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Keiser Corner
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Summer Survival
May 2013
How will YOU stay plugged in?
It takes planning. Have you arranged for childcare? There are several child
care centers close to campus, some of them offering discounts for Keiser
students. Check out contact information posted around campus. Or, maybe
switch to online classes for the summer. The convenience and flexibility
might be just what works for a busy mom or dad. If this idea appeals to you,
visit Academics by week three. Schedule adjustments can be made.
It takes commitment. Just think…instead of your summer days slipping away,
you’re getting closer to your goal (Graduation!!!). On days when the lure of
leisure time beckons, having a study buddy to encourage you really helps.
At the start of each class, team up—exchange phone
numbers with a classmate so you can stay connected.
It’s hard to let someone down by not showing up, so
you’ll be motivated to keep that study date, do that assignment. And if you have to miss a class, you have
someone to contact to get notes and assignments that
you missed.
It takes desire. No one can make you attend class. But
think of the consequences of missing those few days
that roll into a few more. Before you know it, you’ve
missed too much time, too much work to get caught up,
so you drop a class. That’s an expensive choice! Our
doors are always open so speak with a dean if you have
a problem.
Volume 8, Issue 5
May dates to Remember:
 9th & 10th—Student Appreciation Days
 9th—Leadership of Distinction—Networking Seminar
 WIA Information, Polk
Works Representatives on
Campus, 12:00—2:00
 14th—SGA Meetings, 1:00
or 5:30
 14th—VA Rep. on campus,
 16th—Leadership Seminar—Financial Success,
11:15 and 6:00
 16th—PTK Meetings, 1:00
or 5:30
 20th-24th—STARS Week
 22nd Graduation Seminar,
1:00 p.m.
 23rd Graduation Seminars,
1:00 & 5:30 p.m.
Other tips:
Make a calendar-plan
for school time, work
time, leisure time
Reward yourself-set
short term goals and
treat yourself every time
you achieve one
Take care of yourselfeat well, exercise, rest
Visualize yourself
working in your desired career-some people display a symbol (a
tool of the trade, a figu-
rine, a picture) --every
time you see it, it will
remind you of your goal
Use on-campus resources-go to the Writing Studio or library for
an hour after or before
class so you can relax
when you go home
knowing that you’ve
already completed the
reading or assignment
for next class
Ask for help if you
need it-we all want you
to be successful and
reach your goal. If
you have any situation, academic, financial, personal, ask for
help. We are more
than willing to assist.
 27th— Memorial Day, NO
 31st—Last Day of May
May Star Student….Jason Jackson
Congratulations, Jason
Jackson, Radiologic Technology
Student and our May Star Student.
At a recent meeting, The Cypress
Lakes Veterans Association
(CLVA) presented their first annual veteran scholarship to Jason
Jackson, a Radiologic Technology
student from the Lakeland campus of Keiser University.
The CLVA opened this opportunity up to Keiser University students
who have served in the U.S. military and were able to meet the
other stringent requirements set
forth by the association. After
reviewing all of the applications
and reading their essays, the
committee narrowed their selection down to the top three candidates, finally choosing Jackson
for the $1,000 scholarship.
“This is a tremendous honor and
I am so grateful to have been
chosen for this scholarship,”
said Jason Jackson. Jackson is
a specialist in the U.S. Army
Reserves after having served four
years in the U.S. Air Force on active duty.
Radiologic Technology Pinning—
Congratulations April Core graduates.
Before family and friends on Friday, April
26 our Senior RT class graduated and received their allied health pins. Congratulations to the following graduates: Stephanie
Eldredge, Hudson Guilaran, Theresa
McMicken, Natalie Mead, Haven Mills, Angela Rodriguez, Camille Smith, Melissa Sullivan, Andrew Szerbiak, Tugba Tokatlioglu,
Michelle Walter and Matthew Woodby.
Congratulations also to Tugba Tokalioglu,
Tugba was selected as her graduating class
Clinical Star student.
Student Work Study Needed!
Inquire within the Career Center with Student Services.
Memorial Day
Application Deadline:
May 27th
5/17/13, 5:00 p.m.
No Class
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Keiser Corner
Keiser University
2013 Graduation Ceremony
Friday, June 7th, 7:00 p.m.
The Lakeland Center, Line Street
Lakeland, FL
Students are welcome to attend to witness this special
Lakeland Campus first Radiation Therapy
Class Graduates!
Congratulations to our first Radiation
Therapy Class from the Lakeland campus of Keiser University.
On April 25th, in front of family and
friends in the campus auditorium, these
graduates received their Allied Health
Pins. After passing the state registry
for their program, they will all be able
to join the workforce and will surely
represent Keiser well!
Congratulations to: Tony Ceballos,
Anthony Lloyd, Elizabeth Hamelinck, Shawnnel
McArthur, Eric Davis and Trey Office.
You can always find each month’s Calendar and Newsletter on line at on the Student
Services page. Select Campus Connections
and the Lakeland campus.
Volume 8, Issue 5
All students must
wear their student ID while on
campus. If you
need to replace
your student ID,
please see Student Services in
the Career
Center, Build One, Second Floor
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