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the frontline - Siloam Mission
n g i n g l i ve
the frontline
Siloam Mission Summer 2013
Changing lives for over 25 years
Siloam Mission Launches
Vision 500 at Breakfast
500 homes and 500 jobs in the
next five years.
That’s what Vision 500 is – our
vision to partner with you in radically
altering the landscape of Winnipeg’s
inner city through supportive housing
and innovative employment-training
Winnipeg’s less fortunate men and
women are facing a crisis. Lack of
affordable housing is at a critical level,
and 80% of jobs created in Canada in
the last four years are only temporary
Coupled with mental health illness,
physical or cognitive disabilities,
addictions and lack of education,
the opportunities are bleak for those
living on Winnipeg’s streets.
Portland, Oregon was once in a
similar situation.
Today, they are a case study
the world over on how to solve
homelessness by creating housing
and employment with directly
integrated social services like
At a recent breakfast in May, Richard
Harris from Central City Concern
(CCC) in Portland helped us officially
launch Vision 500.
Under his leadership, CCC
transformed Portland’s decaying
neighbourhoods into thriving,
desirable communities.
We know it worked in Portland, and
because of compassionate people
like you, we know it can work in
Your support is critical. Thank you for
proving that homeless in Winnipeg
does not mean hopeless.
Richard Harris
speaking at th
Vision 500 La
Siloam Mission is a connecting
point between the compassionate
and Winnipeg’s less fortunate.
“But God will never forget the needy;
the hope of the afflicted will never
– Psalm 9:18
Add your voice to the
conversation on homelessness
and poverty.
Connect with us online!
Homelessness & PoVertY in winniPeG
in canada:
• 1 in 5 adults aged 45-55 reported either
• 80% of jobs created in Canada since 2008
are temporary positions5
• 80-97% of homeless people have been
employed in the labour market5
• 83% would like a mainstream job5
having experienced or having come close
to being homeless1
in manitoba:
• $68,000 is the average annual income of
Winnipeg food bank use is
up 14% from last year.
households with good housing2
• less than $19,000 is the average annual
income for people without good housing2
1/3 of families
experiencing hunger are
dual-wage earners,
in winnipeg:
• 350 are living on the streets3
• 1,915 are living in shelters3
• 7,600 are the “hidden” homeless3
• 135,000 are at risk3
i.e. the working poor.6
EIA provides
$285/mo for rent
expenses for one person.
Vacancy rates for bachelors
in the city is 0.5% and
they cost on average
95,000 winnipeggers live in poverty7
• 27,000 under the age of 18
(16.2% of children)7
• 58,000 aged 18-64 (10.9% of adults)7
• 10,000 over the age of 64
(9.7% of seniors)7
did you know
Public & subsidized Housing Units:
• 35,000 housing units4
• 2,000+ on waiting list4
• 1.7% vacancy rate4
basic neeDs
it costs $48,000/yr to leave someone out
on the streets vs. $28,000/yr to house them?8
tHe solUtion
500 Homes – 500 Jobs – 5 Years
w w w.siloam.c a | | t wit
Source: 3Statistics Canada 2006 Census
Statistics Canada’s Survey of Labour and Income Dynamics 2010
Matthew’s Story
Overcoming trauma and
addictions at The Madison
When Matthew left his downtown
apartment in early January for a short
walk to the corner store, he didn’t know
his life would change forever.
He made it halfway down the block
before two men looking for a quick
buck assaulted him.
“They knocked me out, and basically
left me there for dead at 42 degrees
below zero,” the 53-year-old recalls.
“I was lying in the snow unconscious
for three hours before somebody saw
me and called the ambulance.”
At the hospital, doctors had little
Because his assailers took his
gloves, Matthew’s fingers turned
black from frostbite. They amputated
three of them.
“I felt sorrow, like I was grieving the
loss of my fingers. I knew I wouldn’t
be able to turn a wrench anymore,”
Matthew says.
Losing the ability to work with his
hands also meant losing the ability
to generate an income.
He’s never been afraid of work.
Growing up his dad worked for Bell
Telephone, his mother at a newspaper.
Since he turned 18 and moved to
Winnipeg from Nova Scotia, Matthew
has been working
odd jobs here and
there – helping
landlords with
plumbing and
electrical repairs,
fixing cars for
friends and doing
small home repairs.
He always got by,
if only barely.
“I’ve never been homeless, but I’ve
always relied on Siloam Mission for
some of my meals,” he says.
After the mugging, Matthew couldn’t
find a job. He needed a safe place
to deal with his post-traumatic
stress disorder while managing
his schizophrenia and kicking his
After applying for a room at The
Madison through Siloam Mission’s
transition services program, he moved
in to his very own room on Good
“It really was a good Friday. I walked
into a spotless room and had my own
sheets,” he quips.
“It was the best day of my life, because
it meant change. I now have a more
structured life, I have friends, I am
surrounded by people that care and I
can cope with my issues.”
That includes dealing with the past.
“To me, it’s no longer okay to be angry.
I forgive the guys who attacked me,” he
“They meant to mug me for 20 bucks,
and instead they mugged me for my
fingers. But I have to forgive them, for
they know not what they did,” he says.
Today, Matthew has been clean for 17
months – and he’s feeling a whole lot
“This place sure helps. Because of
the environment and the community.
People at The Madison are aware that
life isn’t perfect, but they’re trying to
make ours better,” he says.
“I’m having an easier time dealing
with my problems. Without Siloam,
I probably would have committed
suicide. This is a little piece of heaven.”
Going Buggy
Thanks to the generous support of Brian Scharfstein of Canadian
Footwear Ltd. and help from River City Equipment and Lawson Industries
we were able to replace our aging buggy used by MOST (Mission: Off the
Streets Team.)
The new buggy will allow Siloam Mission’s employment program
participants to continue to work on downtown beautification projects, such
as collecting litter, clearing debris, sweeping streets, and shovelling snow.
If you see our new buggy in the neighbourhood, be sure to smile and wave!
Hazelridge School
Host of Youth for
Change Day
The Madison
Celebrates Grand Opening
After two years of renovations and
remodeling, funders, community
members, volunteers and staff of Siloam
Mission cut the ribbon at the official grand
opening of The Madison on April 26th.
Since purchasing the building in April
2011, Siloam Mission steadily moved
residents out of our emergency shelter
and into The Madison as rooms were
Located in Wolseley at 210 Evanson
Street, the housing complex provides
residents with a supportive environment
to pursue self-sufficient lifestyles – and it
provides a dignified place to call “home.”
As residents moved in, they started
forming an incredible community in a
short time. Today, they take care of each
other, just like a family would.
Residents contribute about $615.00 per
month for their room, which includes
three meals a day, free access to laundry
machines, 24-hour on-site support and
access to engaging programming and
special events around the community.
Madison residents also enroll in Siloam
Mission’s transition services program, and
are expected to abstain from drugs or
alcohol during their stay.
Collecting more than $14 per student
for Siloam Mission, plus items like
toothbrushes, toothpaste, soup, coffee,
and coffee whitener, Hazelridge School
beat out other Manitoba schools to
become the host of Siloam Mission’s
annual Youth For Change Day on
May 31st.
The Youth For Change Day included
an in-school concert by Keith & Renee
as well as lunch provided by Danny’s
Whole Hog & BBQ.
This school year alone, 55 different
schools raised $15,700 for Siloam
Mission and 35 schools toured the
downtown shelter.
Thank you to all the amazing schools
and students who helped out this year!
Other requirements include volunteering
in the community, keeping a curfew,
following the guest policy and maintaining
room and personal cleanliness standards.
Siloam Mission Awarded
for Oral Health Promotion
On April 19th, Angelika Fletcher, Manager of Siloam Mission’s Saul Sair
Health Centre, was in Ottawa to receive an Oral Health Promotion Award
for 2012 from the Canadian Dental Association for Siloam Mission’s work
to improve the oral care of men and women experiencing homelessness
in Winnipeg.
The award recognizes individuals or organizations who have improved
the oral health of Canadians through oral health promotion.
“This award belongs to our volunteers and the people we serve.
They are some of the most dedicated and compassionate people in
Manitoba,” says Angelika.
They say a smile is a source of joy. But what if
you’re afraid to smile because of bad oral care?
Since August 2007, Siloam’s Saul Sair Health Centre has been providing
holistic healthcare to patients that include the chronically addicted, the
mentally ill, street workers, and those who are homeless or in danger of
becoming homeless.
We are so honoured to be recognized for the great work that is
being done every day at the Saul Sair Health Centre!
Message from the Executive Director
He knew pretty well what everyone at
Siloam did and went out of his way
to thank people for their specific jobs.
He knew our spouses’ names, and
children’s names, and would often
inquire about them.
Happy radiated a profound joy. He loved
us, and we learned to reciprocate that.
Most of all, Happy never missed an
opportunity to encourage somebody else.
Last month, we lost a good friend
at Siloam Mission.
After a lifetime of struggling with
schizophrenia, Happy peacefully left this
world. He was 56.
Happy was his nickname simply because
he made everyone around him feel happy.
He was the kind of person to stop and
thank you every time he saw you.
It was an intangible gift many of us had
come to rely on that has created a hole
in our community; a community that had
become his family.
In his last days, Happy had a steady
stream of visitors at his bedside. His
memorial drew such a large crowd that
it was standing room only in our drop-in
It’s the same community that you are
helping build with your support; a place
where relationships defeat despair,
friendships heal old wounds and people
rebuild shattered lives.
Thank you for everything you do for
Winnipeg’s less fortunate.
I have often said that our lives are not
measured by what we accomplish, but
by what we endure.
Happy endured much, yet brought joy
and hope to many.
Go in peace, old friend.
And perhaps that was his greatest legacy
– the community he helped build.
Floyd Perras
Executive Director
Siloam Launches
New Website
Ready, set... LAUNCH!
Siloam’s digital home has a brand new look and
feel, thanks to the talented folks at Handcraft
The new design is fresh and clean, making it even
easier for you to look up our most urgent needs,
apply to be a volunteer, and register for volunteer
shifts online. Even the donation form was updated
and streamlined, so together with you we can
continue changing lives!
Visit us at to stay in the loop on
the latest happenings at the Mission and contribute
your voice to the conversation on homelessness in
our city.
Appreciation Awards
Celebrating Manitoba’s Heroes
For more than 82 years Manitobans have supported and celebrated the Winnipeg
Blue Bombers and now the Winnipeg Blue Bomber Alumni would like to honour
Manitoba’s everyday people, doing extraordinary things in our community —
Manitoba’s Heroes.
Manitoba heroes are individuals who may be courageous, kind, noble, selfsacrificing, champions of the underdog, principled, or perhaps they are someone
who has made a strong lasting impression in your life.
Nominate your hero at and they could get recognized
at the Manitoba Heroes gala on October 26th!
Our heroes are the 7,000+ volunteers who give of their time and expertise at
Siloam Mission every year. We might just nominate all of them!
Proceeds from the Manitoba Heroes gala event will be donated to Winnipeg
Blue Bomber Alumni Legacy Fund and Siloam Mission.
Celebrating Siloam’s
Treasured Volunteers
More than 600 of our dedicated volunteers sailed over to
p-arr-ty at our Pirate-themed Volunteer Appreciation event
on May 10th.
Hosted by Captain Jack Sparrow himself, we hoisted our
sails and swabbed the deck, making sure the event was in
ship-shape for our valued volunteer crew.
These groups were recognized for
volunteering the most time at Siloam
Mission in 2012 within their category.
• Shaw Communications Inc.
• St. John’s Ravenscourt Boarding
Program (School)
• “Come Alive” – University of
Manitoba (University/College)
• Giselle and Friends (Friends and
• Step to Step Living (Community
• Church of the Open Door (Church
A committed service award was
presented to Patal Vocational School
for Provision of Food Services at The
Madison in 2012.
Thank you to all of our wonderful
volunteers who are changing lives in
Winnipeg every day!
Danny’s Whole Hog generously provided dinner
on the ship’s galley for our honoured mates.
There aren’t enough doubloons in the world to thank all
of our 7,000+ volunteers who provide hope to so many
of Winnipeg’s homeless men and women every day!
The Round-Up
A Natural Fit – “Made with natural and
organic ingredients and love,” reads the
label on a Di Erbe Inc. bar of organic
soap. 540 of these bars arrived at Siloam
recently in a yearly donation from Sheila
Tan of Di Erbe Inc.
Party Tactics – Matthew Bernstein and Amir Ali know how to
have a good time with friends while raising money for the city’s
less fortunate. Thanks so much to these two guys who raised
more than $5,600 by hosting a social fundraiser!
Caring for the Core – As part of the Love Winnipeg Caring for
the Core festivities, Siloam joined other inner-city organizations
on June 1st to throw one big BBQ block party on Henry Street.
Change For The Better – When
Winnipeg CEOs traded their
briefcases for sleeping bags at the
Downtown BIZ’s 2nd annual CEO
Sleepout last Fall, they raised more
than $100,000. Siloam Mission
was recently awarded a $50,000
grant from those funds to help run
our employment-training programs.
Thanks so much!
Cereal Thriller – The amazing students at Winnipeg
Mennonite Elementary went above and beyond with their latest
fundraiser! Between 135 families, they collected 149 cereal
boxes to help us serve breakfast to 300-350 people every day.
Aren’t they gr-r-reat?
A Royal Visit – His Excellency the Right Honourable David
Johnston, Governor General of Canada, was in Winnipeg on
June 5th to discuss Aboriginal education and how to facilitate
change through philanthropy and volunteerism, and took some
time to drop by Siloam to tour our shelter.
Building Futures – Thanks to RBC Foundation for their
generous grant to help us continue to change lives with our
Building Futures employment training program.
Upcoming Events - Mark your calendar and
get involved to support Siloam!
CJOB Radiothon, August 5th
Tune in to CJOB during our day-long
radiothon to hear stories of hope made
possible by your donations. Change for the Better CEO
Sleepout, September 26th
The Downtown BIZ’s annual CEO
Sleepout event brings together
CEOs, community leaders and media
representatives to raise awareness
about homelessness.
Sock Hop For Siloam,
September 28th
This ‘FUN’draising event will be held at
the Tec-Voc Hornet Dome. For more
information visit
Siloam Open House, October 5th
Siloam’s Open House is a chance
for you to see firsthand how you are
changing lives. We hope to see you
there! Siloam Gala Dinner, November TBD
Join us at our signature annual
fundraising dinner! Date still to be
determined, so be sure to check our
website for updates!
CHVN Radiothon, October 8-10th
Tune in to CHVN during the long
weekend to hear stories of hope from
the heart of Winnipeg’s inner city.
Circle of Love Gala, November 17th
The 3rd Annual Schumacher Realty
Circle of Love Gala will be held at the
Fort Garry Hotel.
Winnipeg Blue Bombers Manitoba
Heroes Gala, October 26th
Five very special Manitoba Heroes
will be honoured at this gala event
based on your nominations at
Christmas For Siloam Too,
December 1st
Get into the Christmas spirit at
St. Andrews River Heights United
Church. For more information visit
Keep checking our website at for upcoming events!
A Fresh Partnership with
SUBWAY® Restaurants
Siloam’s guests are now eating
fresh every Tuesday, with SUBWAY®
Restaurants committed to providing
a weekly lunch to Winnipeg’s less
Changing Oil
to Change Lives
Super Lube Auto Centres donated
one meal ($3.11) from every oil change
performed between May 9th and May
11th to Siloam Mission. During this
3-day event, more than $3,500 was
raised for our meal program!
Between Siloam’s drop-in centre
and The Madison, we now receive
500 sandwiches and 1,000 cookies
each week from different SUBWAY®
franchisees in Winnipeg.
Welcome SUBWAY® Restaurants as
our newest Champion For Change!
Metro/Shane Gibson
Sponsor the Meal
The Sponsor the Meal program allows local businesses, churches and schools to partner with Siloam Mission to provide meals
to Winnipeg’s less fortunate every day, giving your organization exposure in the community as a leader committed to bettering
our city and society.
For more information on how to Sponsor the Meal, call 204.956.4333 or email [email protected] / [email protected]
Champions for Change
Alina Schumacher of
Schumacher Realty Ltd.
E-Care Contact Centres
Patal Vocational Schools
SUBWAY® Restaurants
Vickar Auto Group
CTV – Media Sponsor
Partners for Change
Astral Media – QX104 –
103.1 Virgin Radio
Bell Media Radio Winnipeg –
99.9 BOB FM – FAB 94.3
– TSN 1290 Sports
Corus Radio Winnipeg – 680
Danny’s Whole Hog BBQ
& Smokehouse – Gold
Home Depot
Integrity Painting and
Manitoba Pork Council
Rogers Digital Media –
Radio – 92 CITI – 102.3
Partners for Dignity
Manitoba Lotteries
Manitoba Telecom Services
Inc. (MTS)
Peak of the Market
ProTELEC Alarms
Regehr’s Printing Ltd.
Shona Goulden and
Associates with Realty
Executives First Choice
Winnipeg Convention Centre
Winnipeg Football Club
Partners for Courage
CHVN 95.1 FM
Shaw Communications Ltd.
Super Lube Auto Centres
Partners for Hope
Central Canadian Structures
CRI Canada
CUPE Local 500 – City of
Winnipeg Employees
Desjardins Financial Security
Investments Inc.
Dillon Consulting
Employees of Manitoba
Public Insurance
Garth Manness & Manitoba’s
Credit Unions
Great-West Life – Winnipeg
Sales & Marketing Centre
H&S Golfers from
ICUC Moderation Services
Marlborough Hotel
MTS Lunch for Hope
Olive Garden Reenders Drive
Olive Garden Polo Park
Orle Bargen Davidson LLP
Platinum Jets Inc.
Portage Place Mall
Red Lobster – Polo Park
Steinbach Credit Union
Trane Sales
University of Manitoba
Faculty of Education

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