ARMR Moto Ukon jacket, £119.99 Forcefield Elite


ARMR Moto Ukon jacket, £119.99 Forcefield Elite
Forcefield Elite chest protector, £64.99
It makes sense to protect your chest,
which contains plenty of important
organs and is generally in the firing
line when things go wrong, but the idea
of chest protectors hasn’t yet caught
on as effectively as the back protector.
This new protector from Forcefield is
designed to be more convenient than
before, with an elasticated brace to
keep it in place without the need for
tight-fitting leathers. The Elite meets
Level 1 of the relevant CE standard
for chest protection and is designed
to be thin enough to fit under race
suits, though it is always best to
check there’s room in your suit before
splashing out on one.
NEXX SWITX SX.10 helmet,
Colours: Four base colours and five
different covers
Sizes: XS-XXL
Why has no one thought of this
before? This open-face helmet from
Portuguese firm Nexx provides the
option of replacing an outer cover to
personalise the style. The helmets are
available in a choice of base colours
and then riders can choose from a
series of standard single or two-tone
covers to screw over the top, or pay
another £34.99 to buy an extra cover
from an even wider range of options
– to suit your mood or riding gear.
Helmets come complete with a dropdown sun visor and clear outer visor.
The new Elite is available in
two sizes, Small/Medium,
and Large/X-Large
ARMR Moto Ukon jacket, £119.99
Skidmarx screen for
Yamaha MT-09, £79.95
The stream of aftermarket
accessories for Yamaha’s exciting
MT-09 naked middleweight continues
to flow, with this British-made
flyscreen from Skidmarx. The idea of
a naked bike is an attractive one, but
so is the ability to shelter from the
cold and sometimes noisy air flowing
around the upper body and head.
Skidmarx uses 3mm acrylic to create
this screen, which is modelled on the
firm’s double-bubble race screens
and comes with all the fittings to
attach to the cowling above the
Yamaha’s headlight. The screens are
available in clear, black and dark or
light tints.
Colours: Black/orange
Sizes: S-5XL
This waterproof textile jacket gives
plenty of different options, with
both the thermal and waterproof
linings removable so it can be
cool and airy, or warm and
dry. The outer is made from
600-denier textile, with
reflective panels and YKK
zips throughout, including
a full-length connecting
zip to attach it securely
to trousers. There’s CEapproved armour at the
shoulders and elbows
and provision for optional
extra protection at the
chest and back. The one
area where compromise
isn’t offered is the colour
choice. It comes in KTMfriendly black/orange and
that’s it.