X-acts New Cirkus performance for children and their families


X-acts New Cirkus performance for children and their families
X-acts New Cirkus performance for children and their families
Does a cookie tin play the saxophone? Can a
pencil dance? And what has belly dancing and
flying books got to do with each other?
Nothing is as it seems when performer/juggler
Samuel Gustavsson and musician Sture Ericson
invite the young audience into a poetic New
Circus performance, which sensuously and
wordlessly feeds the imagination.
The Magical Sound Circus is based on Kitt Johnson
X-acts New Circus performance Aber Dabei from 2007
By and with Samuel Gustavsson ogSture Ericson
Artistic consultant Kitt Johnson
Target age-group 6-12 years
Audience max 80
Duration 35 minutes
Contact e-mail: [email protected] /
Phone: +45 2991 8713
Dansstationen, Malmö, Sweden, November 2013
Naturama, Svendborg, Denmark, March & October
Barnens Scen, Malmö, Sweden, October 2013
Xeneriet, Vejle, Denmark, October 2013
Solvang Bibliotek, Sundby, Denmark, August 2013
Himmelstorm Festival, Hundested, Denmark, July
Børneteaterfestival, Mors, Denmark, April 2013
Skovagerskolen, Jellinge, Denmark, February 2013
Bærum Kulturhus, Bærum, Norway, November
Kinder Kinder Festival, Hamburg, Germany,
November 2012
Karens Minde Kulturhus, Copenhagen, Denmark,
August 2012
SWOP Festival: Holbæk, Roskilde, Kalundborg &
Slagelse, Denmark, May 2012
Dyhrs Skole, Slagelse, Denmark, March 2012
Mariendal Skole, Copenhagen, Denmark, May 2011
Photos: Per Morten Abrahamsen
Tel +45 29 91 87 13 Email [email protected] Website www.kittjohnson.dk
It seems almost hypnotic to
witness, and the kids clearly
feel the power. Samuel
Gustavsson is a physical
virtuoso out of the ordinary.
His body moves with complete
harmony – without the least
unevenness in his
Anne Middelboe,
Gustavsson ... is a juggler,
magician, dancer and clown in
a single figure.
Janus Kodal, Politiken
(about Aber Dabei)
Elegant is Gustavsson’s play
with paper and pen on the desk
and in the room.
Vibeke Wern,
Berlingske Tidende
(about Aber Dabei)
Technical information
Performers 1 performer and 1 musician
Stage minimum W: 8m, D: 7m, H: 4m
Power 220 V
Blackout Not required, but there should be no direct sunlight on stage
Set-up 2½ hours
Take-down 1 hour
Assistance 1 strong adult to greet us on arrival, assist with loading in, and to welcome the
audience before the performance.
Other A table and a chair. The room should be warm on arrival.
If the venue is a regular theatre venue, the stage should be lit with a general light.
Tel +45 29 91 87 13 Email [email protected] Website www.kittjohnson.dk