Difficulty level: Blue
Estimated time: 2,5-4h
Take road 63 towards Grythyttan then, after Hellefors
Bilcenter, turn left into Smalviksvägen and continue to
Grythyttan. Cycle through Grythyttan, towards Loka,
over the Torrvarpsundsbron bridge. At Skatviken, turn
right over the first railway crossing and keep right along
Torrvarpen lake towards Bovik. Continue towards
Lövnäsudden and on to Saxhyttan. Cross the main
road and go left at the T-junction. Turn right through
Saxhyttan towards Hällefors. Continue through the
industrial estate to reach the centre of Hällefors. To start
and finish the cycling tour in Grythyttan, follow the
directions to Saxhyttan, where you can either:
Turn right and out on to road 63.
Continue through Saxhyttan and then turn right towards
Continue to Hällefors and cycle along Smalviksvägen to
1. Millionbrottet: Slate quarry from the late 1890s. The
slate was formed 2000 million years ago.
2. Måltidens Hus i Norden: The building was moved
here after representing Sweden at Expo ’92 in Seville and
has been adapted to offer three-year higher education
programmes for chefs and waiting staff. It also houses
exhibitions, a restaurant and a shop offering high-quality
ready-made foods to take away.
3. Grythyttans Gästgivaregård: Grythyttan inn, dating
from 1640, is known for its good food and excellent wine
4. Grythyttan church: A timbered cruciform church,
red-coloured and shingled. The church was completed in
1632 and lies by the picturesque square.
Altitude: 260 m
5. Björskogsnäs: Beautiful nature reserve with wellpreserved ancient cultural landscape. Home to the lady’s
slipper orchid, a protected species, among other things.
6. Skräddartorp: The local folklore museum is a former
mine-owner’s house dating from 1648 and has been
restored to its original condition.
7. Skatvikens badplats: Shallow place to swim with fine
sandy bottom.
8. Storsand: Place to swim with long, magnificent sandy
beach and fine sandy bottom.
9. Krokbornsparken: Sweden’s oldest people’s park, laid
out by mining counsellor Detlof Heijkenskjöld in 1769.
10. Hällefors church: Dating from 1644, a redcoloured, shingled cruciform church. The church is
located in the village, east of Svartälven River and
between Hällefors manor house and the houses built for
the works’ office staff.
11. Sculpture parks: Hällefors is famous throughout
Sweden for its residential areas adorned with public art.
12. Hällefors Hembygdsgård: A fine collection of old
buildings and everyday items.
13. Knuthöjdsmossen nature reserve: Unique high
bogs interspersed with meres. Rich bird life and planked

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