December News - Good Spirit School Division 204


December News - Good Spirit School Division 204
The Kindergarten students visited the Western
Development Museum in Yorkton on November
24. They toured the museum, made a Christmas
craft, and enjoyed a wagon ride. The November
weather was wonderful and everyone enjoyed
the outing!
Our Mom’s Pantry orders arrived on
Tuesday, December 1 and because of
the frozen products, it was necessary
to distribute the orders the same day.
We thank you for ensuring all orders
were picked up in a timely fashion.
We know you are bombarded with
many fundraisers and we are
extremely grateful to our Davison
families for always supporting us. We
netted a profit of $9 955.63 which has
been applied to our playground loan!
The Pre-Kindergarten classroom held their
Christmas Concert on Friday, December 11.
Following the concert, students, family
members and guests enjoyed a pot luck
lunch. Good food and visiting was a great
way to end the week!
WANTED- The Pre-kindergarten
classroom is looking for the game “Guess
Who”. The only thing Miss Nystrom
needs from the game is the boards. If you
have this game and no longer need/want
it, please consider donating it to the Prekindergarten classroom. Thank you.
Your donations to our Christmas hamper drive made it possible to ensure
this project was a resounding success and we thank each of you for your
Heartfelt thanks to the following:
Prairie Co-op for donating turkeys for the hampers
The Denesuik family for a monetary donation
Artos Contracting for a monetary donation
St. Henry’s Parishioners for gifts
Molaro family for gifts
The Melville & District Food Bank for gifts
Finally, many thanks to the families who sent donations above and
beyond what we asked for. You have helped make the Christmas season
brighter for a number of folks!
The Christmas spirit is truly alive in our community!
On Monday, December 14, students met
in their family groups to create their own
unique Christmas card. These cards will
be delivered to St. Paul’s Home and
Caleb Village to be passed along to the
residents. The students were pleased
knowing they had the opportunity to
brighten the day for a number of senior
Our students performed for a full house
on Wednesday, December 16 at both
the 9:45 a.m. dress rehearsal and the
evening performance at 7:00 p.m.
It was delightful to see how after many
hours of practice, the performances
given by our students were polished and
warranted the audience’s appreciation
and applause.
Thank you to Mrs. Kitch and Mr. Hearn for
the many hours of practice,
practice….and more practice to ensure
everything was in order. We know
preparing for this musical was a lot of fun
for both them and the students.
*Special thanks to the SCC for selling
50/50 tickets.
We know the first place students head for
when they get home is the fridge or
cupboard for an after school snack! Thank
you to those families who have provided
that ‘snack’ in the form of muffins to the
after school Rising Stars reading program.
They have been delicious and very much
appreciated by all!
Thank you also to the students from the
Melville Comprehensive School who made
a commitment to mentor our young readers
twice a week for the past two months. We
couldn’t have done it without them!
Because of this club, students have
improved their reading skills and selfconfidence. For this we thank Mrs.
Campbell and Mrs. Ball for initiating and
overseeing our ‘Rising Stars’.
Our monthly awards are based on the five values adopted by all schools in the Good Spirit School
Division. The five values are: We Learn, We Nurture, We Are Responsible, We Belong, and We Respect.
Both students and staff strive to adhere to these values. Students receiving awards in December are:
*Gr. 1 – Kadin G. is considerate of others and always acts with kindness. He works well with
others and tries to include everyone. He shows great interest in his school work and always tries
his very best at all he does. He always conducts himself very responsibly and with respect. Way
to go, Kadin!
*Gr. 2 - Mason K. for showing all 5 values. Mason is a kind, caring and polite student. He is an
enthusiastic learner and has shown tremendous growth in the first term. He is always prepared
and ready to learn. He works well with all of his classmates and is helpful towards his teachers.
Keep up the great work, Mason!
*Gr. 3–Collin D. for showing the values of Learning, Respect & Responsibility. Collin is a kind
and respectful student. He always enters the classroom with a smile on his face and is always
ready to learn. When given an assignment, Collin is quick to get started and stays on task until
he is finished. He always tries his best, works hard and is eager to learn. Keep up the great work,
*Gr. 4 –Liberty W. for showing the value of Learning. Liberty is a very responsible student who
has been working hard towards her reading goals this month. Liberty enthusiastically tries any
new strategies to help bump up her reading and gets excited when she meets her goals. Way to
be, Liberty!
*Gr. 500 – Carter M. for showing the value of Learning. Cater is a hardworking student. He is
always contributing to classroom discussions to share his knowledge. He works hard to learn
new things and fully understand them. He works hard each month to achieve his goal for home
reading and most of the time even beats his record. Keep up the great work, Carter!
*Gr. 501 – Karlee S. for showing all 5 values. Karlee is a polite, caring student. She always has a
positive attitude and comes into class with a smile. She makes sure everyone feels like they
belong in our classroom. Her school work is always done to the best of her ability and she is
responsible for her learning by making sure her homework is always done. Keep up the great
work, Karlee!
*Gr. 600 –Kalan S. for showing the values of Nurturing & Belonging. Kalan is kind-hearted and
always checks in with his classmates when they are feeling down to see how he can help cheer
them up. He is accepting of everyone, easy to get along with, and a confidant for many.
*Gr. 601-Josh L. for showing all 5 values. Josh is respectful to his teachers and classmates. He
has a positive attitude and tries his hardest at everything he does. He is also a very responsible
student and a pleasure to teach. Keep up the great work, Josh!
Mmmmmm…..Delicious Pancakes!
A special thank you is extended
to our School Community Council
(a.k.a. “Santa’s helpers”) for
providing treat bags for the
students. After contacting the
‘North Pole’ earlier this month, we
were assured Santa would take
time from his busy schedule to
distribute the bags to the
students on Friday.
The ‘Holiday Spirit’ day sponsored by the SRC
on Friday, December 18 will certainly put
everyone in the Christmas mood! We know
Christmas colours and special holiday outfits
will be the order of the day! Thank you to the
SRC and teacher advisors, Mrs. Molnar and
Mrs. Waldbauer, for ensuring everyone
embraces the ‘Christmas spirit’.
January 4/16- Classes Resume
January 12– SCC meeting – 6:30Room 600 - All Welcome
January 8– Skating (Gr. 4-6)
January 15 – Skating (Kn.-Gr. 3)
January 22- (Skating (4-6)
January 25-Skating (Kn.-Gr. 3)
Special thanks to those families who
brought/sent Christmas greetings and
delicious ‘goodies’ to the staffroom.
have been
very much enjoyed
and appreciated by all – belt
loosening has begun!
The gift of love
The gift of peace
The gift of happiness
May all these be yours this
Merry Christmas and Happy
New Year from Davison Staff