The following is a selection of client work, school projects



The following is a selection of client work, school projects
Alex Feraday (BDes)
Toronto, Canada
[email protected]
The following is a
selection of client
work, school projects
and academic studies.
Furthermore, here is
some insight into my
process of ideation.�
Influencers of Tomorrow
Freelance Logo Design
Logo and Identity elements for Influencers of Tomorrow, a non-profit
summit group of students across the GTA. The identity for this
group reflects the accommodable nature of the organization. IOT’s
are versatile mediators that tackle different sets of social issues on
an annual basis.
Contemporary Politics
OCAD University
Contemporary Politics, a semester-long study that questions and
deconstructs the notion of a political brand. The objective of this
project was an attempt to better assimilate political policy as an accessible manifestation of the peoples’ needs. I discovered that this
meant new connotations for how young voters really align themselves with some of the largest federal parties in Canada.
Below� is an Interactive Infographic, displayed in my booth
at OCADUs 100th Grad Show. (24” x 18”) Users were
free to string together aspects of policy that attracted
them transcending orientation on the display.
As seen on May 2nd 2015.
3 Posters reflecting the
disintegration of imposed
categories of principal often
alongside political branding.�
Sinuous Avenue
A self-initiated compilation of poetry and art. In conjunction
with some of my own written pieces this publication includes
photography and artwork submitted by friends. Readers experience a thematic set of interpretive dualities questioning the
immediacy of perception throughout a number of writings.
Select spreads from the 32 page publication. �
Travel by Tab Magazine
Tab TRAVEL is a sister publication made for my editorial and publication design: contemporary course at OCADU. The magazine keeps
young adults interested in adventure up to date with the global
travel industry. Employing a consistent geometric grid, the content is
free to manoeuver between a variety of print and digital platforms.
Editorial application for print and tablet.�
Three in One:
An Essay on Authorship
A visual component as working example for an essay I wrote on authorship as a catalyst for cultural augmentation. The subject of this
example was the free ”Book” style of Suisse Int’l released by the
Swiss Typefaces typefoundry.
The prints below�serve as a case study accompanying my essay.
This case study demonstrate new and emerging anthropogenic
qualities of authorship when technology (software) and design
ideation intersect. With this example I’m exploring a sense of plural
authorship as an attempt to visualize how intangibility finds its place
in intellectual property. The prints depict a very simple manipulation
of Suisse Int’l “Book”using Adobe CC software to the point where
the style appears to parallel something that they are not.
Read Abstract (
Exploring Style with
Visual Experimentation
A couple projects that follow a common theme of visual exploration.
Not only does experimention provide me with relief from the discourse of an academic design education but serves as an important
alternative method for studying developing style, ideas and form.
Digital poster� submission for Weltformat’s
student poster contest, “Visual Scandal”.
Abductive Logic� a poster for ThisWayThatWay; a project dedicated
to contemporary visual exploration through a nomadic exhibition
in a public space; Displayed at the Munro House - Leeds, UK.
3016 Summer Mural Catalogue Prints➳ promotional
content for a freinds zine - (17cm by 22cm) x 4

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