Partnership Proposal - Hockey Training Academy


Partnership Proposal - Hockey Training Academy
2679 Bristol Circle, Unit 3
[email protected]
On behalf of The Sports Training Academy, it
is my privilege to invite you to partner with us
in the pursuit of the long term skills
development training of hockey players.
The Sports Training Academy Inc. owned by
Michael Kennedy, former NHL player and
Leafs Alumni.
The Sports Training Academy is a 25,000 square foot indoor sports
training facility located on the Oakville/Mississauga border catering to
young athletes who want to improve their athletic performance.
Running Shoes
Sport bag with:
Skates, Helmet, Gloves,
Stick, Shin Pads
All Erindale Athletes will receive a 60 minute hockey
skills lesson. STA will provide instruction on the
following core hockey skills:
Skating treadmills instruction
Proper grip instruction
Teach proper passing technique
Measure shotvelocity
We are so confident that players will enjoy the training so much that the
feedback will be resounding for players to continue training here.
We would like to be an ongoing part of the Spitfires player development and
pose that after the initial free sessions that we could become more involved
with the teams and the Association at a higher level.
Consistent instruction
Coach development
Player development
Proper technique
Competitors will do it
STA will go bankrupt
Don’t receive full value
To further these relationships, STA will provide every player with a FREE
hockey training session. The rate for these sessions is $35 per player. This fee
will be waived for the entire Erindale Hockey Association.
Assuming there are 600 players, this would equate to a $21,000 value if they
are all redeemed.
The redeemable period will be from June 1st until August 31st and can be
directly arranged through Director of Hockey Operations, Mark Penelton
If all teams commit to 1 session, STA will offer the following pricing:
Option 1:
Option 2:
o60 minutes of on ice training
oRegular value - $275
oErindale price - $225
o45 minutes of on ice training
o45 minutes of treadmill
oRegular value - $400
oErindale price - $325
40 teams combined between Green, Blue, White, Red, and A
between Minor Novice and Minor Midget
Last season STA hosted 5 Erindale teams combining for
approximately 30 sessions (Kozai, Bruyea, Malone, Simpson, Isic)
Should Erindale commit to over 120 sessions, Mike Kennedy
will provide FREE Coach Development to the entire
Organization. The services will include:
6 – one hour on ice instruction (ice provided by Erindale)
6 – one hour off ice instruction (facility provided by STA)
Availability to all Coaches throughout the season for Q & A
Documentation and video
If this proposal is agreeable, The Sports Training Academy will provide a
detailed plan of the team and coach development. The long term focus will
be on consistent skills development for the entire organization while having
The Sports Training Academy will work together with Erindale to co-ordinate
the distribution of the free lesson package to the Association to allow for ease
of administration for both parties.
We look forward to making this a long and prosperous relationship.
Thank you for this opportunity,
Mike Kennedy
Complete Concussion Management
Fitness training
Year end festival for the whole organization
 Video training