No-Sew Solutions


No-Sew Solutions
Spray Adhesive
Double-Sided Stiff Fusible Interfacing
A structural interfacing with fusible
adhesive on both sides for quick and
easy projects
Provides both stiffness and flexibility
Ideal for flat as well as dimensional projects
Suitable for fabric and paper
Available in medium or heavy weight
Fabric bowls, boxes and vases
Purses and hats
Placemats, lampshades and window décor
Paper projects and scrapbooking
Fuse fabric to one
side; flip over
interfacing and
fuse fabric to
opposite side.
Use a press cloth
to prevent
scorching your
Pin pieces and
layers together
using long flat
flower head pins.
Temporary Spray for Bonding Fabric or Paper
bonding & stabilizers
Eliminates basting and pinning
Odorless and colorless
Acid free
Will not gum up hand and machine needles
Repositionable for fabric and paper
Secures tissue patterns to fabric while cutting
Temporarily holds garment hems in place when determining
desired length
Bastes quilt layers together without pins
Holds pieces in place when arranging quilt blocks on design wall
Secures paper to fabric for appliqué patterns, paper piecing and
machine quilting
Holds stencils and templates in position
Appliqué & Embroidery
Aids in positioning trims and appliqués for hand or machine
Secures tear-away stabilizers to fabric for machine embroidery
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Stitch Witchery®
Fusible Bonding Web
A colorless plastic solution designed to reinforce and prevent
the fraying of woven edges
Fine tip on bottle provides controlled applications
Washable and dry cleanable
Use to finish fabric edges, ribbons and lace
Secures thread ends on serged items
Strengthens button threads and reinforces
Prevents fraying on seam allowances
Controls runs in pantyhose
Fusible web that permanently bonds
two layers of fabric together when
activated by a steam iron
Washable and dry cleanable
Available in black or white
Paper-Backed Fusible Adhesive
A paper-backed adhesive
Tacky surface maintains correct position until ironed. Once ironed,
position is permanent
Machine washable
Ultra Light
Regular Weight
Super Weight
Ideal for no-sew projects and crafts
Fuse fabric to fabric, or fuse lace, ribbon and trims to fabric
Creating no-sew hems in garments
and home décor projects
Applying ribbons and trims
Making no-sew straps and belts
Always pre-wash all fabrics before fusing
Do not use fabric softeners or dry clean
Use medium heat to fuse. Increase ironing time when ironing through multiple
layers of fabric or when fusing heavier fabrics
Ultra Light - For sheers and
lightweight fabrics
Regular Weight - Suitable for light to medium weight fabrics
Super Weight - Best for use on denim and home décor fabrics
Double-Sided Clear Adhesive Tape
Fray Check will not discolor or stain most fabrics.
Always test first to be sure.
Puncture tip with a fine straight pin. Do not cut tip
with scissors.
Liquid will flow out of bottle when gently
A double-sided adhesive tape that clings to skin, fabric, paper and leather
Leaves no residue
Use black Stitch Witchery to create an invisible
bond on black sheers and dark fabrics.
Be sure to check hems for correct placement
and position before fusing.
Use Hot Iron Cleaner to remove any Stitch Witchery residue from
the bottom of iron.
Designed for temporary use, such as an emergency repair, or the
temporary positioning of shoulder pads, straps and facings
Use for quick basting without using pins
Do not stitch through tape
Remove before washing or dry