2014 Graduate Commencement Program


2014 Graduate Commencement Program
Southern New Hampshire
May Tenth
Two Thousand and Fourteen
Verizon Wireless Arena
Manchester, New Hampshire
“When you leave here,
don’t forget why you
Adlai E. Stevenson
New Hampshire Pipes and Drums, Mace Bearer, Faculty Marshal, Trustees
and the President’s Party, Faculty, Administration, Degree Candidates by school:
School of Education, School of Arts and Sciences and School of Business
The National Anthem
Cristy Marie Jenkins, SNHU Alumni
The audience is asked to remain standing during the processional,
the singing of The National Anthem, and the invocation.
The Invocation
The Rev. Bruce Collard, Director of Campus Ministry
Greetings and Introduction of Platform Guests
Paul J. LeBlanc, President of Southern New Hampshire University
Student Address
Thomas Langan, Graduate Student
Honorary Degree Recipient
Governor Maggie Hassan
Governor of the State of New Hampshire
Presented by Robert J. DeColfmacker, Chairman of the Board of Trustees
Conferred by Paul J. LeBlanc, President of Southern New Hampshire University
Hooded by Patricia Lynott, Provost, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
The Commencement Address
Govenor Maggie Hassan
Award Citations – Excellence in Teaching Award
Presentation of Degree Candidates
Patricia Lynott, Provost, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
Conferral of Degrees
Paul J. LeBlanc, President of Southern New Hampshire University
Reading of Degrees
Geoff Moody
Steven Harvey
Welcome to New Alumni
Jeff Penta, President of the Alumni Association
The Rev. Bruce Collard, Director of Campus Ministry
The audience is requested to remain seated until the recessional is completed.
Music provided by the New England Brass.
Please join us for a reception on the SNHU campus immediately following commencement.
The reception is being held in the Banquet Hall,
located on the second floor of the Dining Hall.
Commencement Dignitaries
Paul J. LeBlanc
Mace Bearer
Michael Hendery
Faculty Marshal
Margaret Donahue
School Marshals
School of Education
Lorraine Patusky
School of Arts and Sciences
Denis Hall
School of Business
Steve Painchaud
President’s Marshal
Patricia Lynott, Provost, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
A professional photographer will take a picture of each student.
Each graduate will then be sent a color photograph.
Honorary Degree Recipient
Governor Maggie Hassan
Honorary Doctor of Laws
Governor Maggie Hassan was sworn in as the 81st Governor
of New Hampshire on January 3, 2013.
Governor Hassan is focused on bringing people together to
build a stronger, more innovative New Hampshire, with more
good jobs that can support a growing middle class and where all
of our citizens are included in our shared success and prosperity.
Working with legislators from both parties, the Governor successfully led efforts to
develop and pass a fiscally responsible, balanced budget that protects New Hampshire’s priorities, without an income or sales tax.
She has moved forward with implementing her “Innovate NH” jobs plan, seeking to build
the best workforce in the country and strengthen the economy by freezing in-state tuition at
public colleges and universities and restoring scholarship funding, doubling and making permanent the state’s research and development tax credit, and providing businesses with technical assistance to help them create jobs.
And she has worked to maintain New Hampshire’s high quality of life as one of the safest,
healthiest and most livable states in the nation. The Governor successfully worked to invest
in a stronger mental health system, put more State Troopers on the road, restore the Children
in Need of Services (CHINS) program, increase funds for services for people with acquired
brain disorders and developmental disabilities, and restore funding for the Land and Community Heritage Investment Program (LCHIP).
Known for her ability to bring people together to find common ground, Governor Hassan
helped secure the most bipartisan budget vote in over a decade, following through on her
pledge to restore the New Hampshire tradition of common sense problem-solving in Concord.
Governor Hassan began her career in public service in 1999 when Governor Jeanne Shaheen asked her to serve on the Advisory Committee to the Adequacy in Education and
Finance Commission. Her experience as a business attorney, along with her role as the parent of two children, one of whom experiences severe disabilities, enabled her to provide a
unique perspective as the commission did its work.
In 2004, Governor Hassan was first elected to the New Hampshire Senate, serving the
people of the 23rd District, which included numerous Seacoast towns. During her six years in
office, she was selected by her colleagues to serve as both President Pro Tempore and Majority Leader of the State Senate.
As a leader in the Senate, she helped pass universal kindergarten so that every child has
the same opportunity to succeed; helped lower the state’s dropout rate by increasing the legal
dropout age to 18 and establishing alternative education programs; worked to pass New
Hampshire Working, a nationally recognized effort to help businesses and workers during the
recession; sponsored the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) to reduce long-term
energy costs, curb pollution, and create jobs; and was instrumental in passing marriage
equality in New Hampshire.
The Governor earned her B.A. from Brown University and her J.D. from the Northeastern
School of Law. Governor Hassan and her husband, Tom, the principal of Phillips Exeter
Academy, are the proud parents of two children, Ben (25) and Meg (20). They live in Exeter
along with the family dog, Honey Mae.
Thomas Langan
Master of Business Administration
with a concentration in Finance
Selected to make remarks on behalf of the
graduate class.
I was motivated to come to graduate school by the 2008
Financial Crisis. As I watched markets swing and the world
economy erode for reasons that I could not explain, I knew the world had changed. Neither
my undergraduate degree, nor my position at the time was in finance, yet the recession
caught my interest and I knew it was time to prepare for a new era.
Tonight is a proud moment for all of us as we enjoy the opportunity to come together, irrespective of where our journey started. For me, the greatest reward of my time at SNHU was
learning amongst an amazingly diverse student body that brought so many different backgrounds and experiences together. I appreciated the thoughts that came from various geographies, professions, and personal viewpoints. Perspective is, in my mind, the engine of
discovery. How, exactly, can we move from one personal plateau to another, if we do not learn
from the viewpoints of others? It is no wonder that the business world continually identifies
diversity as a competitive advantage. Each of you joined me in the quest for self-improvement. When I enrolled, my goal was to become a more informed and prepared citizen. SNHU
provides a bridge but it is still up to the individual to be accountable. For the first time in my
academic career, I found an intrinsic drive to succeed- based purely on the prospect of what
I could learn and apply to life. Although I regret the education that I left on the table in my
youth, I made it right here at SNHU, and that culminates with earning a degree this evening.
I now have a handle on world markets. When I shout back at the anchors on CNBC, I
actually know what I am talking about! Today, I have informed opinions and they may differ
from yours. That’s ok, actually. I am poised to be a more versatile, knowledgeable, and ethical member of the business world. I leave SNHU empowered by personal growth and confidence which I owe in large part, to our discussions. I cannot thank you enough for your
contributions to my experience here.
If I can summarize a single message to my fellow graduates it is to identify and explore
your gaps. You’ll never go wrong with knowing more today than you did yesterday. A final
thank you to my two children in the audience — I wanted to be up here for you, to reward you
for the support that you gave to me. This is why Daddy hasn’t left the kitchen table for two
years; but I think it’s time we do some fishing.
Congratulations and thank you, SNHU graduate class of 2014!
The Excellence In Teaching Award
Southern New Hampshire University traditionally has recognized outstanding teaching in
its many degree programs. Following an extensive selection process, a full-time faculty member and an adjunct faculty member in the UC and COCE are honored with the Excellence in
Teaching Award, which is announced during the May commencement ceremony. The process
is student-driven with all nominations coming from the student body. A committee of administrators, faculty, and students used the nomination information and the following criteria to
select the winners:
Effectiveness as a classroom teacher.
Commitment to advising and/or tutoring students beyond what might be expected.
Professional development to remain current in the discipline and teaching.
Contributions toward building the reputation or image of the university.
General attitude toward students that demonstrates a concern for their welfare.
The finalists for the 2014 Excellence in Teaching Award from University College (UC) undergraduate
full-time faculty are:
Micheline Anstey, Assistant Professor of Marketing
Susan Cook, Assistant Professor of English
Kostas Karadakis, Assistant Professor of Sport Management
Andrew Lynch, Professor of Marketing
Lowell Matthews, Assistant Professor of Organizational Leadership
Audrey Rogers, Associate Professor of Education
Stefan Ryll, Assistant Professor of Culinary Arts
Mary Westwater, Assistant Professor of Education
The finalists for the 2014 Excellence in Teaching Award from University College (UC) undergraduate
adjunct faculty are:
Jerri Clayton, School of Arts and Sciences
Resa Lundkvist, School of Business
Andreas Reif, School of Arts and Sciences
Carol Soucy, School of Education
The finalists for the 2014 Excellence in Teaching Award for the College of Online and Continuing
Education Full-Time Faculty are:
Jessica Rogers, Undergraduate Business
David Underwood, Language Arts and Education
Ginger Devine, Undergraduate Business
Richard Grego, Language Arts and Education
The finalists for the 2014 Excellence in Teaching Award for the College of Online and Continuing
Education Adjunct Faculty are:
Darcy Shultz, Language Arts and Education
Jenn McCollum, Language Arts and Education
Joanna Schildt, Language Arts and Education
Academic Regalia
The academic costume worn today originated in the universities of the Middle Ages, when
a warm gown and hood were useful for scholars and clerics in unheated buildings. The
distinctive gown served to set the student apart from his fellow citizens, hence the perennial
controversy between ‘town and gown.’
Until after the Civil War, students at most American universities wore caps and gowns
daily while in residence. These varied in design until standardized by the American
Intercollegiate Commission in 1894. At that time it was decided that all robes would be
black; bachelor’s gowns would have long, pointed sleeves; master’s gowns would have long,
closed sleeves with slits for the arms at the elbows; and doctor’s gowns would have very full,
bell-shaped sleeves, each with three velvet bands matching the velvet facing of the gown
The length of hoods varies with the degree. The lining of the hood indicates the university
by the colors. The border of the hood indicates the academic discipline in which the degree
was earned.
Students who have studied abroad for one or more semesters will be wearing a sash with
the colors of the flag of the country where they studied. The sashes are issued to signify the
university’s commitment to provide students with opportunities for acquiring international
and cross-cultural experience.
The colors for academic fields established by the American Council on Education
Agriculture maize
Arts, Letters and Humanities white
Business, Commerce and Accounting light brown
Dentistry lilac
Economics copper
Education light blue
Engineering orange
Fine Arts brown
Forestry russet
Journalism crimson
Law purple
Library Science lemon
Medicine green
Music pink
Nursing apricot
Oratory silver gray
Pharmacy olive green
Philosophy dark blue
Physical Education sage green
Public Administration peacock blue
Science golden yellow
Social Work citron
Theology scarlet
Veterinary Science gray
(Caps and gowns representing degrees from foreign universities may be quite different
from those described. The most obvious difference may be in the cap, which is often a soft,
round hat of the style worn by medieval scholars.)
Graduation Procession
A procession of the various participants begins and ends our formal graduation ceremony.
Individuals are arranged to reflect the order of academic rank in the hierarchy of the traditional European university.
At SNHU the Mace Bearer leads the procession. He or she is followed by the Faculty
Marshals, the Platform Party, and then the Faculty of the schools arranged in order by seniority beginning with the senior faculty. The procession is concluded by the degree candidates.
They enter in groups representing their schools, led by a gonfalon (flag) and walking in rank.
Ceremonial Mace
The mace was first used as a weapon. The word comes from the Latin ‘mateola,’ meaning
mallet or staff. It consisted of a long club with a ball of steel or brass at one end. As newer
weapons came into use, the mace lost its prime purpose as an instrument of war. It had,
however, become a symbol of authority and power.
Universities in Europe with roots in the Middle Ages adopted maces as symbols of
authority and unity. Since then, other institutions of higher learning have come to use the
mace in their ceremonies.
Southern New Hampshire University commissioned David Elwell, a New Hampshire
silversmith, to create a mace to commemorate the university’s 50th anniversary
commencement. This mace is made of brass, aluminum, copper and bronze, with a staff of
ebony and African padauk.
The Presidential Medallion
The Presidential Medallion, worn by the president with academic regalia, is a symbolic
representation of the authority and responsibility vested by the university in the president. It
is a symbol of office that dates from medieval times and is worn by the president at all
ceremonial occasions.
The Presidential Medallion is a permanent possession of the university and is presented
to successive presidents at their inaugurations by the chairman of the Board of Trustees.
The chain and medallion are fabricated from sterling silver. The university emblem, in
relief, is the central design on the medallion. It is surrounded by a border of entwined wires,
similar in texture to the chain links, and finished with a square raised edge. The heavy,
twisted links of the chain bear four oval plates on each side. The background of the entire
piece is oxidized to highlight the relief design and textures. The names of those who have
held the office are engraved on the reverse side of the medallion.
The Presidential Medallion was designed and fabricated in 1987 by award-winning New
Hampshire metalsmith Jacquelyn Ferrency of Milford.
Southern New Hampshire University
Honor Societies
Alpha Sigma Lambda
First in Scholarship and Leadership
Every year, Southern New Hampshire University’s outstanding adult and non-traditional
students are invited to join the Sigma Psi chapter of Alpha Sigma Lambda.
In 1946, Rollin Posey, Dean of Continuing Education at Northwestern, founded the society to honor superior scholarship and leadership within the division of continuing education.
It provides a prestigious opportunity to recognize adult students who accomplish academic
excellence while balancing the competing interest of family, work and community. It is the
oldest and largest chapter-based honor society for adult students. Students who have earned
at least 24 credits at SNHU and are in the top 20% of their class are eligible for membership.
Lauren Adler
Robert Bennett
Cherie Carr
Ricardo Devita
Jean Frankel
Doug Gilbert
Angelique Hall
Kathi Infanti
Joshua Leone
Jennifer Ogden
Nicole Parenteau
Amanda Reneau
Todd Trayer
Eleanore Trupkiewicz
Maile Walker
Delta Mu Delta
The Southern New Hampshire University Honor Society for business students is the
Gamma Nu Chapter of Delta Mu Delta, an International Honorary Society in Business
Administration. Its purpose is to promote and recognize training for business and to reward
scholastic achievement in business subjects.
Membership is restricted to business students of good character who are candidates for
the master degree and have achieved a cumulative grade-point average of 3.6 and are in the
top 20 percent of their respective class.
The following graduates have been inducted into the Gamma Nu Chapter of Delta Mu
Owusu Achamfour
Nancy Adams
Adam Adkins
Lauren Adler
Carlos Aguilar
Eman Almutairi
Ahmed Al Salih
Paige-Elizabeth Anderson
Jocelyn Angel
Jean Arruda
Andrews Asiedu
Serina Audibert
Michael Bailey
Alyson Boehm
Lindsey Boisvert
Andrea Boucher
Tami Brouillette
Sarah Bundzinski
Galen Burleigh
Jolynn Byrnes
Helen Carpio
Craig Chastain
Todd Cheever
Wen Chen
Stephanie Ciotti
Karen Clark
Shannon Cloutier
Tasha Collins
Sara Comeau
Anthony Conceicao
Jeffrey Cook
Matthew Cooke
Lorena Cora
Gregory Corban
Maria Cortez
Kyle Coumas
Daniel Courant
Scott Cowie
Christie Crosby
Charles Crugnola
Elizabeth Cullerot
Dorothy Currier
John Dames
Mitch Daulton
Charles Day
Ryan DeFronzo
Christina Dell’orfano
Raymond Dennis
Peter Dolimount
Carol Drischler
Sharon Duplayee
Lori Dupont
Brock Ehlers
Stephanie England
Julia Ervin
Joan Ferguson
Christopher Fetterman
Walter Fletcher
Sarah Florino
Regina Ford
David Fradette
Emily Freeman
Kyle Gagnon
John Gardiner
Anoop Garikipati
Bimal Ghimire
Doug Gilbert
Jill Godsoe
Sheena Gorsun
Jack Gouger
Courtney Gould
Angelique Hall
Shaun Hanson
Kathleen Hart
Kelly Haskell
George Hess
Lynn Hinds
Matthew Holbrook
Paula Holland
Samantha Horn
Marti Ilg
Mona Jalilzadeh
Jared James
James Jobin
Alysia Johnston
Melanie Kasparian
Taryn Kayo
Amber Kazlauskas
Sara Kempf
Christina Kosha
Julie Kraus
Eric Laettner
Michael Lafond
Karen LaMontagne
Thomas Langan
Karen Lansberry
Natasha LeCours
Burton Lee
Marc Lemenager
Joshua Leone
Tammy Levesque
Carolina Lima
Joseph Lisi
Adrian Lucaciu
Tiffany Lucas
Serina Ly
Jennifer Maguire
Rebecca Manners
Stephen Marquis
Karen McArthur
Sharon McLaughlin
Meghan McLean
Jennifer McNulty
Sheri Miller
Bruce Miller
William Miller
Andrew Miller
Mark Moloney
Henrietta Moore-Coleman
Kevin Moschella
Jonathan Murphy
Jillian Murray
Melissa Murray
Vinod Narayanan
Bipul Nepal
Thu Nguyen
Katie O’Brien
Joseph Ochs
Patrick O’Dell
Elizabeth Ouellette
Brian Page
Mark Painchaud
Katrina Pappas
Suzanne Parent
Nicole Parenteau
Evan Paris
Lori Pelletier
Brianne Perry
Matthew Pettine
Valerie Picco
Larissa Pickett
Ronald Pieper
Donna Pineau
Praveen Potluri
Krystal Price
Holly Purcell
Dorothy Rabuano
Jared Ramsey
Trevin Rard
Lauren Reidy
Jason Reilly
Rachell Relyea
Amanda Reneau
Anthony Richard
Robin Rieske
Daniel Riley
Justin Rogers
Philip Roman
Jill Romero
Katharine Rose
Katie Sanborn
Jeganmohan Sathyanarayanan
Laura Scafati
Tiffany Seal
Priyanka Selvam
Kevin Shangraw
Stephen Shipley
Jessica Simpson
Lauren Small
Lisa Smith
Joseph Soldano
Alyson St. Amand
Brendan Stamm
Mandy St. Pierre
Mindy St Pierre
Tytus Strube
Ashley Tetreault
Daniel Tinkham
Mary Vinagro
Lauren Visnaskas
Kristina Walles
Lucy Weed-Eaton
Kenneth Yearman
William Yeo
Shannon Zeller
The list of commencement participants is not a complete list of Delta Mu Delta Honor Society
— Gamma Nu Chapter members. Changes in the official list may occur following the
publication date of this program. Members of the Gamma Nu Chapter of Delta Mu Delta are
honored by a gold cord or gold/purple cord adorning their academic regalia.
Pi Lambda Theta
Founded in 1910, Pi Lambda Theta is the most selective honor society for educators. Pi
Lambda Theta recognizes the academic achievement and outstanding disposition of graduating education students.
The accomplishments of exemplary education students are honored through this induction. Candidates’ development of knowledge, skills, professionalism, and leadership are promoted and supported through their membership in Pi Lambda Theta, a member of Phi Delta
Kappa International.
At Southern New Hampshire University, there is a direct honors program where Pi
Lambda Theta extends membership to graduating students who have been identified by
School of Education faculty as having satisfied the eligibility requirements. Graduate students in master’s programs must have achieved a GPA of 3.9 or above. All candidates must
have demonstrated exceptional disposition through their education program.
Freb Hunt-Bull
Priscilla Jelliffe
Brynn Lipstreu
Sarah Oleson
Kirsten Quinn
Julie Roach
Kate Saunders
Tania Spencer
Jaishree Alreja
Nicole Barry
Kristen Beahm
Uttara Boal
Christina Cassio
Daniel Dussault
Sarah Ellins
Harry Hall
Psi Chi
Psi Chi is the International Honor Society in psychology and was founded in 1929. The
purpose of Psi Chi is to encourage, stimulate and maintain excellence in scholarship and in
advancing the science of psychology. Membership is open to graduate and undergraduate
students who are making the study of psychology a major interest. All undergraduate psychology majors/minors who are in the upper 35% of their class and have a minimum 3.0
GPA, as well as graduate psychology students who have minimum overall 3.0 GPA are eligible for membership.
Psi Chi is a member of The Association of College Honor Societies and is an affiliate of
the American Psychological Association and the American Psychological Society.
Jennifer Morris
Sigma Tau Delta
Sigma Tau Delta is the International English Honors Society. SNHU established its own
chapter, Alpha Pi Psi, in the fall of 2008. The Honors Society provides eligible English Language and Literature and Creative writing majors, minors, and graduate students with critical
academic and professional opportunities such as attending and presenting at conferences,
publishing research, taking field trips, and creating valuable networking opportunities.
Sigma Tau Delta undergraduate inductees have completed at least three semesters at
SNHU, have completed more than two literature courses beyond the General Education
requirements, and have maintained a minimum 3.3 G.P.A. Graduate inductees have completed at least six semester hours at SNHU and have maintained a minimum 3.3 G.P.A.
Sharity Colson
Shari Denise Dinkins
Lindsey Ann Levesque
School of Arts and
Master of Arts
Maria Abadir
Naimah Abdelwahab
Bummi Niyonu Anderson
Cheree Anderson
Ryan J. Becker
Stephanie K. Belowske
Alison M. Braun
Theresa Ann Butler
Angela Carter
Tiffany Lynn Cole
Sharity Marie Colson
Monica Cookson
Jenna J. Cornell
Jacqueline Corritore
Jessica Cronin
Joshua D. Dallaire
Lauren Davis
Jennifer DeMarco
David DeShetler
Angel Dionne
Vanessa Dunn
Kaleigh Elizabeth Durkin
Ashlee Emoto
Julie Eng
Eric Erickson
Jeana Lynn Styron Eszler
Rachel Nichole Fikes
Phoebe Freeman
Kelsey Frydl
Nicole Fulmer
Kristiana M. Furtado
Ashley Rose Gordon
Eric Robert Guyette
Amanda E. Harvey
Delyann Hernandez
Steven Hiller
Elizabeth Frances Golibart Honaker
Kathleen Rose Hynes
Kathi L. Infanti
Krista M. Johnson
Rachel Ann Johnson
Bobby Jack Jones
Janice Rochelle Jones
Sherri Jordan-Asble
Lucinda Bernitta Witherspoon Joyner
Donna Kinni
Jeffrey Knight
Anna Kongs
Michael R. LaBrie
Kelly Elizabeth Geers Landine
Lindsey A. Levesque
Samantha Liappes
Yevgeniya Lomakina
Jamiel Maze
Cynthia B. McGarvie
Luther McKenzie
Abigail Mirau
Amy Morgan
Katharine Mote
Jami Pack
Purvi Patel
Lewis G. Perkins
Monique Nicole Peterson
Casey Raza
Adriel Reed
Sarah Rivera
Morgan Amos Thomson Rose
Kristine Rounds
Jason Brandt Schaefer
Jennie Scherf
Victoria Linn Schrage
Suzanne Garnish Segady
Summer Shurling
Allyson Maria Simmonds
Chase Ronald Sisk
Jennifer Raelynn Slovak
Joanna Smith
Susan L. Soares
Jordan Stallings
Corinna D. Stone
Ella Sulzer
Stephanie G. Tanguay
Sara Tanucci
Jennifer Tedder
Tiara Torres
Patrick Timothy Tretina
Eleanore D. Trupkiewicz
Morgan M. Van Alstyne
Jeffrey Vance
Vicki Vandenbosch
Jacqueline M. Vilandre
Elizabeth Vosk
Maile M. Walker
Tiffany Alice Walker
Adam W. Walters
Amanda Lauren Weaver
Nina R. Welding
Angela Wendland
Lance White
Gregory Wider
Michael Glenn Williams
Nathan L. Yocum
Casey Zander
Master of Fine Arts
Alana-Jo Abate
Dawn M. Belair
Mary Nichole Candela
Christopher M. Chik
Dwayne Robert Darwin
Angela Dater
Rebecca E. Drummond
Kimberly Ann El-Jamal
Tyler M. Fish
Cody Glenn Fuston
Benjamin James Gentry
Kathleen Gillett
Kelley Grace
Krista Zobel Graham
Cheryl A. Hanninen
Katie Lynn Jordan
Cynthia A. Littlefield
Ryan Christopher MacArthur
Alysha McCullough
Melissa McDonald
Alex McGuirk
Emily Michelle McNamee
Candi Rae Murphy
Gary A. Nilsen
Beth Orozco
Heather Ouellette-Cygan
Penny Lee Remick
Randi T. Sachs
Colleen Rose Sasso
James Seals, III
Tina M. Sears
Jon Stern
Kip Taylor
Aimee L. Terravechia
Joshua R. Therrien
Melissa Anne Voights
Chad Warner
Master of Science
Elmuatz M. Abdelrahim
Sharlene L. Adams
Robert Adu-Boahene
Salman Jabir Alabdali
Fatmah Alamri
Hind S. Alghamdi
Melissa Louise Allen
Noor R. Alotaibi
Marilyn Kelly Andon
Aaron Antanavica
Eleazar Balderrama, Jr.
Jennifer Bean
Russell E. Beebe
Harry Biosah
Adam Bogdan
Chelsea M. Boisvert
Priscilla Anne Booraem
Doreen E. Boutin
Lydia Anna Bower
Christina Elizabeth Brown
Michelle S. Brown
Deanna Therese Bruno
Melissa R. Buchanan
Hong Long Bui
Ngoc Thanh Bui
Crystal Burnam
Cynthia Francis Burrows
Joseph Cameron
Conor Cannon
Agnes C. Carbonell-Miranda
Jeffrey B. Carmichael
Cherie Koerber Carr
Charlotte A. Carroll
Emily A. Chadwick
Erin Chamberlain
Nicole Kristen Chambers
Brittainy Charette
Zeqing Chen
Soonyoung Choi
Pamela McNay Clark
Joy R. Coisnard
Jane Conard
Cathleen Corliss
Angeline Cornelia
Michael Joseph Craytor
Thi Kim Nhung Dao
Timothy Harrison Daubenspeck
Craig R.J. Davis
Molly G. Davis
Wesley Decker
Joanna Marie de Leon
Jacqueline S. DelVecchio
Jessica Dewes
Thomas Diamond
Larry J. Dickens
James DiGiulio
Catherine Irene DiModica
Anthony Dineen
Thi Hue Do
Ryan Donahue
Johnny Buford Donald
Glennis Sammons Drew
Lori A. Dupont
Amy Edwards
Monica J. Elwell
Amy Lynne Estabrook
Julie Marie Fahey
Dena Faust
Jennifer Flynn
Regina L. Ford
Jessica L. Fritz
Pamela J. Gagnon
Marcus D. Galiber
Katherine B. Gamblin
Jillian Mae Garofano
Yulia Garvanovic
Holly M. George
Nathalie Gignac
Joseph R. Goodridge
Michael Andrew Gore
Erica J. Goss
Barbara Gefvert
Leslie A. Gray
Muranda Griggs-Wallace
Hassan M. Guyo
Sana Ali Hamza
Joeannie Hargrove
Kimberly Hatgen
Hoang Thi Minh Hau
Sandra Jean Hodgman
Joseph Hoebeke
Amanda Hudak
Nicole Magdalene Humenik
Angela Rene’ Isaia
Heather Marie Jarvis
Rebecca Johanning
Tanya Johanson
Peter C. John
Rebecca Adelle Gantt Johnston
Heather Anne Kelley
Minh Phuong Kieu
Kelli Lynn Knoebel
Annette Knutson
Sarah Rael Knutson
Kyohei Kuroki
Tonya Jaye Labbe
Alexandra Laberge
Thi Phuong Thao Lai
Thi Thu Hien Lam
Juli LaRoche
Charles Andrew Laurel
David P. Lawrence
Thi Phuong Hanh Le
Thi Thu Huong Le
Thuy T. Le
Minh Anh Tu Le
Thi Thanh Luong
Viet Bac Luu
Nicole L. Lyke
Thi Thuy Anh Mai
Tran Thu Thuy Mang
Sean E. McCarthy
Megan Gayle McGowen
Gary N. McKay
Amy McNamara
Patience A. McStravick
Amanda Melecio
Barbara Reinwald Mitera
Christie M. Moffett
Heather D. Morning
Kedrin Moser
Ruth E. Mozeika
Elizabeth Munsey
Thi Thu Huyen Ngo
Thi Huyen Trang Ngo
Thi Thu Diep Nguyen
Thi Le Dung Nguyen
Thi Ha Nguyen
Thi Hong Hanh Nguyen
Thi Minh Hanh Nguyen
Minh Hoa Nguyen
Thi Hong Nguyen
Thanh Huyen Nguyen
Thi Lan Anh Nguyen
Thi Kim Lien Nguyen
Thi Thanh My Nguyen
Thi Thanh Nhan Nguyen
Hien Nhung Nguyen
Thanh Phuong Nguyen
Thi Thu Nguyen
Thi Bich Thuan Nguyen
Thi Thuy Nguyen
Hong Van Nguyen
Thi Van Nguyen
Thi Thanh Xuan Nguyen
Diane Oines
Jennifer L. Oliver
Catherine Lynn Ouellette
Kosdatinos Thomas Panos
Christie Paradis
Evan A. Patten
Arthur Payne
Kimberly Pelchat
Elizabeth J. Pellegrini
Thi Van Khanh Pham
Thi Thang Pham
Anh Thu Pham
Anh Tien Pham
Thi Tuong Van Pham
Hoa Thi Kim Phan
Thanh Vi Phan
Thi Thuy Linh Phung
Ngoc Thao Phung
Geoffrey A. Pinard
Kirk D. Postlewaite
Seifu H. Ragassa
David Ramsden
Zechariah Reger
Mark Alan Richardson
Reyna Richer
Dean H. Robbins
Savannah M. Rocheleau
Cathleen Rockwell
Robert Rojas
Joanne Rose-Caron
Arianna Mayer Rothschild
Roger N. Ruganzu
Michelle R. Ruka
Jillian Marie Santoro
Sarah P. Schantz
Catherine Elaine Schiller
Erika Schneller
Amani Stephane Sebaziga
Kazuhiko Shiomi
Frank William Simac
James Edward Simac
Amber Sinclair
Cheryl Smith
Jehnel Smith
Jenni Smith
Allison Speidel
Micheley L. Svabik
Katrina Erin Taylor
Cao Phuong Thao
Tanya L Tillinghast
Thanh Huong Tran
Tuan Phuong Tran
Thi Quynh Anh Tran
Thi Xuan Tran
Thi Le Thuy Thinh
Quoc Huy Truong
Shannon S. Trzebiatowski
Mary Undercoffler
Amanda Reed Vachon
Kimberly K. Valle
Emily A. Van Cannon
Lisa Vasquez
Nina Volkova
Thi Thanh Ha Vu
Thu Huong Vu
Thi Thanh Huyen Vu
Thi Phuong Thoa Vu
Thi Huyen Trang Vu
Cory Lynn Washburn
Stephen D. Washington
Nicola Weatherbee-Capen
Ryan Wiklin
Alicia Gibson Williams
Mary N. Williams
Wyvonne Coreen Williams
Lorie J. Wilson
Julia Witt
Nicholas P. Xintaras
Natalie Zummo
Master of Science in Management
Angel Bateman
Jeanne Bugler
Tamara J. Cederman
Keith Alden Curran II
Carmela Cervelli Dailey
Anthony Demers
Jodi Desroches
Melissa Rene Drake
LaToya S. Evans
Kate S. Field
Nathan J. Hough
Yewande O. Jordan
Danielle Josey
Annette Koehler
Christina B. Lynch
Lauren A. Parkinson
Samantha Lynn Patsfield
Jessica L. Peck
Brandon David Reber
Max Screws
Elizabeth Sparks
Bonnie M. Spivey
Robin Nicole Strickland
Sara Swahn
Ashley Taylor
Megan L. Tyndall
Kamilah Weaver
School of Business
Master of Business Administration
Mostafa Abaza
Djamilatou Abdourahmani
John Raymond Abram
Saad Ali Saad Abu Salim
Adam F. Adkins
Lauren E. Adler
Carlos E. Aguilar
Amy B. Albarano
Daniel M. Alert
Billy J. Alexander
Jessica M. Alexander
Nicholas Alexander
Monica Altamar-Yuri
Brian Ambrozavitch
Gary Anderson
Tana Anderson
Joshua Andrews
Jocelyn Angel
Juan Jose Arango Campo
Samantha Armiger
Shonali Armstrong
Ashok Kumar Arora
Goldie Arora
Angela Arsenault-Brown
Andrews Asiedu
Serina Rose Audibert
Adam Audley
Justin Audley
Victor Ausilio
Gerald Awuah Peasah
Abdul Aziz
Norman J. Bagnall
Amanda L. Bagos
Carey Alyse Bailey
Michael Bailey
Miljan Bajic
John MacEvoy Baker, Jr.
Joanna M. Baldwin
John S. Balfour
Amy Barriault
Gaurav Batra
Trudy Battiest
Shiva Bavanka
Heather Beaudoin
Matthew J. Behr
Karima Belehri
Daniel A. Benger
Jessica E. Bennett
John Randall Bentley, II
Mecca S. Bey
Alexander Biega
Bethany F. Bishop
Rachael A. Blehm
Lindsey Brooke Boisvert
LaToya Bonner
Katie Boots
Andrea Boucher
Hajar Bouchiba
Mary E. Hunter Bowers
Jaime L. Boyington
Cassandra A. Bradford
Kameron Bragwell
Teresa Branch
Millie Brence
Mary Britt
Samantha L. Brogli
Tami Brouillette
Michael R. Brown Jr.
William A. Brown, Jr.
Galen S. Burleigh
Elizabeth A. Burlingame
Jolynn M. Byrnes
Catherine A. Byron
Lindsey Camara
Donald S. Campbell
Christopher Campion
Emily S. Candib
Andrew J. Cannon
Joseph Capuano
Ashley C. Card
Keith Allen Carpenter
Helen Carpio
Fred W. Carter, Jr.
Trisha Cartier
Leonardo E. Casado
Kyleen E. Casey
Julia Cavalieri
David C. Cawley
Ashley Faye Chamberlain
Inthreeya Charkrittanon
Craig E. Chastain
Mayur M. Chavan
Patrick Lawrence Cheetham
Todd N. Cheever
Rebecca Chimelski
Petchai Chongperadechanon
Cindy L. Christie
Charles Chungu
Kevin Kuang-Yurn Chuo
Jillian Brooke Cinco
Mehmet Cingöz
Jonathan Cirrinone
Matthew Citelli
Karen Jean Clark
Jessica Clarke
Jered M. Clifford
Jason Colonghi
Nancy Columb
Robert C. Como
Anthony Conceicao
Jacquelyn F. Cook
Jessica M. Cooper
Emily Coppin
Lorena Cora
Gregory Roy Corban
Travis Corbin
Richard R. Couillard
Kyle G. Coumas
Daniel Weston Courant
Nicole Covey
Alfred F. Covino
Kaitlyn E. Coyne
Barbara D. Cranston-Neal
Kristen B. Creegan
Kevan DeSchon Creppy
Joyce Crie
Vylett Rosana Cross
Charles K. Crugnola
Jacqueline Cruz
Marta Yoleni Cruz
Elizabeth Anne Cullerot
Stacy Curtis
Jamil A. Dagher Jr.
John C. Dames
Kelly A. McLean Darmetko
Edward Davis
Stephon Davis
Charles R. Day
Urmila Dayal
Anitha Deepak
Joshua DeFrank
Ryan F. DeFronzo
Christin A. Delisle
Max Demian
Sarah Demos
Melissa M. Dennis
Michelle A. Dennis
Stephanie L. Denoncour
Zachary Denoncour
Angela Derby-Wright
Lathanan Dethansatit
Jayashree Naik Dharavath
Boubacar Diarra
Bryant J. Diessner
Ahmed Dirshe
Andrea J. DiTonno
Ellen Mehrings Doble
Peter Dolimount
Laura Donelan
Somkit Douangchith
George V. Dow
Hillary F. Dow
Stan Drewniak
Carol L. Drischler
Rory Duddy
Timothy Dugan
Kim A. Dumont
Katja Edgren
Brock A. Ehlers
Jordan Alexis Elliott
Martin B. Ensign Jr.
Kevin M. Fairweather
Noah N. Fallon
Bo Fan
Matthew P. Farley
Joel Feid
James Edward Fellows
Joan S. Ferguson
Hannah Fernandes
Joyce Fernando
Kara Flaherty
Walter Whidden Fletcher IV
Joel Flores
David James Fradette
Jean Marie Frankel
Emily Freeman
Omer F. Furat
Renee Gadwa
Kyle James Gagnon
Christopher E. Gallicchio
Tiffany Gray
John H. Gardiner III
Andrew B. Gardner
Anoop Garikipati
Ryan B. Gartley
Bishop Gatsi
Bettina L. Gay
Paul Gazda
Cancan Ge
Earl L. Getch, Jr.
Bimal Ghimire
Douglas Gibson
Douglas C. Gilbert
Jonathan Giles
Sarah E. Gimilaro
Corey R. Girard
Meghan E. Glynn
Megan M. Godin
Kaycie Goding
Daniel Raffaele Golia
Yuting Gong
Amit Gonsalves
Adam Goodsell
Sheena L. Gorsun
Jack A. Gouger
Michael B. Gradone IV
Jonathan W. Grosse
Richard Guest, Jr.
Anthony Gyasi
Jason Murshed Nicholas Haddad
Michelle Lynn Hamilton
Derrick J. Hancock
Kathleen Marie Harris
Ayokah Harrison-Holmes
Kathleen Hart
Victoria Hartig
Dana M. Harvey
Shah M. Hasan
Lauren Haynie
Ying He
Karen A. Hebert
Christopher C. Hersom
George Hess
Lynn Hinds
Makoto Hirata
Rebecca Lynn Hockey
Matthew T. Holbrook
Samantha Horn
Rajendraprasad Hosamani
Yu Wei Hsu
Zhicheng Hu
Samantha E. Hulka
Daniel M. Hurley III
Mathew Huxel
Konrad Ilegbodu
Tiffany Inahara
Gregory A. Ingalls, Jr.
Lawrence Ingram
Kirsten Marie Ininger
Mirsad Islamovic
Nena Alexandria Ivory
Melissa Janowicz
Adam Jefferson
Liquan Jiang
James B. Jobin
Ryan A. Johnson
Alysia A. Johnston
Alexandra Jones
John E. Jones, Jr.
Julie G. Jussif
Mehmet E. Kabadayi
George Anthony Kalantzis
Joo Hee Kang
Melanie Kasparian
Christopher Kates
Jonathan Ryan Katz
Emine E. Kaya
Taryn A. Kayo
Kathleen M. Keating
William Keeley
Patcharee Keeratiwasin
Liza Kelly
Sara N. Kempf
Anthony Robert Kewley
Joseph Kewley
Abdul Q. Khan
Mahin Khani
Sunny Kim
Kevin M. Kimani
Eliza King
Golden Kirchman
Lilly Kiriba
Kathleen Kirwin
Damian Knight
Varun Chowdary Kommineni
Abiroop Konikkara
Joel S. Konts
Christina Kosha
Assem Koshmurzayeva
Jan D. Koslowsky
Caitlin L. Kotowski
Hilaire Kouamo
Chutima Kraisornkhaisri
Julie A. Kraus
Nicholas Kulakowski
David Kwitek
Louis Labady
Paula N. Lachance
Eric Michael Laettner
Jaikumar L. Lalwani
Allison C. Lamb
Dina Lambert
Karen A. LaMontagne
Erica Lamy
Joshua Lanctot
Thomas Langan, Jr.
Rebecca Ann Lapierre
Daniel N. LaPointe
Jesse Lapomardo
Charles Larosa, III
Julie P. LaRuffa
Brandon Lavin
Randy Lavoie
Kaitlin Lawlor
Edward Lazzari, III
Nicole E. Leboeuf
Burton James Langford Lee
I-Lin Lee
Lois Lee
Jessica Lynn Legette
Marc E. Lemenager
Jennifer Anne Lentz
Denis Li
Hua Li
Ke Li
Carolina S. Lima
Xiaoliang Liu
Yubo Liu
Jane E. Lobel
Leslie Lockett
Eric Lombardi, Jr.
Zhuzhu Lu
Adrian Florin Lucaciu
Nandanni Luo
Hak Luong
Zaahira R. Lynard
George Lyons
Yi Ma
Michael S. MacDonald
Benjamin MacLeod
Melissa L. MacMullin
Caitlin M. Maddaline
Jonathan C. Magnuson
Michael Steven Magora
Jennifer L. Maguire
Tyler P. Maiura
Walan Maneerat
Rebecca J. Manners
Teresa K. Marcocci
Stephen C. Marquis
Kristin Marrazzo
Kelly Mason
Marys M. Mata Espana
Sonya D. Mathes
Kimberly A. Mathis
Kenneth Matsis
Julia Victoria Mazak
Karen R. McArthur
Daniel J. McCarthy
Judith McGrady
Ishmael McKenzie
Peter Mead
Jessica L. Merryfield
Christine M. Messer
Theodore E. Meyer, III
Danette R. Meyers
Andrew Miller
Krystal Elizabeth Miller
Laura Ashley Mimms
Brian Mistretta
Claudia Molina
Karen E. Moody
Cynthia Mccoy Mooney
Henrietta Moore-Coleman
Shekira I. Morehouse
Jennifer Morgante
Derek R. Morin
Peter A. Morrison
Holly Anne Moss
Jennifer R. Mottram
Hicham Mounir
Danielle Lynn Mrla
Christian T. Mumpini
Tyler Munroe
Jonathan Murphy
Jillian K. Murray
Shivananda Narayana
Karthikeyan Narayanan
Vinod Narayanan
Juana Mercedes Naveo
Bipul Nepal
Danielle Nguidjoi
Linh Thi Thuy Nguyen
Thu Viet Anh Nguyen
Clarence D. Nichols, Jr.
Mara Nieuwsma
Kana Nishigai
Stephanie M. Norris
Patrick Norton
Iman Nuraprianto
Michelle E. Nuzum
Kazuya Obata
Joseph L. Ochs
Michael Ockham
Melissa I. O’Connor
Jillian Marie Odell
Jennifer S. Ogden
Abdullah Oguz
Zekeriya Olguncelik
Melanie M. Oliver
Akintunde Shalom Olusanya
Peter Lloyd Omdahl
Rachel Elizabeth O’Neill
Taro Ono
Larisa Osmanaj
Yangqiong Ou
Danielle Ouellette
Elizabeth A. Ouellette
Brian Page
Shauna R. Palhete
Katie Palmer
Daniel Pantazelos
Suzanne Lori Parent
Kristen A. Paulet
Kelly A. Pearson
Toni Peay
David T. Peck
Edward Penner
Joshua Perras
Brianne Marie Perry
Kimberly M. Perry
Patricia R. Peters
Bradley Petersen
Dimitri Z. Petrosian
Robert Petrosino
Kristen Petrucelli
Matthew V. Pettine
Ryan J. Philibert
Duncan E. Phillips
Alison Pick
Larissa Pickett
Keri Nikeesha Pitre
Jerome R. Pittman, Jr.
Benjamin B. Pittsley
Paige Polak
Tamara L. Pommenville
Voravut Poonpracha
Hannah Preston
Krystal S. Price
Holly M. Purcell
Maria G. Quadros
Deanna M. Race
Rapassa Raksuntorn
Jamie Ramsey
Jennifer M. Ramsey
Kimi A. Ramsey
Trevin Rard
Amy B. Raulerson
Ifraz Razak
Leah R. Reid-Breyette
Jason S. Reilly
Rachell Relyea
Yi Ren
Amanda B. Reneau
Maria Ysabel Reynoso
Mae Ricci
Ryan Topper Ricci
Anthony Allen Richard
Jamien Richardson
Timothy A. Richardson
Christian Josef Roca Whu
Tawnya Rockney
Emily A. Rodon
Philip Roman
Brandon Romano
Franklyn Rosario
Katharine L. Walton Rose
Michael Roy
Bonnie Irwin Royal
Bria Ryder
Apivit Saibandith
Muhammad Sajid
Atthapon S. Saktanaset
Leopoldo Salinas
Koren Armstrong Sambuchi
Katie K. Sanborn
Cameron C. Sardelli
Gina Sasso
Laura Scafati
Anthony P. Scarelli, Jr.
Kurt A. Schluter
Brenda L. Scott Henry
Dawn M. Scott
Stacey A. Scott
David Scureman
Victoria N. Sepe
Scott Severance
Kruti Hareshkumar Shah
Kevin A. Shangraw
Jeffrey P. Shanley
Junzheng Shao
Chaitali Shaw
Junaid Ejaz Sheikh
Rosa M. Shephard
Gillian Shepherd
Stephen Charles Shipley
Maryna Shuliakouskaya
Ryan Silvonic
Taban Moses Simaya
Michele Simi
D. Keith Simpson
John E. Simpson
Prabakar Sivaraj
Joanna Skiba
Lauren E. Small
Daniel Smith
Lisa L. Smith
Mariah Smith
Zina B. Smith
Mitchell Snyder
Joseph Soldano
Joshua Solloway
Erica Solomon
Gaganjot Kaur Sooch
Michelle Sooknanan
Eric J. Stahl
Brendan D. Stamm
Derrick C. Stanfield-Kivoi
Craig Stanley
Nicola Steele
Rochelle Sternberg
Brian Steverman
Laura Stiles
Coriann Stinson
Lorri Merkley-St John
Aaron Stottlemyer
Sabrina Stroud
Linda Marie Stukenberg
Ryosuke Sugimura
Glen Winston Sukumar
Anne L. Sullivan
Qianle Sun
Sheila M. Surmanis
Caitlin C. Sweeney
Jason Joseph Szczesny
Tracy Tackling
Natsuko Takeuchi
Jared K. Talbot
Judy Tang
Maya Taylor
Edith Tenaso
Michael David Terry
Kevin E. Tessier
Ashley Tetreault
Rachel A. Thayer
Koby J. Thibault
David W. Thomas, Jr.
Corey D. Thompson
Joseph Brian Thompson
Wayne Thompson
Daniel J. Tinkham
Dana Torsey
Huong Thi Xuan Tran
Tasha Troccia
Katherine L. Tucker
Elizabeth Tyler
Katherine Tylus
James E. Valcourt
Bhargav Valluru
Jennifer L. Vaskelionis
Mary T. Vinagro
Christina Volkringer
Christina K. Vossbrink
Richard Wakeanda
Denise Walker
Shawn Walker
Kristina Walles
Bo Wang
Jianwen Wang
Yue Wang
Wiratee Wangthanasakun
Laura Warner
Sarah Keller Warren
Kathryn Waters
Carol Watson
Ryan E. Watts
Robert Wescott
Brian Matthew Whelan
Dixie Whelpley
Nicole Rose White
Marcus Mardell Whitehead
Wahyu Wibowo
Alaina Diane Wiens
Reid J. Willett
Laurenso M. Williams
Terrell Williams
Corey S. Wilson
Helen Woldemicael
Eric Wolpert
Jessica Woodland
Lauren Wright
Junchao Wu
Nan Wu
Jingbing Xu
Sunil Yadawad
Yang Yang
Sokunthy Yean
Kenneth P. Yearman, Jr.
William Yeo
Yuki Yokosawa
Amber Yousaf-Vargas
Julie Hackert Zahn
Nurpeis Zhamalov
Chenghao Zhang
Jingjing Zhang
Qiang Zhang
Xiuhong Zhang
Ye Zhang
Changcheng Zheng
Siyuan Zhou
Xueying Zhou
Master of Science
Alfred Abadoo Brew
Sami Ali Abdulla
Owusu Achamfour
Lilian Acosta
Dawn D. Adams
Nancy Adams
Steven Adler
Rajitha Akula
Fahad A. Alaboud
Aeshah Mari M. Alamri
Mahdi Albehadili
Mohammed Muayad Al-Doori
Nicholas Alexander
Raja F. Alfaleh
Randa M. Algehani
Majed E. Alghamdi
Osama Alghamdi
Abdulaziz F. Alharbi
Samar Sulaiman Alharbi
Yazeed Fahad Alhuwail
Mohammed K. Ali
Matthew E. Alix
Saleh Nayef Saleh Aljrab
Mohammed Ibrahim K Alkanhal
Richard A. Allegretto
Mashal A. Almadi
Naif Almadi
Talal Almaliky
Ahmed Mohammed Almosa
Ayham M.Faroqu Al Muarrawi
Rashed Nasser Almunaia
Ali N. Almusa
Eman Naif Almutairi
Fahad Mohammed Alnutayfat
Ahmed Al Salih
Bassam Humoud Alsehli
Salem Alshmari
Mohammed Waleed Al Sinnawi
Maha M. Alsubaie
Majed Abdullah Alsubaie
Thamer Abdulaziz Alsuliman
Abdulrahman Alsultan
Anas M. Althekair
Ali Abdullah Altuwaijri
Yazeed Mohammed Altuwayjiri
Praveen Kumar R. Alumalla
Majed M. Alzahrani
Kofi Amoakohene
Paige-Elizabeth Anderson
Chartchatree Angkaprasertkul
Eugenia K. Annan
Hajar Aqnouch
Anil Yasin Ar
Jean Schilling Arruda
Seckin Arsoy
Vidya R. Arukonda
Nagendra Athukuri
Jillian Atkinson
Tatjana Austin
Kristen L. Aversa
Vaishnavi Aysola
Abdul Aziz
Mahesh Babbula
Jessica Baez
Maryam Bahramvandi
Parashar Bajgai
Harshit Bakshi
Sabitha Balaraman
Erin E. Baldwin
Michael J. Barbin
Kristi Barnes
Ghassan Fared Barry
Meagan A. Barstow
Tariq Bashir
Dhiraj Basnet
Erika Renee Battle
Scott A. Beauregard
Rakesh Bellamkonda
Dmitriy Belous
Nabil Benaissa
Charles J. Bennett
Robert H. Bennett
Tameika Bennett
Nicole Bent
Christina H. Berardi
Shannon Berry
Laura L. Berube
Sally Morgan Bibber
Mark Billeci Jr.
Shawna Biscone
Matthew S. Blair
Jennifer L. Blanchette
Douglas Blankenship
Alyson Boehm
Michele A. Bogardus
Pamela Bohanan
Chelsea Bonesteel
Marietta Boniatis
Samuel Bosse
Patrick Boucher
Kelly A. Boudreau
Meghan A. Bourn
Rachel E. Bourne
Donjuay D. Bowden
Kristen Ashley Bowness
Peter J. Boyle
Sean Brennan
Corey Byrnes Brichner
Justin Bridgman
Joseph Brislin
Theodore Britt
Caro Marcelle Brown
Jonathan S. Browne
Robin Elisabeth Bruce
Alyssa Bryant
Vital K. Buamulungu
James T. Buckley
Sarah Elizabeth Bundzinski
Joshua Burgess
Bobbi Jean Burke
Kelli Burns
Harriet A. Burr
Hezekiah Butler
Joseph Buurman
Stephen J. Bykowski, Jr.
Christopher Bylone
Nathaniel Byrum
Meaghan Marie Caccavelli
Jahari Cain
Brooke Callen
Frederick Campbell
Kelli Nicole Canada
Sean Canedy
Nicole Christine Capalbo
Ashley M. Carelli
Curtis George Carmichael
Jennifer L. Carpenter
Daniel Carrick
Scott Casstevens
Catalina Juhasz Celentano
Ashwini Chadrapu
Dhanunjay Sagar Challa
Michelle M. Champagne
Ebra Chanakira
Scott G. Chandler
Amber Chandronnait
Wei Chien Chang
Reginald E. Chapple, Jr.
Binh C. Chau
Hsiao Chen Chen
Jingmiao Chen
Chen Wei Ming
Wen Chen
Xingrui Chen
Yen Hsun Chen
Hiu Cheng
Liang Cheng
Upasana J. Chheda
Scott Christie
David Ciechon
Stephanie Jean Ciotti
Timothy Clark
Rebecca M B Clogston
Shannon L. Cloutier
Ashley L. Coates
Michael Coffey
Douglas Cole
Kimberlee Louise Colip
Sara Marie Albert Comeau
Ronald A. Conant
Steve J. Conley
Brent Cook
Jeffrey Allen Cook
Matthew Cooke
Danielle Ellen Corsino
Maria Cortez
Melissa M. Costa
Danielle J. Courtemanche
Scott R. Cowie
Adrian D. Crawford
Christie Evonte’ Crosby
Cesar Cuellar
Lujin Cui
Jennifer M. Cullen
Phillip Curiel
Dorothy V. Currier
Stephanie Cutter
Sinisa Cvokic
Andrea R. Cyr
Erin E. Dallas
Meghana Danda
Tam Dao
Alagie Darboe
Mourad Darhoua
Mitchel D. Daulton
Smita Dave
Michael A. Davis
Abigail E. Dean
Mark A. DeFazio
Christina M. Dell’Orfano
Bol Bul Deng
Raymond J. Dennis
Robin L. Descoteaux
Bryan J. Deveau
Michelle Dicentes
Amy Suzanne Dillon
Danielle DiMeglio
Lauren DiRenzo
Carlos M. Disner
Keith Allan Dixon Jr.
Ngoc Thuan Doan
Mark Dobson
Robert W. Dominguez
Sridhar Rao Donthineni
Morteza Dorafshani
Frederic J. Doree
Sharon E. DuBose
Jennifer Corielle Duke
Samer Dukhan
Brandon Duncan
Dylan J. Duncklee
Sharon A. Duplayee
Elodia Duque
Hima Radhika Edara
Kati Eggert
Alisa D. Elliott
Angelica Tyanne Ellis
Caroline L. Ellison
Tarik A. El Magrahi
Claudia Elwell
Stephanie L. England
Jeremiah S. Erb
Julia D. Ervin
Nsidibe Joseph Etim
Cao Fang
Tiantian Fang
Hafez Yousef Fares
Guillermo Favela Jr.
Karen J. Feehan
Dolores Fenelon
Michael K. Ferreira
Christopher Fetterman
Sione Fifita
Elissa Victoria Finks
Ariel Anahid Finno
Sarah H. Florino
Kristen Flynn
Meghan Patricia Flynn
Erin Fortenberry
Caitlin Fortier
Susan Fraser
Susan A. Frazier
Laura J. Frontierro
Nancy M. Furtado
Sreelatha Gaddam
Jason P. Gardner
Prearna Garg
Jennifer L. Garloff
Robert Paul Gaska
Kristin M. Gebers
William Gelgota
Craig D. Gendron
Michael Georges
Adam Gervais
Barsha Ghimire
Victoria M. Gilbert
Kenneth D. Gitlitz
Jill Godsoe
Celal Fatih Gokdag
Deepthi Goli
Steffany Gomez
Brenda L. Gordon-Ervin
Pavan Putra Gosangi
Rachael L. Gosselin
Courtney M. Gould
Caitlin Grant
Herbert Graves
Jing Gu
Sandeep Gudimella
Albar Ivan Guerrero Martinez
James Guild
Goutham Gunnodge
Victor Gutierrez, Jr.
Bayan Hafiz
M-Mamoun Haj-Taha-Najjar
Glenna Hall
Zhanna Hamilton
Shaun Robert Hanson
Stephanie Harris
Austin Harrison
Corey Hashem
Kelly A. Haskell
Gul E Zehra Hasnain
Seif Hatamleh
Robert M. Hayward, Jr.
Zhou He
Nicol Jesus Hidolgo Mordles
Jessica S. Higgins
Jessyca R. Hipskind
Nicole Lynn Hjerpe
Timothy Hoag
Matthew Robert Hoffmann
Holly A. Hoffner
Paula Holland
Betty Holm
Samantha J. Homan
Kristen Lee Hortman
Jessica L. Hotaling
Fuzhi Hou
Yi Hou
Lester R. Houston
John Hsieh
Wenjing Huang
Pamela Hughes
Arda Husnuoglu
Marti Stone Ilg
Gregory A. Ingalls, Jr.
Raphael Tunde Ipinmoroti
Kristian Philip Jackson
Mona Jalilzadeh
Jared James
Mitchell A. Jarzabek
Jonelle Jentilucci
Han Jia
Jasmine Jones
Rian K. Jones
Bhawana Joshi
Khanitha Jumlearnboonprakong
Michael Kaas
Shweta Kalkar
Nidhi Kamdar
Ripal Kamdar
Sean Kanazawich
Rama Rao Kandregula
Saki Kanemitsu
Poonam Rohit Kankaliya
Shashank Kankanala
Anirudh Kanukuntla
Katerina Karametros
Thrishna Kasireddy
Srikanth Reddy Katta
Sumeet Kaur
Amber Kazlauskas
Brendan Keane
Chelsea Elizabeth Kearns
Jonathan W. Keefe
Keith A. Kelly
Kevin C. Kennedy
Maureen M. Kenney
Benjamin J. Kepple
Jennifer Kessler
Seth Christopher Ketron
Sean Kidd
Tori Killam
Jennifer King
Mandy L. King
Nicholas Kinslow
Michael Kisiel
Nicole C. Klays
Amanda Kloepfer
Srirama Krishna Kodavali
Mr Siva Prasada R. Konduru
Nikhil Konkathi
Madhuri Koripalli
Brian Kostic
Susan Krenzien
Jaya Krishna Kurra
Shane Kwant
Shankhu Vardhan Reddy Kyasaram
Christie Labbe
Eric Laettner
Michael J. Lafond
Manasa Lagisetty
Hollianne Lagueux
Michelle Rose Lamoureux
Angela Lamson
Nicholas Lander
Amelia Carrie Landreth
Emily J. Landry
Karen Lansberry
Todd Lare
DaShane’ LaTrease Lars
Richard Laughton
David Lawrence
Claudette B. Lawson
Gina Althea Lazaris
Khac Anh Minh Le
Thu Thi Minh Le
Jean Le-Bruce
Natasha LeCours
Ann Marie Lorra L. Lee
Michelle Lee
Darleen LeGrand
Bradford T.E. Lehoullier
Lee Mitchell Lemoine
Joshua J. Leone
David Roland Lessard
Brandon Lett
Katelyn Levesque
Tammy L. Levesque
Han Li
Ru Li
Zijie Li
Aurora Lile-Alushaj
Joseph Lisi
Elyssa Litchfield
Da Liu
Pengjia Liu
Zhengkang Liu
James T. Lockwood
Meagan Long
Andrea Lorincz
Dan Lu
Tiffany A. Lucas
Ashley M. Luperchio
Ysleta P. Lusk
James Lustig
Serina Ly
Michael P. Lyon
Colin MacDonald
Patricia Jean Mackey
Tamara Macul Mendes
Sumanjali Mangalarapu
Vidhya Armugam Manoranjan
Raymond Edward Marchand
Ravi Kumar Mariserla
Christa R. Marousek
Ian Marshall
Amanda Martin
Tiffany N. Martin
Brian J. May
Brian J. May
Stephanie L. McCaig
Peggy McCarthy
Gwyndolyn McClellan
Stacey McCormick
Shawne Matthew McCoy
Ryan M. McDermott
Alice A. McDonald
Benjamin McGaw
Deborah McKinley
Sharon McLaughlin
Meghan McLean
Jennifer Olivia McNulty
Brian R. Mellor
Jacqueline M. Mercedes
Akhila Mesineni
Michael E. Meyer
Marc P. Michaud
Kimberly J. Michel
Traci Lynne Michel
Bruce J. Miller
Jeffrey Scott Miller Jr.
Maurice Miller
Sheri L. Miller
William H. Miller III
Valbona Mino
Antonjela Miti
Man W. Mo
Kathleen Moffett
Liban J. Mohamed
Altuqayjiri Yazeed Mohammed
Mark William Moloney
Emmanuel M. Mondesir
Caleb Montgomery
Michael J. Montgomery
Faith Moore
Kelly Moore
Natacha Morales
Robert Morgan
Andrew Morong
Justina Morris-Odubo
Christina M. Morrison
Kevin Moschella
Paul Mound
Saheed O. Muhammed
Maamon Raad Mukhlis
Seana Mulcahy
Scott Mullen
Shilpa Mummadi
Mary Mumper
Melissa Leigh Murray
Mwanasera Juma Mwinyi Pembe
Jennifer Nardi
Stephanie L. Ncala
Shannon Veronica Nealon
Sathaporn Neeranadthara
Angela Neilan
Susan Nekesa
Laura B. Nelson
Burmaa Nergui
Ha Nguyen
Peter G. Nickless
Nanga Nku
Joyce Notte
Katie McDonnell O’Brien
Olawole Ogunmola
Rie Okada
Nicholas Oliva
Kelsey A. O’Neil
Robert Oryem
Janice C. Osborne
Brandon Folarin Osinuga
James Osmialowski
Jennifer Ann Page
Melissa L. Page
Mark Richard Painchaud
Audrey Elizabeth Palmer
Katrina Pappas
Nicole M. Parenteau
Evan Michael Paris
Stacy Patino
Ameya Vivek Patki
Betty Anne Paulin
Isabel Peces Rivero
Watthana Peetathawatchai
Christopher R. Peirce
Lori Pelletier
Tanya L. Pendelton
Bethany L. Perkins
Krista M. Perry
Donald Delano Pettit
Uyen Phan
Jennifer Phillips
Maly Phon
Phakakrong Phulaosing
Valerie Picco
Jacob R. Piecuch
Ronald James Pieper Jr
Stacy M. Pinardi
Donna M. Pineau
Saharutai Pissuphan
Jennifer L. Plante
Gabriel Plourde
Samyuktha Ponagandla
Donald W. Poole
Ravipas Popitchayakul
Nicole D. Poretto
Praveen Potluri
Samantha M. Potter
Ida Bagus Putra
Yassine Qaouli
Kevin Quinn
Dorothy R. Rabuano
Mahmood Raheem
Dominique Angelo Ramirez
Mark C. Ramos
Jared Ramsey
Sowjanya Ravinuthala
Kimberly A. Reagan
Jamie Redmond
Caitlin Reed
Michael Regan
Lauren Michelle Reidy
Jason S. Reilly
Jeremy Reynolds
Robin Rieske
Daniel J. Riley
Jason A. Rioux
Kristina M. Robella
David Roberts
Sean P. Rocheleau
Loribeth Rodriguez Flores
Coreen L. Rogers
Justin Neil Rogers
Napaporn Rojanaprateep
Jill Maureen Romero
Samantha D. Ross
Karen M. Rudloff
Daniel Saia
Farley Saint-Surin
Annel Sanchez
Bladimir Santamaria
Michele Santorelli
Carolee Sargent
Sudip Sarkar
Brian P. Sassi
Jeganmohan Sathyanarayanan
Bethany A. Saucier
Timothy Dennis Savage
Scott Schiller
Bethany Schimpf
Charles Schmidt
Kevin Paul Scott
Tiffany Seal
Jonathan Dennis Sears
Oliver Renaldo Sears
Priyanka Selvam
Arlette M. Shabani
Abhishek H. Shah
Elham Shahidi Salehi
Karim Shaik
Rosa M. Shephard
Paul Shinney
Kenneth Shuler
Xiaokai Si
Alessandro Vincent Silveri
Jessica L. Simpson
Amrita Singh
Preethi Singh
Jason P. Siudut
Katie A. Small
Matthew Smiddy
Josie W. Smith
Laurieann Marie Smith
Megan Elizabeth Smith
Patrick B. Snoop
Kealey M. Snow
Startreece S. Snow
Chanreasmey Sok
Preeyanuch Sriyai
Chad A. Staelens
Alyson Patricia St. Amand
Edward Stansfield
Michele L. Stasiak
Martin W. Stehl
Charles A. Stewart
James Joseph Stewart
Patricia Stewart
Timothy James Stewart
Scott St. Laurent
Angela Marie Stockbridge
Kelley Story
Nikki Stouder
Jeremy D. Stout
Mandy St. Pierre
Mindy A. St. Pierre
Ian Straughter
Tytus Strube
Kimberly A. Stuart
Srinath Subramanian
Rajesh Sukamanchi
Almas Suljevic
Lisa M. Sullivan
Jing Sun
Roland Sunnyway
Eric Swanson
Wajahath Rasool Syed
Greg H. Sylvain
Erin Szewc
Tomohiro Tada
Liza Tagliati
Ibrahim Taha
Moftah Tajouri
Stephanie M. Tattersall
Daniel Taube
Tanya Tamara Taylor
Ariel Teixeira
Garik Thiboutot
Courtney Thomas-Winterberg
Sunee Thorsen
Srinath Tirunagari
Ashley Tishko
Vladimir Tolstikhin
Yasmine Toomasi
Patrick Travis
Todd A. Trayer
Maria Stephanie Trinidad
Dale D. Trotter
Bradley Troyan
Jeremy Trujillo
Dheeraj Tuli
Alysha Turcotte
Aaron D. Turner
Michelle L. Tuttle
Haroutioun Levon Tutundjian
Keizra Tyson
Jude C. Ukawuchi
Meosha Underwood
Christopher Untiet
Akif Uskuplu
Richard Van Deusen
Lisa Van Ella
Jeffrey Wayne Vanidestine
Crystal Elizabeth Vaughn
Katerina Vazan
Pradeep Vemasani
Scott Venanzio
Harish Kumar Reddy Vennapusa
Chanakya Veramachineni
Adam Emmanuel Victorn
Lauren M. Visnaskas
Jennifer S. Vogel
Kien V. Vu
Janelle Waldvogel
Jamie Walker
Jinlei Wang
Shih Ting Wang
Rachel A. Wassman
Rebecca A. Watkinson
Lucy Weed-Eaton
Paul Weil
Corey Wells
London C. Wells
Tracy L. Whalon
Robin White
Arthur Thomas Williams, IV
Jason Williams
Michelle M. Wilson
Robert L. Wilson
Kevin Wolfe
Brian Wolff
Stephanie M. Woods
Di Wu
Mingzhi Wu
Wanli Xiong
Bingying Xu
Chao Xu
Ru Xu
Pan Yan
Lino O. Yobwan
Gayle Young
Stefanie M. Young
Tian Yu
Abrar Khaled Zafran
Taha Abdulhamid Zaini
Jesus E. Zambrano
Shannon D. Zeller
Hao Zhang
Xizhen Zhang
Xuxu Zhang
Ye Zhang
Yue Zhang
Xuejun Zhao
Yuhao Zhao
Wanbo Zhou
Xiaohong Zhou
Robert Ziegler
Fauzi M. Zowid
Yunhan Zuo
School of Education
Master of Arts in Teaching
Katharine Mote
Master of Education
Aaron Abood
Jamie Ackley
Shane A. Aldrich
Karena C. Allen
Eman M. Almohnna
Kimberly Alostaz
Jaishree Alreja
Amal I. Alsufayan
Abdulmajeed Alzahrani
Anchalee Aramrun
Courtney Kathryn Argiras
Justina Maric Austin
Virginia R. Avery
Catherine E. Ayer
Julie Bacher
Lauren J. Ball
Amber Bannister
Nicole Marie Barry
Colleen Barter
Bethany G. Barton
Kara Jean Bayrouty
Kristen Beahm
Jacob Berry
Michaela Christine Bessey
Miriam Bialik van Wees
Jeremiah L. Bias
Annette Bisson-Rossi
Alyssa M. Bitsack
Uttara Boal
Eric R. Bogie
Michele Boris
Renee Michelle Boucher
Michael J. Boutselis
Jenna L. Brouillard
April A. Brown
Jason Burke
Laura Caldwell Zaugg
Asnat T. Campeanu
Antonia Carideo
Madeline Carlock
Meghan A. Cenate
Ami M. Cleary-Trombly
Jessica Collins
Meagan Comstock
Nicole Conroy
Rebecca S. Corrigan
Nannette B. Corriveau
Kailey Crockett
James Culbertson, Jr.
Jessica-Lynn Daly
Leisa A. D’Amour
Patricia Lynn Dannhauer
Ryan Davey
Sampson Davis
Shamar D. Dawson
Elaine R. DeMasi
Erin Marie Dente
Kerri R. Deschenes
Alexandria N. Diamond
Michael Dooley
Amy Doolin
Kathleen A. Dowd
Cynthia T. Drinkwine
Daniel R. Dussault
Sarah Ellins
Joshua Evans
Kris A. Fenchel
Alexis Nicole Fermaintt
Quiana Frazier
Jennifer Freeda
Stephanie Fritz
Julie M. Furniss
Andrew Barker Gagne
Alisha Garrity
Nilda Gonnella-French
Susannah R. Gould
Michael R. Gray
Harry H. Hall
Alice D. Harwood
Sarah C. Helman
Kelly Ryan Hines
Erin Elizabeth Dwyer Hoffses
Charmaine Hughes-Downing
Freb D. Hunt-Bull
Laurie A. Jameson-Palmer
Priscilla Jelliffe
Lori Ann Jerram
Lisa J. Jukes
Brynn M. Kane
Sarah J. Kiley
Laura K. Kinney
Marilis Klevisha
Susan E. Koch
Erik Kokal
Phillip Kratzman
Allison A. Krones
Katie Kukesh
Maureen LaClair
Carolyn Lahey
Krista Larrow
Danielle LaValley
Stephanie LeBlanc
Susan K. LeDrew
Tasha Lemon
Melissa A. Lewis
Amie Libby
Brynn Lipstreu
Alicia Xiaoxi Liu
Hannah D. Lowell
Andrea E. Lozeau
Linda J. Lyon
Morgan B. Mackie
Alexandra Malvey
Sara G. Martel
Tiffany Mathison
Nicole Matsago
Patrick G. McDonald
Nicole McGinnis
Amanda T. McGuire
Caitlyn Merry
Heather M. Moore
Joseph Mundy
Sandra L. Murray
Michael Norkun
Ric E. Nudell
Shannon O’Brien
Patrick A. O’Dell
Sarah Oleson
Benjamin W. Parker
Sandra J. Parker
Eric L. Pascoal
Rebecca M. Patterson
Debra Peddle
Mark Pedersen
Melissa Pierce
Ricardo Pimentel
Nancy B. Powers
Shernore Prince
Kirsten Quinn
Ryan M. Quinn
Tracey L. Ramshaw
Megan G. Richardson
Megan R. Rizzo
Julie Roach
Roxanne M. Roberts
April Rosiek
Catherine M. Rousseau
Joy M. Ruma
Victoria J. Russell
Tracy Ruyffelaert
Angela J. Sambold
Kate Saunders
Michael Scaramellino
Kimberly D. Schneider
Andrew Scott
Christina Scott
John Sheppela
Angela Marie Soulor
Lindsey Spencer
Tania L. Spencer
Michelle R. St. Amand
Kathryn Stone
Kathryn J. Stoyle
Katy Swafford
Sarah Swasey
Cassi Taylor
Jennifer L. Taylor
Lisa Temple
Kimberly C. Tewksbury
Miriam Tirado
Kristin M. Torrisi
Gabrien L. Turner
Janet G. VanAlstyne
Jonathan Edward Verity
Nicole Ver Pault
Mya A. Violette
Elizabeth W. Weeks
Ashley H. Whitehill
Jane S. Wilkison
Nora L. Zettler
Master of Science
Melissa R. Buchanan
Judith D. O’Neill
The list of names published in this program is not an official list of degree recipients. Names listed here include those
who have completed all of their degree requirements as well as those who are expected to complete their
degree requirements by October 1, 2014. An official list of degrees conferred is maintained by the
Office of the University Registrar.
Nor th R er Roa
Directions to SNHU Campus:
m St.
n St.
Cross Elm St. onto Granite St.
Take first right onto Canal St.
Canal St. turns into N. River Road.
Four miles to SNHU.
te St.
1. Leave Verizon Wireless Arena at 555 Elm Street Manchester NH
2. Head north on Elm Street toward Granite Street
3. Take the 1st left onto Granite Street
4. Take the 1st right onto Canal Street
5. Continue on Canal Street, which will turn into River Road
6. Follow River Road for approximately 3 miles
7. Southern New Hampshire University will be on your left
8. Follow signs for parking
Welcome To New Alumni
Congratulations to the Class of 2014!
We are excited to welcome you to the alumni community, and we hope
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As a graduate of Southern New Hampshire University, you are officially
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more than 54,000 alumni throughout the world, and provides you access to
library resources, professional development, networking, volunteer, and
social events throughout the year. We hope to see you on campus for Homecoming Weekend this fall, October 17–19, 2014 or as part of the many opportunities to
engage with other alumni and the SNHU Community both locally and on the
Stay connected and make sure your alumni profile is up to date at
Kristi Durette, Director of Alumni Relations
Jeff Penta ’05, ’08, ’11, President, SNHU Alumni Association
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