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Getling Involved - FaithQuest Missions
Spring has sprung!
Spring is a season of new life! For me, spring brings so much joy because I enjoy seeing the
brilliance of God's creation in full bloom. All the colors of the flowers, and the lush green of the
plants. It reminds me of the resurrection of Christ-coming out from the grave in glory and splendor. I
hope it brings you encouragement, as well. Even in busy, tough, stressful, or grieving times, we can be
reminded of God's great love for us when we behold his creation-and
he gave it to us. I am excited to
think about the new earth after Christ's return. Will our perfected eyes be able to see colors not
known in this life? Will the flowers produce fragrances that literally warm your body and remind you of
Christ's love? What about the taste of the water from the river of life-It has to be far from what our
imagination can even fathom. Oh, it's going to be awesome!
I have been doing missions full-time now since November and it is interesting the question that
I have been receiving most often from people who I am catching up with: "So, where have you gone so
far?" Oh, how I wish I could fill their ears with my stories of new ministries overseas and of the
remarkable cultures I have come in contact with. Though, the reality is, I am still in the process of
building a foundation for myself in this role-professionally,
financially, spiritually and functionally. For
those that know me, you know that I am a visionary that gets energy and passion from potential. My
future excites me, but I know it is important for me to find traction before I begin running hard.
Though, I hope that God can continue to establish me in this and use me for His glory. Please keep me
in your prayers as I am in this stage. I want to be completely submitted to the Potter, for Him to mold
me into exactly what He would want. (Jer. 18:4)
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On the 23rd and 24th of
this past month, two 12man Team FaithQuest
teams ran the Ragnar
Relay (Of which I bombarded
you with emailsabout--©).Itis
200 mile relay race. We ended up
raising $26,000 for the work and ministries of
FaithQuest -such a praise!!!
In addition, within the next two months
FaithQuest is hoping to completely renovate our
website. Our hope is that the website would be
a central hub for all sorts of information and
activity. The goal is to turn it into a nearly allencompassing resource for anybody or any
church to tap into. Should be cool. If any of you
are highly skilled with website work and design
or know somebody that is, we could certainly
use the expertise!
Support Status Update (2010)
Monthly Goal: $3500
Current Level: $1760.41
From Last Month: +$170.00
God did an incredible thing
this past month! Alex and I
traveled up to Newsong Irvine
on Sunday the 18th to help out
with their V-Malawi child
sponsorship drive. They had prayed faithfully
and passionately for God to move the hearts of
the people of their church to sponsor children in
large numbers. They wanted to surpass 1500
child sponsorships. A radical goal in relationship
to how many people were in attendance. They
had already sponsored 400 kids. We brought 660
packets of child sponsorships in the Nkhoma and
Chilenje region. Dave Gibbons, Newsong's senior
pastor, spoke from his heart and challenged his
church to take a step of faith to sponsor a child.
Within 2% hours, 1104 kids were sponsored,
taking their total over 1500. The 660 were gone
in a flash and people were signing up on papers.
2 people sponsored 100 kids each. Praise God!!!
All things are possible with Him! Hope is flooding
into the Nkhoma and Chilenje valleys right now.
Our scout team went to Malawi this past
month for the preparation of this summer's trip
and the ministries are very excited and ready for
the teams to come this summer. We have about
80 people from different churches coming! Wow.
Getling Involved
If you would like to get iRvolved, either through
going on a trip, volunteering, or assisting us in
our support raising, please contact us!