Duck Delivery Moves Into New Work Space



Duck Delivery Moves Into New Work Space
April 27, 2016
Merchandising News
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Duck Delivery Moves Into New Work Space
Duck Delivery of Portland
completed the long anticipated
move into a new work space over
this past weekend. With 25,000
square feet of space, the new
warehouse and offices will enhance
Duck Delivery’s abilities to deliver
exceptional quality and service to
their customers.
Duck Delivery supplies food
service and institutional customers
in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho
and has two additional distribution
warehouses in Sumner, WA and
Bend, OR.
New Crop Items Arriving Daily
Local Green Onions
New crop Green Onions from Oregon are
now available to order. Available in a 48
count case, they come from Cal Farms
(see last page for Grower’s Spotlight).
Red Potatoes
New crop, California
Apricots are now in stock
and available to order at
United Salad. From Bari
Produce, these first-of-theseason large panta pack
apricots come in a
16 pound, 2 layer, 70
series case.
New crop Red Potatoes from Lehr Brothers
are in stock and ready to order. These
California spuds come in 50lb. “A” size
California Blueberries
First-of-the-season Blueberries out of
California are in stock and available
to order. Look for them in 12/6 ounce
April 27, 2016
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Organic Items to Promote
New Crop Peaches:
New crop Organic Peaches out of California are
in stock and available to order. These premium peaches
are from Wawona Packing and come in 18 lb cases, at a
60/64 series size.
Bagged Limes:
After a recent spike in the lime market, we have a special
on 1 pound bagged Organic Limes from Mexico. With
24 bags packed to a case, these are perfect for the
upcoming Cinco de Mayo sales push.
Bagged Roma Tomatoes:
An ideal accompaniment for those limes, are 2 pound
bagged Organic Roma Tomatoes. Romas are perfect for
salsas because of the “meaty” inside and these Mexican
romas are available to order today.
Earthbound Powermeal Bowls:
Introducing our newest salad additions from Earthbound
Organics: Powermeal Bowls. With four flavors to choose
from these single serve organic bowls come with all the
healthy toppings.
Conventional Items to Promote
New Crop
Mexican Seedless
Watermelon bins are
available. Look for 60ct
and 70ct bins.
We have 8ct Hawaiian
Papayas from Calavo
and Diamondhead
Papaya Co. in stock.
New crop Cilantro
from Oregon’s Cal
Farms, is availble in
48ct bunches.
April 27, 2016
Merchandising News
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Merchandising Your Department for Mother’s Day
Mother’s Day is May 8 and our floral
buyer, Sue Chittenden has some tips
on making sure your department is
ready for your customers:
On first arrival, remove all plants
from their boxes to release excess
heat, and put them on display
immediately; your customers can’t
buy what they don’t see. Remember
that these floral items are an impulse
buy, so make sure you have them
prominately displayed in the front of
the store or near a register.
For stores that don’t regularly
sell floral items, be certain to have
plants in stock by Monday so your
customers will know you carry
these items for their Mother’s Day
Finally, keep your department
clean. Customers are more likely to
buy when the area is tidy. Make sure
plants are groomed, rotated, and
well-watered. Check and change the
bouquet buckets and trim bouquets
about 1 inch for best hydration.
Floral Offerings for the Week of May 18, 2016:
Fly Traps
Organic Herbs
are perfect for
displaying indoors
and replanting
outdoors to enjoy.
They are coming at a
great buy this week.
This entertaining
plant is a delight
for all ages. One of
the few carnivorous
plants, these Venus
Fly Traps make a
perfect novelty gift.
Also know as “The
Lily of the Incas”
these outdoor
plants are lowmaintenance and
bloom from mid to
late summer.
These 3.5” assorted
organic herbs
are perfect for
customers who want
to grow their own
plants, but lack a
large garden space.
Case Pack: 15
Case Pack: 28
Case Pack: 6
Case Pack: 12
Floral Contact Information: Sue Chittenden, Buyer/Merchandiser
Office: 1-800-547-5536 Email: [email protected]
April 27, 2016
Merchandising News
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Mary’s Harvest Items to Promote:
Fresh Fruit Spears are the perfect Mary’s items to promote
with the warmer weather. All our fruit spears are hand-cut
and meet our strict SQF Level 3 standards.
Case Pack: 6
Container Size: 1lb.
Case Pack: 6
Container Size: 1lb.
Case Pack: 6
Container Size: 1lb.
Case Pack: 6
Container Size: 1lb.
Merchandising With Mary’s Makes A Difference
These two photos show
the difference proper merchandising can have on
your produce department.
By using our packaged
fresh fruit instead of jars
and devoting 24 linear feet
to create a strong impact,
you can recatagorize these
sections to make for easier
Most of these simple
changes have resulted in
fresh-cut fruit sales increasing by over 100%.
Mary’s Harvest Contact Information: Ralph Greear
Office: 1-800-275-2756 Email: [email protected]
April 27, 2016
Merchandising News
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Grower’s Spotlight: Cal Farms Inc.
The Calcagno family knows there
are outstanding growing conditions
along the banks of Oregon’s
Clackamas and Willamette Rivers.
This fertile area, with rich soil, plenty
of water and long summer days is the
perfect recipe for growing most any
leafy vegetable, squash, green onions
and radishes.
Cal Farms is proud to offer
shoppers high quality, local
vegetables grown with obsessive
attention to sustainable agricultural
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