Spring - East Side House Settlement



Spring - East Side House Settlement
letter from the
executive director—page 2
Bank of america recognizes
east Side house
east Side house’s
name in lights!—page 3
east Side house elects
new Board president—page 4
east Side house hosts
annual community day
in the South Bronx
new website and Social
media channels—page 5
winter antiques Show
diamond Jubilee—page 6
east Side house celebrates annual
gala preview of the new York
international auto Show
in partnership with the gnYada
Joe Schildhorn and Benjamin lozovsky/Bfanyc.com
on march 28, 2013, eaST Side houSe welcomed more Than 1,400 gueSTS
to the gala preview of the new York international auto Show. Sponsored
by Jeep, the event transformed the Jacob k. Javits center into an exotic
safari and attendees enjoyed a high energy cocktail party, a privately catered
dinner for benefactors, a preview of the entire Show before it opened to the
public, and exclusive access to camp Jeep® new York. additionally, the
event featured an exciting live auction culminating in the auction of a 2014
Jeep grand cherokee limited.
The event was made possible through the generosity of the greater new York
automobile dealers association (gnYada) and the new York international
auto Show (nYiaS), as part of a proud tradition of community service.
The gnYada’s partnership with east Side house is one of the numerous
initiatives which demonstrate a commitment to the community, with a focus
on young people. in addition to east Side house, gnYada works to create
opportunities for young people entering the automotive business through
scholarships, the center for automotive education and Training, and the
annual automotive career fair, while national automotive Technology
dealers provide jobs in the community.
east Side house is grateful for its partnership with the gnYada and the
nYiaS which has made the gala preview event possible.
Board of managers
peter d. Standish*
Thomas h. remien
vice presidents
courtney e. Booth
dolores o’Brien miller
richard e. kolman
Stephanie B. clark
mrs. robert f.r. Ballard
david l. duffy*
william S. elder
fay gambee
mrs. Thomas Shircliff glover
marjorie Johnson hewett
Sven e. hsia
mrs. leslie keno
Stephen J. ketchum
george g. king
arie l. kopelman
michael r. lynch
Jack c. mcalinden*
hon. eugene oliver, Jr.
emily israel pluhar
robert pondiscio
andrew p. Siff
mrs. elizabeth donnem Sigety
mrs. charles f. Smithers
mrs. ruth h. Smithers
philip l. Yang, Jr.
Joan p. Young*
honorary members
robert f.r. Ballard*
mario Buatta
mrs. roland w. donnem
ms. christine Janis
executive director
John a. Sanchez
associate executive director
Josué rodriguez
*past president
East Side House is a community resource in
the South Bronx. we believe education is the
key that enables all people to create economic
and civic opportunities for themselves, their
families, and their communities. our focus is on
critical developmental periods—early childhood
and adolescence—and critical junctures —
points at which people are determined to
become economically independent. we enrich,
supplement, and enhance the public school
system and place college within reach of motivated students. we provide services to families
in order that other family members may pursue
their educational goals. we provide technology
and career readiness training to enable students
to improve their economic status and lead
more fulfilling lives.
Dear Friends:
It has been a busy season at East Side House, and I am pleased to share news
of our growth and innovation.
With seven high school-aged programs now in our portfolio with the
New York City Department of Education, our college access programs are
celebrating the largest graduating class in East Side House’s history. Close to
200 of our students are projected to graduate by the end of June.This is twice
the number we had last year.
Not only are these remarkable young people
completing high school, they are enrolling in
college and/or post-secondary training, and
building the skills necessary to secure a good
job. They are setting the pace for their peers
and raising the bar for their communities.
With so many motivated individuals seeking
our services and improving their lives, it is
more important than ever for East Side House
to deliver on our promise of opportunity.This
newsletter highlights recent developments
that will help us to do so, such as meaningful
recognition from Bank of America, growth of our special events, the imminent
launch of a redesigned agency website enabled with social media, and a new
slate of Board Officers elected at our Annual Meeting.
None of the work we do at East Side House would be possible without the
steadfast support and vision of the Board, our dedicated staff and volunteers,
partners, and friends in the philanthropic community. Together we are making
a measurable difference.
I am optimistic about the upcoming year and I look forward to keeping you
apprised of our progress.
With best wishes for the summer,
John A. Sanchez
featured from left: Josué rodriguez, associate executive director; Bank of america’s new York city president, Jeff Barker; John a. Sanchez, executive director;
daniel diaz, assistant executive director of programs; peter d. Standish, Board chairman.
Bank of america recognizes
east Side house for impact on education
and community development
in new York city
The recognition will help east Side house invest in its
growth and development, and make an even greater
community impact.
east Side house was presented with the award
in march, and executive director John Sanchez and
assistant executive director of programs daniel diaz
have since begun their participation in the program’s
leadership trainings.
east Side house is grateful for Bank of america’s
generous support and their longstanding commitment
to the people of the South Bronx.
The Bank of america chariTaBle foundaTion
has recognized east Side house as part of its
neighborhood Builder® program. The recognition
awards high-performing nonprofits that have made a
significant impact in the community working in the
bank’s priority funding areas of housing, jobs, and
hunger relief.
The neighborhood Builder® program is a strategic
investment that pairs leadership training with a
$200,000 unrestricted grant so leaders gain valuable
skills while applying funding where it is most needed.
East Side House’s Name in Lights!
o v er T h e la ST T w o w e e k e n d S in a pr il, B a n k o f a me r ic a leveraged
its centrally located billboard in new York city’s Times Square to feature
east Side house. This high-profile visibility came as part of a new effort the
bank is rolling out to communicate with customers, clients and community
members about the value of connections. we are proud to be connected to
Bank of america, and appreciate their commitment to east Side house. This is
a snapshot of us on the billboard — thank you, Bank of america!
east Side house elects
new Board president
at the annual meeting in may, east Side house staff,
students, volunteers, and other friends joined east Side
house’s executive leadership and Board of managers
for a celebration of east Side house’s programs and
the announcement of a new slate of Board officers.
The meeting marked the end of peter Standish’s
distinguished 8-year term of service as Board president.
mr. Standish was recognized by former Board
president david duffy and executive director John
Sanchez for his outstanding leadership, generosity, and
commitment to the charity. mr. Standish acknowledged
his fellow Board officers karen kemp glover, Stephen
ketchum, Bill elder, emily keno, and Joan Young for
their dedication and service.
mr. Standish will be succeeded by Thomas h.
remien as president and will assume the role of
chairman of the Board. mr. remien is joined in Board
leadership of east Side house by courtney Booth
and dolores o’Brien miller, vice presidents; richard
kolman, Treasurer; and Stephanie clark, Secretary.
featured from left: Board president, Thomas h. remien; executive director, John a.
Sanchez; Board chairman, peter d. Standish.
Below, featured from left: courtney e. Booth, vice president; Thomas h. remien,
president; richard e. kolman, Treasurer; dolores o’Brien miller, vice president;
Stephanie B. clark, Secretary.
alexander Brown
east Side house hosts annual
community day in the South Bronx
o n f r i d aY, m aY 1 0 T h , 2 0 1 3 , e a S T S i d e h o u S e h o S T e d i T S a n n u a l c o m m u n i T Y d aY
at our mitchel community center, welcoming children, adults, and families from the mott haven neighborhood
and surrounding communities in the South Bronx.
with a theme of “celebration and awareness”, the event showcased east Side house’s continuum of highperforming programs and services, providing information about our high school-based programs; elementary
after-school programs; community center programs; ged preparation and testing; job training programs; college
admissions; social services; and programs for senior citizens available to community residents.
in addition to the resource fair, the event featured an exhibition of student art, student performances, music,
games, and prizes. a wonderful day was had by all!
East Side House to Launch New Website
and Social Media Channels
eaST Side houSe iS happY To announce The imminenT
launch of our newly revised website, developed pro bono
by the Taproot foundation. The new and improved site is
contemporary, easy to navigate, allows for access to our
special events, and better illustrates our programs and
services. in addition, the site enables users to connect
with east Side house on facebook and Twitter. You’ll
find the redesigned site at the same address as always:
we are grateful to the team from Taproot and their
associates for their efforts.
Winter Antiques Show Diamond Jubilee
in 2014, The winTer anTiqueS Show will celeBraTe
its 60th year—a diamond Jubilee—as america’s most
prestigious antiques show. established by east Side
house in 1955, the winter antiques Show remains the
only major antiques show from which all net proceeds
support a charity.
The opening night party on Thursday, January 23rd
will celebrate the Show’s exhibitors, patrons, and sponsors
during a glamorous evening of cocktails, hors d’oeuvres,
and the best of the best in fine and decorative arts.
The Show’s 2014 loan exhibition will honor the
peabody essex museum (pem), located in the greater
Boston area. The oldest and fastest growing museum
in the united States, pem will exhibit some of its
finest examples of art and culture from north america,
china, Japan, korea, and india.
The winter antiques Show will run from January 24
– february 2, 2014 at the park avenue armory. general
admission to the show is $25, which includes the Show’s
award-winning catalogue. To purchase tickets for the
opening night party on Thursday, January 23rd, or
for Young collectors night on Thursday, January 30th,
please call ms. eula Johnson at (718) 292-7392 or visit

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