainable solution. “Not only did the roof need to be replaced on the old structure, but we
were looking for a larger area to store more material,â€​ Umashankar said.
After conducting some online research, Umashankar learned that a fabric structure had several benefits aside
from bulk material storage, and ultimately chose ClearSpan Fabric Structures, which has its home offices just
10 miles away. “We went with a fabric building due to its fast construction timeline and low cost,â€​ added
Umashankar. “We needed a new building quickly, and ClearSpan presented a good plan and was very
The 72’ wide by 108’ long Hercules Truss Arch Building has been performing very well, allowing the
city’s public works department to store an abundant supply of salt ahead of the winter season. “Weâ
€™ve found that for operational and functionality purposes, the fabric building from ClearSpan has been
working out much better than the wood structure,â€​ concluded Umashankar. “It’s also very nice
To learn more about the City of Hartford Department of Public Works and their
ClearSpan structure, please call Bob Umashankar at 1.860.757.9985 or visit
In 1991, Flying Change Farm was founded under
the direction of Diane Schoonmaker, a certified
equine instructor of the American Riding
Instructors Association and a 2006 Top 50 Riding
Instructors recipient. She began building her riding­
instruction program 40 years ago on her family
farm, Saunderskill Farm, before opening her own
business with her husband, Patrick, nearly 25
years ago.
As Schoonmaker continued to build on her
program over the years, the realization of being
able to teach year­round in an outdoor arena in
eastern New York state became more of a
challenge. After conducting some research online
and in a FarmTek catalog, Schoonmaker chose
ClearSpan Fabric Structures to cover her outdoor
arena, so lessons and programs could be offered in any season.
“I’ve been so accustomed to teaching seasonally, especially here in the Northeast,â€​ stated
Schoonmaker. “But I wanted to be able to teach yearround, and ClearSpan was able to fulfill that
The Hercules Truss Arch Building, providing over 10,000 square feet of usable space, was installed using
ClearSpan’s in­house manufactured Helical Anchors, which allow the structures to be installed in any
weather condition and with minimal­to­no excavation. This was one of the reasons why Schoonmaker chose
a fabric structure from ClearSpan. “Not only was the order­to­installation process quick, but ClearSpan
also offers in­house financing, which was very accommodating,â€​ Schoonmaker added.
Since the ClearSpan building was installed in early 2014, the staff at Flying Change Farm loves the structure
and has been pleased with its benefits. The staff has enjoyed the natural daylight that permeates through the
high­density polyethylene (HDPE) fabric cover, which contributes to a comfortable and enjoyable riding
environment. “The arena is very bright and very spacious,â€​ mentioned Schoonmaker. “It has also
been very low maintenance and very easy to care for. Overall, it’s a beautiful, bright and very
economically efficient structure!
For more information on Flying Change Farm and their ClearSpan Structure, visit
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