The flame-resistant fabric for protective clothing



The flame-resistant fabric for protective clothing
The flame-resistant fabric for
protective clothing
• High visibility FR fabric
• Permanently flame-resistant
• Comfortable to wear
• High strength
• High abrasion resistance
• Electric arc protection
• Low weight
• Easy to wash
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Textreme protect is a registered trademark of Corporate Fabrics.
The flame-resistant fabric for protective clothing
KERMEL® presents textreme protect®, the latest generation of Multistandard protective clothing. textreme protect® is based on an intelligent mixture of KERMEL® fibres and four further fibre types. The protective fabric meets all prevailing standards and is available in bright
orange, bright yellow and bright red. The laminated version and the
face fabric variant in combination with a KERMEL® / Viscose FR liner
additionally satisfy the protective clothing standard EN 343. The low
weight and the Viscose FR component in the fabric guarantee optimum wearing comfort.
The unique modular system with various material combinations and
the different weight classes and colours available for textreme protect®
offer a precise response to the needs of the end customer. This flexibility
is a new feature in the Personal Protective Equipment sector allowing
to satisfy different performance levels within the individual standards.
KERMEL® textreme protect® the tailor-made protection for every application!
To round off this concept, textreme protect® can be supplied in numerous different application colours. This means seamlessly customized
protective clothing with customer-related corporate identity.
Certified according to:
• EN 471 in fluorescent orange and yellow and as contrasting material
• EN 11612 – A1, B1, C1, E1 (superior classes with laminate or liner)
• EN 11611 - 2
• EN 1149 - 5 (class 3)
• EN 13034 – Type 6
• EN 343 (with dual-layer laminate or laminated liner)
• EN 61482-1-2 - Class 1, 4 kA
- Class 2, 7 kA
in combination with laminated liner and/or dual-layer
laminate Eco-Tex Standard 100
The uniform face fabric in industrial washing quality makes durable protective clothing with multi-standard protection possible for the first time.
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