INSIDE Aeronautics and U-2 60th Anniversary Night


INSIDE Aeronautics and U-2 60th Anniversary Night
Winter 2015/2016
Aeronautics and U-2
60th Anniversary Night
By Kathleen Hearons
“Ever since I’ve been alive, the U-2 has been helping keep this country safe.”
hese opening remarks by Congressman Stephen Knight set the tone for an auspicious
evening celebrating the 60th anniversary of the U-2 Dragon Lady. Wallace Dawkins, a U-2
Program associate manager, emceed the event. In addition, nearly 300 people attended to
honor the Skunk Works® historic milestone at the Hellenic Center in Lancaster. The audience
included many active and retired “Skunks,” as well as dignitaries at the federal,
state and city levels. Filled to capacity, the crowded room embodied the U-2’s
abundant accomplishments spanning a score of hot conflicts, a cold war, and 11
presidential administrations.
Emphasizing the magnitude of the special occasion,
the Skunk Works received awards from the U.S.
Congress, State of California, and City of Palmdale.
Knight presented a congressional proclamation recognizing the U-2’s anniversary and our contribution to
national security through air dominance. At the state
level, Donna Termeer, district director for California
Melani Austin
State Senator Sharon Runner, and Glenna McKie,
beams with
field representative for California Assemblyman
program pride.
Tom Lackey, memorialized the achievements of our
U-2 program with a joint state resolution. Following that, Palmdale Knight presents a congressional
proclamation accepted by
Economic Development Senior Project Manager Kari Blackburn,
Cindy Falkenberg.
representing Mayor Jim Ledford, issued a city proclamation
acknowledging our economic support. With such extraordinary praise, it is clear that the Skunk
Works has truly made a lasting impact on our country and communities.
Bridging past and present, keynote speaker Orlando Carvalho, executive vice president of
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, compared longevities of the U-2 and F-35 programs. After being introduced by U-2 Engineering Leadership Development Program participant Azucena Fernandez, he gave
a highly informative multi-media
presentation on the U-2 that set the
stage for this comparison. He
recounted the remarkable success of
the aircraft’s conception and sustainment. Applying lessons learned from
his mentors, he also analyzed factors
that have maintained the U-2
program’s relevance. These were the
program’s ability to meet customer
needs, its applied technologies, and
its continued demand by U.S. citizens.
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Table co-hosts join Orlando Carvalho and Rob Weiss for a
NextGenLM photo opportunity.
President’s Message
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Aeronautics and U-2
60th Anniversary Night
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Corporate Night
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Corporate Night Awards
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President’s Message
By Steve Menke
our Palmdale chapter wins big at this year’s NMA Annual
Conference! Aeronautics Executive Vice President Orlando Carvalho was
honored with the NMA Executive of the Year Award. We brought home the Outstanding
Chapter, Professional Development and Community Service awards, as well as the coveted Outstanding Publication
award for size group 1. Why is the publication award so important? Because we’re judged against other large
chapters, such as Lockheed Martin Fort Worth and Marietta, as well as Boeing and Blue Cross.
Chapter 525 has won Outstanding chapter 29 times; the Outstanding Publication 15 times; Community Services
and Professional Development nine times; and Growth three times—not too bad for a chapter celebrating its
seventieth anniversary this year.
"The recognition received by our LMLA chapter is the result of the dedication of the board of directors, the
engagement of our members and the support we receive from site executive leadership. These annual awards
validate the prominence of our chapter within NMA and are direct evidence of the commitment to excellence of the
LMLA leadership team," noted LMLA Executive Advisor Mike Belzil.
Orlando Carvalho is presented the NMA Executive of the
Year Award.
Palmdale LMLA executive board members receive awards
for outstanding achievement by Chapter 525.
Aeronautics Night and
U-2 60th Anniversary
The Buzz on
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Those aspects, in tandem with what he termed “revolutionary and evolutionary innovations,” have laid the foundation for a long and prosperous future for
the F-35 that parallels that of the U-2.
The evening concluded with Wallace reiterating the event’s theme:
A Culture of Accountability. The concept is a grassroots initiative that, although
not a corporate mandate, is heartily embraced by corporate leadership. At the
Skunk Works, leadership practice this culture by ensuring that the workforce is
“equipped for success” – a fundamental philosophy.
With a track record of a 60-year program that, to this day, has no equal,
the company is well-positioned to keep its workforce equipped for success for
decades to come.
Donna Termeer,
district director for
California State
Senator Sharon
Runner, and Glenna
McKie, field
representative for
California Assemblyman Tom Lackey,
memorialized the
achievements of our
U-2 Program with a
joint state resolution.
U-2 program
Associate Manager
Wallce Dawkins
emceed a
memorable and
very well-executed
and -attended event.
Orlando did a great job explaining
the history of the U-2, and
Lockheed Martin receiving the
proclamations was a nice surprise.
J. Scott Winstead
Sr. Capture Manager
It was a great way to celebrate
our 60 years with the U-2.
Orlando’s presentation tied our
history to our future.
Kathy Whalen
Associate Manager, Media Products
It was a memorable night;
especially with the distinguished
guests in attendance and their
proclamations. I’m proud to be a
Skunk and events like this
reinforce that pride.
Stephanie Sheldon
Librarian, Support Services
Palmdale Economic Development
Senior Project Manager
Kari Blackburn, representing
Mayor Jim Ledford, issued a
city proclamation accepted by
Azucena Fernandez.
The approach to Aeronautics
Night was refreshing. I was
impressed with our LMLA
members who willingly ‘flipped
the pyramid’ and took on
speaking roles to demonstrate
the power of a Culture of
Melissa Dalton
Sr. Manager, Communications
The opportunity to emcee for
LMLA was truly a special
experience. Speaking in front
of such a distinguished crowd
was an honor, to say the least.
Wallace Dawkins
U-2 Associate Program Manager
From left to right:
Ed Glasgow, Greg
Ulmer, Gary Riley
and Rob Weiss
represent past and
present leadership
at the Skunk Works.
It was truly an honor to be
given the opportunity to
introduce Orlando Carvalho. By
allowing me to be involved, it
shows that Palmdale is really
embracing Culture of
Azucena Fernandez
U-2 Industrial Engineer
Corporate Night
By Lynda Hadden
t the LMLA Corporate Night event in July 2015, General Counsel
Vice President Rob Spencer provided attendees a detailed look into
the prosecution of 9/11 terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui. As the
Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia, which includes
the Pentagon, Central Intelligence Agency, and a number of other intelligence and military
agencies; the co-chief of the Department of Justice task force in response to 9/11; and the
lead prosecutor in the Moussaoui trial, his thorough knowledge and involvement captured
and kept the audience’s attention.
I later interviewed him by telephone to elaborate on some of the issues discussed.
Regarding your objectives for the Palmdale LMLA
Corporate Night presentation, what did you hope to
accomplish and most want people to remember?
What was your personal reaction to 9/11 as the
events unfolded? How has it changed you between
then and now?
What I wanted to accomplish was to remind people
what happened on 9/11, to remind them there’s still
an extant danger. There are people who want to kill
us, and we must be vigilant.
What we do as a corporation
helps protect us against that
I saw some of the damage firsthand, and it was
horrifying. For four-and-a-half years after it occurred,
as part of the law enforcement response to it, I dealt
with it on a daily basis. It was
a real privilege to do
something professionally
to feel that you were
helping in some manner.
9/11 changed all of us by
giving us a feeling that this
could happen in our
backyard at any time.
Do you think we have learned
what we should have learned
from 9/11, as individuals and
as a nation?
I do think we learned much of
How has the ability to
what what we should have
prosecute terrorism
learned from 9/11. I actually
improved since 9/11?
think that communication
between the intelligence and The audience was riveted by details shared by Spencer regarding the It’s notable that the Zacarias
law enforcement communities, 9/11 terrorist acts , the legal response to them, and the aftermath.
Moussaoui terrorism case
for example, is better since
was successfully prosecuted
9/11, and that’s important. Not to get complacent
in the federal court system instead of in a military
about our enemies is an important lesson that I think
tribunal. It demonstrated that federal criminal
we’ve learned in large part but not completely.
courts are an effective tool against terrorism.
There’s still a long way to go, but we’ve made big
strides and are better than we were in 2001.
And finally, what’s your favorite thing about
You spent time addressing and demonstrating victim
visiting the Palmdale facility?
and survivor impact. What do you most want people
to remember about the 9/11 victims?
The Skunk Works is awesome! I like the work and the
mindset. I always enjoy visiting Palmdale.
9/11 had a human cost that is immeasurable. When
you break it down into the individual personal effects,
I get to see the Legal and Security folks and some
it’s a most helpful reminder to stay vigilant to protect
really cool stuff that I can’t talk about.
innocent people from being killed by terrorists.
Corporate Night Awards and Recognition
LMLA Chairman of the Board Catherine Piotrowski, along with
Rob Spencer and Greg Ulmer, present Security Director and LMLA
Executive Advisor Mike Belzil with the NMA Silver Knight Award.
Azucena Fernandez, along
with Rob Spencer and
Greg Ulmer, present
Cassandra Blakely with
the NMA Member of
the Year Award.
LMLA President Steve Menke presents Natalie Miller with
the NMA World of Thanks Award.
Mike Belzil and other employees of Security and Emergency Services (and some
spouses) take a picture with Rob Spencer.
Scholarships were distributed to
students or a parent attending the
Congratulations to the 2015 scholarship
winners: Camille Becker, Joseph Belzil,
Heather McCain, Leah Paffrath,
Jacob Ugalde, Eric Velazquez and
Kristen Woldanski.
2015 Golf Tournament
and Sponsors
Event Hosts
Lockheed Martin Leadership Association
The Silva Group at Morgan Stanley
Lockheed Martin
Significant Sponsors
Wesco Aircraft
Antelope Valley Chevrolet
Rawlings Mechanical Corporation
Silver Level Sponsors
BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse, Logix Federal Credit Union, CSI Electrical,
Clark Group Asset Management, Tabbara Corporation, Waste Management,
North American Crane and Garrison Medical Group
Members Active in
the Community
Camille Becker
More than 120 volunteers
from Lockheed Martin and
other aerospace companies
across the Antelope Valley,
big and small, were put
to work during the Painted
Turtle Camp's
Aerospace Day.
Daughter of John Becker
Joseph Belzil
Son of Michael Belzil
Christopher Fedors
Son of Jonae Fedors
For Make a Difference Day,
volunteers completed a
beautification project at the
Lancaster veterans home.
Heather McCain
Daughter of James McCain
Leslie Nelson
Daughter of Joel Nelson
Leah Paffrath
Volunteers promote science,
technology, engineering and
mathematics at A Night to Explore.
Daughter of David Paffrath
Jacob Ugalde
Son of Jimmy Ugalde
Wreaths Across America volunteers
decorated the gravesites of veterans
with a wreath for the holiday season
Eric Andrew Velazquez
Son of Andrew Velazquez
Kristen Woldanski
Daughter of Alejandra and
Patrick Woldanski
We are so proud of you!
LMLA members supported
Palmdale High School’s
Solar Falcon Race Team in
the 2015 Solar Car
Challenge at Texas
Motor Speedway. The
‘rookie’ Palmdale team
drove their student-built
solar car nearly 1000
miles and achieved a
seventh place finish in
this national competition.
The Business Case for Reading
By Lynda Hadden
hroughout my life I have encountered lots of inscrutable people
engaged in some truly incomprehensible behavior. How to
understand such enigmas? Books—and a minor in psychology—have helped me to
make sense of the inexplicable by developing my emotional intelligence (EQ), which
is the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one's emotions, and to handle
interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically. Books have also been
instrumental in continuously improving my ability to communicate.
I learned from all the fascinating fictional characters that I either chose to
emulate or vowed to be nothing like. I imagined myself in their circumstances and
how I would react. I became less judgmental and more curious and empathetic.
There is a great need for less judgment and more empathy in the workplace. Once
you become less reactive to other people’s
If you’re reading Band
behavior, the more work becomes a proof Brothers: E Company,
ductive place that you enjoy instead of dread.
506th Regiment, 101st
I wouldn’t read just any book, though. On
Airborne from Normandy
to Hitler's Eagle's Nest by
my 17th birthday, a boyfriend gave me a book
Stephen E. Ambrose,
of short stories by Anton Chekhov, and I’ve
you’re reading a story
been enthralled with literature since. Whatthat has had tremendous
ever you prefer to read, the more of it you do
influence on Steve Justice.
read, the more you realize how many of the
words you’re ingesting start appearing in your thoughts, your writing and in conversation with others. It’s because your
If you’re reading a book
vocabulary is being expanded and refined
by Vince Flynn, you’re
through frequent exposure to more elevated reading U.S. Congressman
Steve Knight’s favorite
and well-written language. Written skills and
author. He recently read
public speaking ability begin to improve and We Got Him!: A Memoir of
become more intuitive. Words start to come the Hunt and Capture of
more readily to you in impromptu moments.
Saddam Hussein by
Steve Russell.
People are more likely to truly listen to you
and trust what you say.
No wonder the demand is so high for good communicators with an EQ edge.
The EQ Edge: Emotional Intelligence and Your Success
by Steven J. Stein and Howard E. Book
“I enjoy reading and make time for it regularly, as it’s one of the best ways
to broaden my knowledge base and gain new perspectives. Recently I have
been thinking quite a bit about what defines an innovative company. I’m
often asked about the ‘secret sauce’ that drives innovation at the Skunk
Works. I believe that the foundational element is the people who work
here every day, and I see how the passion and ingenuity of this team
empowers us to take on tough challenges. As I look for ways to nurture
today’s talent, I read books like The Innovators by Walter Isaacson and
Skunk Works by Ben Rich. I also read a lot of biographies to learn what
traits and techniques made others great leaders. Books like these are important tools that can
teach us lessons learned from the past and help us shape our future. While we have seen
changes to our industry over time, what hasn’t changed is our innovative spirit. We must continue to find ways to nurture it because, as the saying goes, ‘Individually we can do a lot, but
together we can change the world.’” ~ Rob Weiss
Greg Ulmer
Empire of the Summer Moon
By S. G. Gwynne
Tony Borgia
Red Star Rogue: The Untold Story
of a Soviet Submarine’s Nuclear
Strike Attempt on the U.S.
By Kenneth Sewell and
Clint Richmond
Mike Belzil
Sean Gaylord
The Atlantis World trilogy
By A. G. Riddle
The Fire Seekers
By Richard Farr
Cassandra Blakely
The Oz Principle: Getting Results
Through Individual &
Organizational Accountability
By Craig Hickman
Lynda Hadden
Vanilla Bright Like Eminem
By Michel Faber
Ada, or Ardor
By Vladimir Nabokov
Druann Doran
The Rocks by Peter Nichols
In the Unlikely Event
By Judy Blume
Stephanie Sheldon
Yes, Please by Amy Poehler
Murder as a Fine Art
By David Morrell
Vince Camarillo
The Goal: A Process of
Ongoing Improvement
By Eliyahu M. Goldratt & Jeff Cox
2015 Holiday Dinner Dance
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