Patricia Polacco Author Study



Patricia Polacco Author Study
Patricia Polacco Author Study
By: Memory Stone
My Reflections
I think that it would make making friends
harder. It also make it harder to learn. You
need to treat them the way you treat your
friends and how you want to be treated. If
you feel mad or sad the people around you
might fill mad or sad.
5 interview question
Why did you start to writing and
illustrating book?
How old where you when your Babushka
How old was your Babushka when she
When did your mother and father
Who taught you who to speak English?
Details that standout in my mind
She didn’t start writing until she was 41
because she wanted to make sure her
children where taken care of.
She had dyslexia but it didn’t stop her
from learning how to read.
She likes to use stories that her Babushka
told her and her brother at fire talking
each night that keeps the tradition going.
My favorite Patricia Polacco book
 I picked this
illustration from The
Art of Miss Chew
because it shows that
she loves to draw and
it shows what her
feelings are.
Books I have read
I have read…..
Chicken Sunday
Pink and Say
Thank you Mr. Falker
My Rotten Redheaded
Older Brother
 Rechank’s eggs
Appeleomoddo’s dream
Mrs. Katz and Tush
Ginger and Petunia
Mr. Lincon’s Way
Thunder Cake
The Keeping Quilt

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