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The TROJAN TIMES - Findlay High School
February 2010
Volume 7, Issue 2
Principal’s Comments
Special Interest
- Scheduling for
the 2010-2011
school year
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- College Night
for Juniors &
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Individual Highlights:
FHS Musical
OGT Testing
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FHS Library
Blue & Gold
With the holiday season behind us, and
exams recently under our belts, we look past
the snow and freezing rain and dream about
warmer weather; my, how time flies. The
students of Findlay High School have
accomplished so much in just a few months.
It is amazing to me to witness our students
in action.
I take great pride in the success of our
• Did you know that the Findlay
Academic Team (Quiz Bowl) went 240 in the Great Lakes League this year
and have won their 7 league title in a
row? The team is now 28-0 overall.
• Have you heard of the SALT members
(Student Athlete Leadership Team)
recent community service projects?
They are the group of youngsters who
were raking leaves for our community
senior citizens this fall.
• Certainly you have heard of the
Findlay First Edition, but did you know
that they were overall Grand
Champion Show Choir at the Bishop
Dwenger Summit Invitational.
• Hopefully you had the opportunity to
watch The Findlay Trojan Marching
Band as they performed at the Citrus
It has been my privilege to read notes and
letters of congratulations to our students for
all of their efforts. Our students are involved
in so many activities that we often fail to
recognize their success and everyday acts
of kindness. In an effort to increase positive
behavior support for our students, Findlay
High School is introducing our Everyday
Heroes program for our student body.
Consistent with our school mission, which is
to instill in each student the knowledge,
skills, and virtues necessary to be lifelong
learners, we want our students to know
that we recognize that they make good
choices every day and we support them.
The purpose of the Everyday Heroes
program is to recognize students who
make positive choices by performing “good
deeds” for others. Positive choices include
doing what is right, helping others, making
good choices, and demonstrating good
character. Each week the FHS faculty will
receive five tickets that they will distribute
to students when they catch students
exhibiting positive choices. Students will
then deposit their ticket in a drawing at the
main office. At the end of each week the
names of the students nominated as an
Everyday Heroe will be posted, and then I
will draw five names of students who will
receive a coupon for a free cheeseburger,
fries, and milkshake from Max & Erma’s or
a $5 off coupon they can use at Ralphie’s
in the evenings or on weekends. Thank
you to Max & Erma’s and Ralphie’s for
supporting our efforts in recognizing the
great things students are doing at Findlay
High School.
Soon our students will have an
opportunity to shine academically as well.
March is the season of the Ohio
Graduation Test, and our students have
been working hard to prepare to
demonstrate all that they know. The
teachers at Findlay High School truly care
about their students and want to see them
do well. I am proud of our many staff
members who are volunteering their time to
organize and present study help sessions
for our students. It is my hope that you will
encourage your child to take full advantage
of various types of extra help that we are
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Principal’s Comments (continued from Page 1)
“Research has
demonstrated that
collaborations have
proven to increase
student success.”
Parents may also help their students
better prepare for the Ohio Graduation
Test by reviewing past tests and other
resources made available by the Ohio
Department of Education. You may find
these resources by going to Simply scroll down
to the bottom of the page and click on
“Statewide Testing Web Site” located
under the heading “Families.” Next, click
on the “OGT” box. From there you can
click on the “Student Site” or “Parent
Portal” for helpful information and
practice test questions.
Research has demonstrated that
home-school collaborations have proven
to increase student success.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if
you have questions about your child’s
progress. Did you know that you can find
the email address and teacher-office
phone numbers for Findlay High School
staff members at:
You can link to teacher websites from
this site as well. Many parents find it
helpful to receive up-to-date information
through our community emails. It is easy
to subscribe to the Findlay High School
email distribution list by going to: When
the time comes that you no longer wish
to receive our emails, simply go to the
same link to unsubscribe.
It is our goal to meet the needs of all of
our students. But like any partnerships,
we need your help. We will be hosting
our winter Parent-Teacher Conferences
on February 23 from 3:30-7:30 pm.
Please call Mrs. Sherry Grieser at 419427-5412 or email her at
[email protected] to
schedule an appointment with your
child’s teachers. The National ParentTeacher Association suggests that
parents talk with their children about
questions, concerns, likes and dislikes
before the Parent-Teacher
Conference, and make a list of topics or
questions to help focus the conference.
You can read more about these and
other suggestions at:
Yearbook Information
Order forms for the 2009-2010 FHS Trojan Yearbook have been mailed to students’ homes. Students can
also purchase yearbooks through our Smart-Pay program by calling 1-800-853-1337 or visiting Please take advantage of this opportunity to purchase a lasting memory of high school life for your
son or daughter.
Senior Salutations
Attention Parents of Seniors: Information has been sent home to all parents of Findlay High School seniors
regarding our senior salutation ads available in the yearbook. The end of March 2010 is the deadline for these
ads. Please contact Maribeth Geaman, FHS Yearbook Advisor, at 419/425-8339 if you have any questions.
Key & CARE Clubs Helping Others
Key Club raised $300 for a Findlay High School family in our annual “Adopt a
Family” Giving Fundraiser by selling approximately 600 cookies! CARE Club will be
doing a “Beyond Challenge Day” workshop with the 2 semester Health classes.
Six CARE Club students will be the facilitators of building relationships and raising
respect and appreciation among students.
Trojan Times
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Scheduling for 2010-2011
Our Findlay High School counselors
have been visiting English classrooms for
the purpose of reviewing the Course
Selection Guide with students.
Teachers, in their respective
departments, have discussed options
with students for the next academic year
and guidance counselors have
administered the COPS Interest
Inventory (career assessment) to
sophomores via Biology class. The
Course Selection Guide is on the school
Pa3ge 3 of 7
Please discuss scheduling options with
your student(s). If you have any questions,
feel free to call your child’s counselor.
Listed below are the counselors and their
student body responsibilities for the 20102011 school year. They will be happy to
work with you and your student(s) in
making decisions for next school year.
Ms. Daniel
Mr. Elbin
Mrs. Burget
Mr. Distel
Post-Secondary Options Opportunity
There will be a Post-Secondary
Education Options Program meeting in
the FHS cafeteria on Thursday,
February 25, 2010, at 7:00 pm. If
interested in this program for next year,
you must attend this meeting.
The Post-Secondary Education
Options Program has been established
to permit high school students to earn
college and high school graduation
credits through the successful
completion of college courses. The
program is intended to provide
expanded opportunities for
appropriately qualified high school
students to experience coursework
at the college or university level.
Students/parents must sign an
“Intent to Participate” form indicating
that appropriate counseling was
provided and all responsibilities for
participation are understood and
These forms are available at
Findlay High School by contacting
your student’s guidance counselor.
All interested students must make
their intentions known to the high
school by March 31, 2010.
“The Post Secondary
Education Options
Program has been
established to permit
high school students to
earn college and high
school graduation
credits through the
successful completion
of college courses.”
Greater Hancock County College Night
On Monday, March 8, 2010 Owens Community College will be hosting a college night. College representatives
will be at Owens from 6:30-8:00 pm and any interested students and their parents are invited to attend. The format
for the evening is open so you have the opportunity to browse and ask questions. There will also be 20 minute
presentations which include: preparing for the ACT, planning for college, transferring between colleges, admission
to military academies, financial aid for college, hot careers for the future, and planning information for the college
bound special needs student.
ASVAB Testing
The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) will be given on February 17, 2010 beginning at 7:30
AM at Millstream North (Room 5). This is the test which each branch of the military requires of any candidate.
There is no cost for this test. Any junior or senior interested in taking the ASVAB should contact their guidance
counselor. There is no obligation to the military once you have taken the test. Educators consider the ASVAB an
excellent tool for Career Assessment.
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Scholarships/Financial Aid for Seniors
Scholarship information is
available in the SAC office.
Students are encouraged to come in
during their free time to read over
the list. Applications are available in
the SAC office. Not all scholarships
are financial need based. Seniors
who are interested in checking into
financial aid for the 2010-2011
school year should pick up a FAFSA
worksheet in the SAC office before
filing on-line. The FAFSA is the
official needs analysis form required
by most colleges. A few schools
may require the CSS Profile, which
is also available in the SAC Office.
An updated scholarship list is
available on the high school page of
the FCS website.
College Bowl Sunday/FAFSA Help
“The FAFSA is the
official needs analysis
form required by most
Tackle the Free Application for
Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on
February 14, 2010 at 2:00 pm.
Financial Aid professionals from
Ohio colleges and universities will
be available at Owens Community
College. These experts will coach
you and your family through the
FAFSA application including certain
scholarships. The FAFSA must be
filed in order to qualify for federal
and state grants, loans, and other
forms of financial assistance. You
will need to bring parents’ and
students’ 2009 IRS 1040 tax return
and W2’s along with other 2009
income and benefits information.
Please pre-register at
Contact your counselor for more
Kiss Me, Kate
March 19, 20 & 21, 2010
Findlay High School Creative &
Performing Arts is excited to
present Cole Porter’s Kiss Me,
Kate which won the first ever Tony
given for Best Musical in 1949, as
well as a Tony for Best Revival of a
Musical in 2000. Memorable
songs include “Another Op’nin’,
Another Show,” “We Open in
Venice,” and “Too Darn Hot.”
In Kiss Me, Kate the egotistical
performer Fred Graham is reunited
with his ex-wife Lilli Vanessi in the
leading roles of Petruchio and Kate
in Taming of the Shrew.
Throughout the show they fight
and obviously still love each other.
Meanwhile, due to mistaken
identity, two gangsters harass
Fred. Also, two former cabaret
performers cast in Taming of the
Shrew, Lois Lane and Bill Calhoun,
struggle to keep their romance
Join us as we perform Kiss Me,
Kate on March 19, 20 & 21 at
Central Auditorium. Tickets are
$10.00 for Friday and Saturday
evening performances at 7:30 pm
and $5.00 for the Sunday matinee
at 2:00 pm. If you would like to
receive ticket information in the
mail, call Debbie Benson at
419/425-8336 or email her at
[email protected]
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OGT Test for Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors
The Ohio Graduation Test (OGT) will be administered March 15-19, 2010 to all 10 graders and to any
juniors or seniors who have not yet passed all parts of the test. Students will be tested in the areas of Reading,
Mathematics, Writing, Science and Social Studies. Successful completion of the OGT is a requirement for
graduation. For any students who are absent during the week of testing, make-up tests will be
administered March 22-26, 2010. Results of this test administration will be available May 27, 2010.
OGT Help Sessions
The Science Department at FHS is offering help sessions for the Science portion of the OGT.
Please note that every session begins at 2:45 PM and ends at 3:15 PM
March 1
Room 112
Mrs. Bryan
March 2
Room 140
Mrs. Runion
March 3
Room 150
Mrs. O’Brien
March 4
Room 221
Mrs. Pippert
March 8
Room 144
Mrs. Stephan
March 9
Room 220
Mrs. Cubbon
March 10
Room 145
Mrs. Hoehn
March 11
Room 149
Mrs. Fillhart
The English Department will offer OGT Reading Prep from 2:35 – 3:15 PM in room 124 on the
following dates:February 17, February 24, March 3 & March 10, 2010.
The Special Ed Department will offer help for student with learning difficulties identified in the
areas of reading and math. Sessions will begin in February with reading help being offered on
Wednesdays after school (February 3, 10, 17 & 24) and math help being offered on Thursdays
after school (February 4, 11, 18 & 25). All sessions will begin at 2:45 PM and last until 3:15 PM.
Pizza and pop will be provided! All sessions will be held in room 205 at FHS.
Schedule Your Parent-Teacher Conferences
Parent/Teacher Conferences will be held on Tuesday, February 23, 2010 from 3:30 to 7:30 PM.
Conferences will be 15 minutes in length with 5 minutes travel time. If you are interested in having a
conference with your student’s teachers, please call Sherry Grieser at 419/427-5412 or email her at
[email protected]
School Fees for 2009-2010
Please remember to pay the school fess for your child if the 2009-2010 fees have not been paid.
Students cannot purchase parking stickers if fees are still owed from a previous school year and seniors
will not receive their diploma until all fees are paid.
Trojan Times
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The Findlay High School Library Media Center (LMC) is getting a new look. In an effort to create a 21
Century learning environment, the technology department has been working hard to set up a classroom
within the LMC that includes new Dell computers, tables, and a SMART Board. This is a great way for
teachers and students to utilize what they have been working on in the classroom and apply it, using the
computers with very little transition.
For students, there is now an “Always Open” section of the LMC that is available throughout the day
from 7:00 AM – 3:00 PM. This is an effort to meet the needs of the students who do not have access to a
computer or may just need a computer to print something or finish a project throughout the day when all of
the labs are full of classes. All that is needed to use the “Always Open” lab is their student I.D. and proof
of a project that they are working on. It has been very successful and “stress relieving” for many of our
December saw a large increase in circulation when we received shipment of over one hundred new
fiction and non-fiction books. Most of the books that are purchased for recreational reading come from the
“Wish List” that is generated by the students’ recommendations and is located in the library.
The three Books N’ Brownies book clubs are growing. Mrs. Withrow holds her meetings in her office for
the seniors and many juniors. The freshman Books N’ Brownies meets every second Thursday with Mrs.
Hord during lunch and mentorship in the library (bring your lunch!) Mrs. Reynolds’ Books N’ Brownies
group of sophomores, joined by some juniors and seniors, meet every second Wednesday after school in
the library. All students are invited and welcome to join these groups for an hour filled with great books,
friends, and don’t forget that there are always brownies!
Donations to the FHS library include Warriors by James Harper, donated by Eric VanRenterghem,
Evermore donated by Teresa Simons, Under the Dome by Stephen King donated by Tonia Borowski, and
Octavian Nothing I & II donated by Barb Bormuth. A variety of fiction and non-fiction titles were donated
by Ryan Patrick and Diana Wiseley. Alumnus John Louis donated From Tampa to the Cape which is a
book that he played a large part in publishing. Sue Read donated many books on countries and places of
the world and Sandy White donated a variety of English Literature. An additional monetary donation was
made from Mayor Pete Sehnert to the Findlay High School library to purchase books. Once again, thank
you so much for these donations because these and others that come in throughout the year all help the
students to have a wider variety of books from which to choose.
Summer School 2010
Registration forms for the Findlay City Schools Summer School program will be available starting March 1
in the Main and also Freshman Office at Findlay High School as well as on the Findlay City Schools web
home page. The classes start on Monday, June 14, 2010 for the first session and on Tuesday, July 6, 2010
for the 2 session. Some classes fill early so mark the dates on your calendar and submit your completed
registration form as soon as possible.
2010 Blue & Gold Senior Finale
Senior parents should check their mail this month for the parent congratulations and order form for the Blue
& Gold’s 2010 Finale (senior magazine). Parents, grandparents, siblings can tell everyone how proud of their
graduate they are. Parents can choose their own border, write a message and include a picture if they like.
Besides the parent ads, the magazine also contains senior wills, class favorites, post high school plans, and
memorable moments. If you do not receive a letter, contact the Blue & Gold office at 419/427-5474. To try
and save mailing costs we are posting the order form in the Trojan Times and it is available on our website at Deadline for submitting ads is April 9, 2010.
Trojan Times
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National Awards for FHS Journalists 2009 Video Yearbook for Sale
2A Today/The Vid staff was one of five high school
news broadcasts nationwide to win a 2009 Pacemaker
Award from the National Scholastic Press Association
Chosen from a field of 50 news shows the FHS
broadcast was one of the 10 semifinalists and eventual
winner throughout the country. This was the second
time, out of three nominations, the 2A Today staff won a
Pacemaker in the history of FHS. The Pacemaker is the
highest honor in the country; it is considered the “Emmy
Award” of high school journalism. The Broadcast
Pacemaker contest is co-sponsored by
and the Radio and Television News Directors Foundation
The Pacemaker winners were announced at the
NSPA’s fall national convention awards ceremony in
Washington DC. “Winning gives us national recognition
and exposure for our school district and our staff. Findlay
was the only Ohio school to be nominated and win a
Pacemaker,” junior Jimmy Eckhardt said. “Representing
Ohio and getting our third nomination was truly an honor
and great for our program. The competition was
incredible and to win was awesome. One of the coolest
things about winning is now our videos are posted on
Schooltube and anyone in the nation can see our work.
We actually have a lot of video projects posted on
Schooltube for our new website, “ Producer senior Carrie
Lammers said.
Five Blue & Gold staff members won national awards
and the paper finished 10 in the country at the
Journalism Education Association/National Scholastic
Press Association’s national convention held in
Washington DC. “Winning five National Write-off Contest
awards is a great accomplishment for our very talented
young staff members.” Adviser Jim McGonnell said.
“This is one of the first years we had two editors win
superiors and to place nationally is amazing, especially at
the largest convention ever held.”
The Write-Off Contest is a national competition that
recognizes the nation’s best young journalists. FHS
students winning awards were Editor-in-Chief John
Sisser, Feature Editor Kim Maples, Sports Photography
Katie Logsdon, Photography Editor Katie Trinko and
Sports Editor Lexi Perault.
Besides placing in the National Write-Off Contest, the
Blue & Gold placed 10 in the Best of Show Competition
and is a consistent top 10 finisher in Best of Show. There
were a record-setting 6347 attendees at this convention.
“It was great to be back in DC after attending the
Inauguration last January as a staff,” Sisser said. While
in DC the staff toured the White House, US Capital,
Arlington National Cemetery, and the Newseum.
2A Today, Findlay High School’s national awardwinning television broadcast will again produce the video
yearbook called “The Vid.”
The Vid is in its 3rd year of providing student memories.
The DVD is jam-packed with highlights and stories about
remarkable students, staff, teams and organizations from
FHS and the community. It will also include every
student that had a school picture taken. The Vid will be
delivered the last week of school, so it will be available
for graduation parties. Features include: News & Feature
stories, Trojan Sports Center, Music videos, Student and
Parent Shout-Outs.
Now is your chance to order The Vid at a discount price
of $18 until March 5, 2010; after March 5 The Vid sells for
$20. A limited number of extra copies will be purchased
You can send a check made out to 2A Today to Findlay
High School, 1200 Broad Ave., Findlay, OH 45840. An
order form can also be found included in this issue of The
Trojan Times.
Shout-Outs for The Vid
Senior parents will receive information this month for
their chance to do a parent shout-out in the video
yearbook. Parents will be able to purchase 10 or 20
seconds of time on The Vid to show their senior how
much they mean to them. The deadline for Parent Shoutouts is March 12, 2010.
Parents can send pictures, home video (VHS) clips or
record your own personal message. Call the Blue &
Gold/The Vid office at 419/427-5474 with any questions
and ask for Carrie Lammers.
Brand New Website
Blue & Gold and 2A Today/The Vid are joining forces
to bring you their brand new website,
Want to check out cool videos featuring Findlay High
School students? Or how about getting up to the
minute sports scores and news events on your cell
phone? Find news and sports calendars,
entertainment reviews, feature stories and videos all at
one location. Go to our photo galleries to view and
purchase pictures from numerous events throughout
the 2009-2010 school year. You can also have your
voice heard by leaving comments, blogging and taking
opinion polls. You can become a fan on Facebook and
follow us on twitter. Seniors can even vote for their
class mural and juniors for your class motto. Be sure to
check us out at
Gingerbread House Contest
1200 Broad Avenue
Findlay, OH 45840
The 6 Annual Gingerbread House Contest was held in Mrs. Shively’s science
classes this year. The students had 5 days to create a gingerbread
masterpiece using royal icing, graham crackers, and candies. This year 46
students participated using 44 pounds of sugar, 11 dozen eggs, and 23 boxes
of graham crackers. Voting by students and faculty determine the winners.
Cody Lehman–Best Overall Winner
Maggie McKee
Miranda Gallegos
Nick King
BJ Saavedra
Hunter Beasley
Please remember to visit our website to see the OPPORTUNITIES
available in the community for you and your child(ren) and visit
FHS Graduation
Graduation for the Class of
2010 is set for Sunday, June 6,
2010. Graduation exercises will be
held beginning at 3:00 pm in the
Koehler Recreational Complex at
The University of Findlay.
FHS Prom
The Findlay High School Prom
will be on Saturday, May 8, 2010
at The University of Findlay
Student Union from 8-11:30 PM.
Notice of Non-Discrimination
Findlay City School District does not discriminate in admissions, access, treatment or
employment in its programs and activities on the basis of race, color, national origin,
sex, religion, disability or age.
Title IX Coordinator
Mr. Craig Kupferberg
Assistant Superintendent
1219 West Main Cross St., Suite 101
Findlay, OH 45840
Phone: 419/425-8364
Email: [email protected]
Section 504 Coordinator
Dr. Kathleen Crates
Director of Student Services
1219 West Main Cross St., Suite 102
Findlay, OH 45840
Phone: 419/425-8207
Email: [email protected]
Calendar of Events
Mar 1 Bandtasia Concert, 7:30
pm, Aud
DELAY (Teacher InService)
8 Music Boosters, 7:00 pm,
Music Wing
8 Trojan Club Mtg., 7:00 pm,
Rm 273
9 Academic Boosters, 6:45
pm, Faculty Lib
12 End of 3 Nine Weeks
15- OGT Testing
19 FHS Musical, 7:30 pm,
Central Auditorium
20 FHS Musical, 7:30 pm,
Central Auditorium
21 FHS Musical, 2:00 pm,
Central Auditorium
23 Winter Sports Awards, 6:00
1 Music Boosters, 7:00 pm,
FHS Music Wing
6 ACT Test 8:00 am
8 Trojan Club Mtg., 7:00 pm,
Rm 273
9 Academic Boosters, 6:45
pm, Faculty Lib
SCHOOL (Teacher Inservice)
17 ASVAB Testing, 7:30 am,
MSN Rm 5
19 Trojan Club Reverse,
Raffle, 6:00 pm, Findlay
Country Club
19 FHS Reverberation
Concert, 7:00 pm, Aud
23 Parent/Teacher
Conferences, 3:30 -7:30
25 Post-Secondary Options
Mtg, 7 pm, Cafe
Apr 6 Students First Day Back
from Spring Break
9 “An Evening of Percussion”
Concert, 7:30 pm, Aud/Gym
10 ACT Test, 8:00 am
12 Music Boosters, 7:00 pm,
Music Wing
12 Trojan Club Mtg., 7:00 pm,
Rm 273
13 Academic Boosters, 6:45 pm,
Faculty Lib
20 3.75 Banquet, 7:00 pm,
29 Music Awards Banquet, 6:30
pm, Cafe
Please refer to the Findlay City Schools website,, for
updated calendar information.
According to State Law, the school is required to know why students are absent. Please call the
Attendance Office at 425-8228 when an absence is necessary. If no call is received for a student marked
absent, an automated machine will call home.
When a student returns to school, he/she must present a written statement from his/her guardian stating the
reason for the absence. This written excuse is needed by each teacher in order to make up work that was
missed. For specific information regarding student absences, please refer to your student’s handbook.
Don’t forget to check the InfoLine for school delays and for school activities by calling 421-8888. The
extensions are 3333 for weather delays and 3558 for high school activities.
The Findlay Trojan Marching Band (FTMB) spent the holidays entertaining native Floridians
and visitors alike.
Nearly 90 members of the FTMB marched in front of capacity holiday crowds in the Macy’s
Holiday Parade at Universal Studios on December 29 and in the SpectroMagic Parade at Magic
Kingdom on New Year’s Eve. The highlight of the trip was the FTMB’s performance in the
internationally-televised Spherion Citrus Parade in Orlando. In addition, FTMB participated in
Disney’s You’re Instrumental Magic Music Days Performing Arts Workshop facilitated by a
Walt Disney World professional musician.
The band members also enjoyed time at several theme parks and performances of Blue Man
Group and Cirque du Soleil’s La Nouba. The members of the FTMB proudly represented FHS
both on and off of the parade routes!
Photo is from Macy’s Holiday Parade at Universal Studios
Findlay Music Boosters (FMB) is an organization whose main purpose is promoting music education in
all Findlay City Schools. We encourage musical training of students from elementary through high
school, provide financial assistance to help improve the musical experience for students, and help
promote and publicize the importance of music in the community. We believe it is also important to
assist the music staff and directors by supporting a comprehensive program of music education.
The Findlay City Schools’ music program is strong and has much to offer our students. The success of
our program results in our students being proud of their school and themselves. Help us to keep this pride
going strong by becoming a financially supporting member of FMB. Please complete the enclosed
membership form and return it with your contribution. We currently have reached 60% of our goal of
$7500 for the 2009-2010 school year and ask for your help to achieve our goal. As a financially
supporting member of FMB, your name will be listed in the choir, band and orchestra programs during
the year, unless otherwise requested.
Also, please join us at our next meeting! The remaining meeting dates for the 2009-2010 school year are:
February 1, March 8, April 12, and May 3. For additional information check our website at
Most recently, FMB helped to purchase (with the Academic Booster Club) 64 Scholar Musician T-shirts.
Congratulations to the following Findlay Trojan Marching Band members who earned a 3.50 or higher
GPA in the first grading period: Alyssa Armstrong, Brandon Baucher, Daniel Baumgartner, Brookelynn
Diaz, Brandon Emsweller, Ashley Haley, Nicole Laneve, Shannon Logsdon, Meier Snedeker, Tessa
Wadsworth, Zöe Wahbeh, Anna Williams, Sarah Yeo, Mikayla Brown, Jasmynne Chapa, Alex Ervin,
Lindsay Fees, Rebecca Finney, Shelby Fletcher, Corrine Heflinger, Eric Manning, Brian May, Danny
Pfaltzgraf, Erica Pippert, Keith Roberts, Peter Russel, Alyssa Sawyer, Franklin Schrum, Rachael
Schumm, Kyle Shafer, Michaela Wallace, Jack Biolchini, Sarah Black, Michael Blaser, Zac Brumbaugh,
Zack Climes, Kaitie Collingwood, Kanae Hirayanagi, Emily Lentz, Jared Manning, Patrick McAdoo,
David Pfaltzgraf, Promchirachote Wasuchote, Ali Rackley, Isaac Steinhour, Shyla Woodyard, Lindsey
Bowden, Kendra Campbell, Zach Carnes, Melissa Eier, Nicole Fisher, Mia Guerrero, Mark Janowiecki,
Jacob Kiene, Annelise Kostyo, Elliott Murray, Kaitlyn Nalle, Jamie Paye, Anna Sankovich, Abby
Siewert, Eric Smith, Lauren Supple, Marc Wadsworth, and Patricia Wilkins.
In addition, FMB annually awards a $1,000 one-time scholarship to two FHS graduating seniors who plan
to major or minor in music. Applications are available in the SAC office or the music wing at FHS. The
deadline for applying is March 19, 2010. The winners will be announced at the Music Award Banquet on
April 29.
We would like to provide an opportunity for anyone to be a financially supporting member.
Please join us in making this a great year of music excellence for our students. As a financially
supporting member of Findlay Music Boosters, your name will be listed in the choir, band, and
orchestra concert programs during the year unless indicated otherwise below.
_____ YES, list my name in the programs _____ NO, do not list my name in the programs
Name: _______________________________________________________________________
As it should appear in programs
Student(s) Names: ______________________________________________________________
Current Grade(s): ______________________________________________________________
Address: _____________________________________________________________________
E-Mail Address: _______________________________________________________________
Phone: _______________________________________________________________________
Please circle which musical group(s) your child(ren) is/are involved with:
Elementary School Music
Middle School Music (list groups) ________________________
Other __________________
Membership Level (Please Check)
Conductor $500+
Concertmaster $250
Philharmonic $100
Symphonic $75
Concert $50
Chamber $25
Student $5
Other $_________
_____ YES! I would like to volunteer with Findlay Music Booster projects, please contact me.
Please send completed form and tax-deductible contribution payable to Findlay Music Boosters to:
Membership Secretary
Findlay Music Boosters
Findlay High School
1200 Broad Avenue
Findlay, OH 48540
This form must be completed and contribution remitted annually to remain a contributing member.
10/09 pg
1200 Broad Ave.
Findlay, OH 45840
Findlay High School’s Award Winning Student Publication
Dear parents of the Class of 2010,
The Blue & Gold will be publishing its annual senior magazine and will include senior wills, class
favorites, etc. In addition we are offering parents a chance to recognize your son or daughter in a special
ad sponsored by you. These ads will be on the pages with the senior wills. The cost of the ad is $20 for
a two column by two inch ad, and can include a written message and a picture of the senior. This would
be an excellent chance to congratulate your son or daughter on their graduation and other achievements.
This offer is open to friends and relatives of Findlay High School seniors as well.
Below is the form you will need to select your ad. The deadline for all materials to be submitted is
Friday, April 9, 2010. Please include a check payable to the Blue & Gold and return the
bottom portion of this sheet. Write your message in the space provided. Messages will be edited if
content is too long and are subject to the Blue & Gold’s 2009-2010 editorial policy.
Thank you,
Sam Malloy
Director of Advertising
Below are two examples of ads from previous years.
Andrea Mitchell
It has been a pleasure watching you
achieve success on and off the court.
We are extremely proud of you and all
your accomplishments. Good luck at
the University of Toledo.
Love, Dad, Mom and Shay
Spencer Bruce
You are an amazing person! God
has blessed us with you for 18
years and we are so thankful. We
know you are ready for the bigger
world so go and enjoy the ride!
Congratulations on all of your
With much love and pride, Mom
and Dad
Name of Student: ____________________________________________________________
Message: _____________________________________________________________________________________
_____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________
Borders: Circle your choice
Check here if you are including a picture (please note if you want
it returned): __________________
Check here if you are including $3.50 for a mailed copy of Finale: _____________
Total (plus $20 for ad) $_____________
Address: __________________________________________________________
Send to:
Blue & Gold
Findlay High School
Attn. Senior Ad
1200 Broad Ave.
Findlay, OH 45840
January 22
Catching up on . . .
F H S Fall S P O R T S
This is your fall edition of the Trojan Club newsletter.
Fall scholar-athletes are listed inside, as well as writeups about the successful seasons of all
the fall sports: Girls’ & Boys’ Cross Country, Girls’ & Boys’ Soccer, Boys’ & Girls’ Golf,
Cheerleading, Girls’ Tennis, Volleyball & Football.
Soon you will receive your winter edition of the Trojan Club newsletter,
featuring all the Findlay High School winter sports --
FHS Trojan Club
Annual Reverse Raffle
Friday, February 19, 2010
Findlay Country Club
Grand Prize
(You do not need to be present to win.)
“Early Bird Special”
Purchase ticket by January 15 for a chance to win one additional ticket.
Live Auction
Silent Auction
Cash & Prize Giveaways
Monies raised from this event will go towards helping support
FHS athletic programs and our student athletes.
Ticket sales will be on a first-come, first-served basis.
The purchase of a raffle ticket does not include a dinner ticket.
No tickets will be available at the door.
For ticket information contact:
Tommy Henry 419-348-1546 or Shelly Gilbert 419-722-4485
[email protected]
2009 Fall Scholar-Athletes
3.5 Scholar Athletes
Soccer – Boys
Thomas Arce
Grant Birchmeier
Kyle Boyd
Jared Brachok
Chaze Copeland
Michael Cosiano
Jake Gearheart
Matt Gerardi
Jake Hardesty
Jacob Havens
Sean King
Ethan Land
Ryan LaRiche
Diehl Miller
Brady Perkins
Stephen Perkins
Zach Radabaugh
Tom Ricketts
James Rooney
Brandon Shanahan
Blake Shiparski
Caleb Short
Drew Short
Tyler Tommlins
Landon Van Der Molen
Brandon Werling
Bria Bronston
Brittanne Burnside
Kayla Cornette
Kristen Davidson
Meghan Donnelson
Melissa Dysinger
Becca Feczer
Lainy Foltz
Hannah Gephart
Tiffany Gerken
Kayce Krucki
Emily Lauth
Nicole Muehl
Meghan Opperman
Audrey Oyer
Courtney Quinlin
Kelly Rowe
Emma Schleucher
Rachael Schumm
Abigail Stine
Caitlin Streacker
Allison Twining
way tolarscho s!!
3.0 Scholar Athletes
Zach Bowman
Trey Bracy
Brad Johnson
Josh Long
Bryan McClellan
Cy Otto
Jonathan Shrader
Sam Staschiak
Aaron Wilkins
3.5 Scholar Athletes
Soccer - Girls
Breanne Brigadoi
Rachel Burgess
Mackenzie Demuth
Claire Elchert
Hali Elsea
Kelly Graves
Nicole Huber
Brooke Logsdon
Lea McCleave
Ashley Miller
Shannon Mills
Taylor Polder
Paige Sensel
Libby Spragg
Christine Staschiak
Jordan Suzuki
Larissa Van Der Molen
Julia Zelinsky
Leah Zelinsky
Zoie Zirger
3.0 Scholar Athletes
Heather Beers
Jessica Blair
Nicole Burton
Regan Campbell
Melissa Enright
Shannon Farrell
Paige Madden
Hunter TwiningClaflin
Chloe Wires
Football - Trainers/Managers
Katie Klein
Alex Opp
Jayme Reneau
Korrin Rooker
Taylor Tweed
Erin Gilbert
Anna Iliff
Sara Longberry
Joelle Lugabihl
Molly Price
Kelsi Romatowski
Morgan Winans
Golf -- Girls
Anna Kurjan
Amber LaRiche
Grace Pruden
Taylor Tweed
Golf -- Boys
Sam Adams
Curtis Eckert
Kevin Lewis
Mason McCool
Kenta Okada
CJ Rogers
Michael Rowe
Ryan Salucci
Eli Stacy
Earl Streacker
Dan Todd
Ty Tweed
Kayla Gault
Stephanie Hicks
Sierra Hutton
Jennifer McClelland
Hannah Gray
Ali Mallett
Michael Anderson
Alex Fenimore
Sam Malloy
Michael Popovec
Alex Woolley
2009 Fall Scholar-Athletes
3.5 Scholar Athletes
Michael Alexander
Scott Anast
Hunter Beasley
Corey Bern
Bryce Burnside
Tyler Campbell
Mitchell Coale
Jeff Cole
Jonathon Cole
Paul Cosiano
Jonathan Courney
Zach Crawford
Joseph Davidson
Devin Dennard
Aaron Doty
Dalton Duvall
Ross Emrick
Travis Essinger
Derek Gray
Patrick Hall
Alex Henry
Sid Hoover
William Jones
Caleb Joseph
Tim Koch
Nicholas Kovaleski
Tyler McGhee
Nathan McKinniss
Austin Miller
Kevin Misamore
Austin Niswander
Taylor Opp
James Orwick
Matthew Price
Tee Redd
Michael Sapienza
Alex Schroeder
Benson Schumacher
Kyle St. Jean
Nathaniel Stewart
Larson Storer
John Strzempka
Drew Williams
Wesley Zoll
Cheerleading - Football
Amber Best
Morgan Burke
Makayla Fitzpatrick
Leah Horne
Carris Lammers
Mackenzie Mellott
Leah Olson
Brittany Parke
Sarah Ramsey
Rebekah Shaffer
Courtney Stanton
Kalyn Starkey
Sarah Thomas
Hunter Williams
Shelby Wilson
3.0 Scholar Athletes
3.5 Scholar Athletes
Tennis - Girls
Ryan Agin
Dillon Boes
Jonathon Bonnoront
Lucas Coale
Micah Eller
Joey Essinger
Tyler Friar
Jordan Garey
Devon Hohman
Jordan Jaskiewicz
Kory Knox
Wyatt Krupp
Ben Kupferberg
Ryan Marshall
Bryton Mathis
Garrett McQueen
Tad Riley
Cody Roddy
Brock Romantic
Eric Schaible
Josh Settlemire
Travis Shultz
Matt Spikes
Cody Swisher
Cody Umbs
Bob Valdez
Cody Weber
Jordan Widman
Clayton Wood
Abby Arnet
Nicole Bosse
Rina Ishikawa
Julia Jones
Petra Petrescu
Katyayini Sharm
Alexis Soli
Christina Terry
Kelsi Wurm
Cross Country - Girls
Eliza Bauler
Lydia Bauler
Gabby Evans
Caitlin Huber
Katy Jastal
Nicole Leneve
Leah Olson
Tiy Orpurt
Molly Parsons
Sara Plott
Anissa Pulcheon
Hannah Ratnasamy
Rebekah Shaffer
Rebekah Shultis
Shelby Smith
Nan Wilson
Kylie Young
Cross Country - Boys
Lindsay Atkins
Brittany Deuble
Abbey Hale
Faith Manley
Emily Marshall
Lauren McKinniss
Alexa Settlemire
Matthew Beck
Nick Blackburn
Michael Blaser
Brennan Bookmyer
Joseph Breen
Zac Brown
Benjamin Carnes
Alex Distel
Braden Distel
Sam Duling
Ian Frankenburg
Philip Jewett
Eric Kettinger
Jerry Kindig
Michael Lause
Andy Martin
Austin Menker
Nolan Parker
Jimmy Roche
Peter Russel
Derek Schadel
Cody Stanton
Matthew Waaland
3.0 Scholar Athletes
Sara Abraham
Lindsey Barlett
Janelle Barnhill
Erin Cassin
Meghan Gray
Andrea Grotrian
Maggie Kelley
Haruka Hakaura
Kelley Worstell
Natalie Baratta
Erin Gwinn
Sophia Miller
Kaitlin Opsomer
Payton Rudolph
Levi Bruce
Richard Costello
William Kreh
Kevin Larkey
Gregory Ornella
This past season the Trojan Football ended the season with a huge win on the road versus
Napoleon to gain a share of the GBC championship. In a driving rainstorm, Senior Eric
Schaible nailed a 43-yard field goal with just over a minute remaining, and the Trojans held
on for the win. Findlay ended the season 5-5.
The Trojans had a roller coaster season which included big wins over Upper Arlington,
at arch rival Fremont Ross in triple overtime, and a win over Marion Harding in the seniors’
last game at Donnell Stadium. The win over Napoleon gave our seniors back-to-back
conference championships.
In all league voting, Zach Crawford, Garrett McQueen, and Eric Schaible were named
Defensive Back, Lineman, and Punter of the Year respectively. Also earning 1st Team AllLeague Honors were Senior linemen Jeff Cole and Chris Opp, and Junior defensive back
Alex Henry, as well as Junior receiver Cody Ramsey and linebacker DJ Pullom. 2nd Team
honors went to Seniors Austin Miller, Michael Alexander, Jordan Jaskiewicz, Tee Redd and
Junior Matt Spragg. For All District Honors, Zach Crawford, Garrett McQueen, Chris Opp,
and Eric Schaible were named to the 1st Team and Matt Spragg and DJ Pullom were named
to the second team. As the Seniors depart with back-to-back championships, the 2010
squad will look to make it a 3-peat in the final year of the Greater Buckeye Conference.
Findlay High School Cheerleading had a great 2009 Football Season. The season started in June
when we attended a Universal Cheerleading Association (UCA) Camp in Bowling Green, Ohio.
The girls won several awards including 1st place on their Home Pom Dance and The Leadership
Award. It was a great honor to be recognized.
Our program has placed a focus on community service this year. We had three upper classmen
attend Sterling House to present a dance and cheers. The cheerleaders visited with the residents
at the retirement home. In addition, several cheerleaders attended the 100th Mile Ride for the
Hancock Handlebars Bicycle Club to cheer on participants as they crossed the finish line. All
cheerleading squads also attended the Reineke Ford Open House last month to help support their
“tailgate theme” and wish Reineke Ford the best of luck.
Our Cheerleading Program had a productive 2009 Football Season, and we look forward to 2010.
Girl’s Golf –
Northwest Ohio Girl’s Golf League Champions
174 team average
4 First team all league honors
1 second team all league honors
Rookie of the Year – Taylor Tweed
Sportsman of the Year – Lauren Mains
Stephanie St. Jean – Tied for Medalist
at the Sectional Tournament
The Team qualified for District
Boy’s Golf –
Greater Buckeye League Champions
Curtis Eckert – tied for league medalist
Hudson Invitational Champions 1st of 16 teams
Sectional Tournament Champions – 1st of 19 teams
Curtis Eckert – Medalist of
Sectional Tournament
3rd place at Districts
3 first team all league honors
2 second team all league honors
Boys’ Soccer
The 2009 Boys Varsity Soccer Team completed its season with an 11-4-2 and a 5-0-0 record in
Conference play. The Trojans were crowned GBC Champs on Sept. 29th with a victory over
Napoleon. The team scored 75 goals this season with 48 of them coming in GBC play. The
team was very competive and played very well this season after losing 12 Seniors from last year’s
team. Season highlights were a tough 3-2 win over Regional Semi-finalist Toledo St. Johns and a
fantastic come-from-behind win at Sylvania Southview 4-3 with the winning goal coming with 29
seconds left.
Team Honors: GBC Champs for the 6th straight season, All-Ohio Team Academic Award
All-Ohio & All-Northwest Ohio Academic: Stephen Perkins
All-Northwest Ohio 1st Team: Stephen Perkins
All-Northwest Ohio 2nd Team: Trey Bracy
All-Northwest Ohio Honorable Mention Team: Grant Birchmeier, Kyle Boyd
GBC Player of the Year: Stephen Perkins
GBC All-league 1st Team: Grant Birchmeier, Zach Bowman, Kyle Boyd, Trey Bracy;
GBC All-league 2nd Team: Brennan Logan, Mark Sleasman, Brandon Werling;
GBC Honorable Mention: Tyler Maroney, Ramandeep Singh-Bola, Evan Zeller
GBC Coach of the Year: Bill Geaman, Jr.
Cross Country
The 2009 Cross Country season was full of accomplishments from talented athletes.
The boys’ team was GBC League Champs. Freshman Matt Waaland was named the GBC Runner
of the Year. Jimmy Roach was named First Team All League. Eric Kettinger, Greg Ornella, Phillip
Jewett, Braden Distel, and Michael Lause were all named Second Team All League. This talented
group of boys also captured first place at the Celina Invitational.
The girls’ team qualified to the Regional Meet this season and was named GBC League Runner-up.
Erin Gwinn and Sara Plott were also named to the First Team All League. Molly Parsons, Stefanie
Otley, and Payton Rudolph were named to the Second Team All League.
Team Awards were given at the end of the season. Erin Gwinn and Matt Waaland were named
Most Valuable Runner. Most Improved Runners were Stefanie Otley and Billy Kreh. With few
runners graduating this year, Coach Gleason looks forward to another strong season in 2010.
Girls’ Soccer
Sectional Champs
District Champs
GBC 1st Team
GBC 2nd Team
JV Gold was 5-0 (varsity doesn’t play league schedule)
24th overall
8th overall
Claire Elchert
Taylor Polder
Christine Staschiak
GBC Honorable Mention
Leah Zelinsky
MacKenzie Demuth
Nikki Huber
NW District 1st Team (Div. I) Ashley Miller
NW District 2nd Team
Paige Madden
NW District HM
Larissa VanDerMolen
Maricella Hernandez
New team records:
Larissa VanDerMolen
– 25 intercepts in 1 game
Shannon Mills
– 545 saves in a career
Girls’ Tennis
Overall record: 15 – 4; GBC: 5 – 0
1st place in GBC (dual matches and league tournament);
First league championship in 3 yrs.
1st Team All-GBC (league champions @ GBC tournament): Meghan Gray (9th) @ number 1
singles; Kelsi Wurm (12th) @ number 2 singles; Lindsey Barlett (11th) @ number 3 singles
2nd Team All-GBC (league runner-up @ GBC tournament): Rina Ishikawa and Haruka Nakaura
(both 10th) @ number 1 doubles; Alexis Soli (10th) and Kelley Worstell (11th) @ number 2
Meghan Gray was GBC Player of the Year
Kelsi Wurm was our captain
Sectional Tournament: Meghan Gray and Kelsi Wurm runners-up in doubles; Lindsey Barlett was
third-place in singles
District Tournament: Quarter-finalists in doubles-Meghan and Kelsi (both were 2nd team AllDistrict); Lindsey lost in the 1st-round (honorable Mention All- District)
Runners-up @ the Ashland Invitational (8 teams participated): Champions were Rina Ishikawa and
Haruka Nakaura @ number 2 doulbles and Meghan Gray @ number 1 singles. Kelsi Wrum was a
finalist @ number 2 singles. Lindsey Barlett (number 3 singles) and Alexis Soli and Kelley Worstell
(number 1 doubles) were consolation winners.
The Findlay High School Trojan Volleyball teams experienced a high level of success this past season and
continued the growing tradition of excellence FHS teams have achieved the past several years. The Varsity
team, coached by Ryan Shifley and Anne Smith, finished with a 22-4 record and captured their seventh
consecutive GBC championship with a perfect 10-0 record in the GBC. The Varsity team also won the
Sectional and District Championships for the second consecutive season before falling to Rocky River
Magnificat in the Regional Semifinal (“Sweet Sixteen”). The Varsity team finished ranked 10th in Ohio in
Division I in the final state poll. This season, the volleyball schedules for all of the teams were “beefed up”
to give the team tougher competition to prepare them for the State volleyball tournament. Findlay picked
up victories over some of Ohio’s top ranked teams, including Bowling Green, Elyria, Kettering Alter, Norwalk St. Paul (Division IV State Runner-Up), and Huron (Division III State Champion).
The JV and Freshmen teams, coached by Ann Coger and Mark Oberst, also were extremely successful this
season, showing a bright future for Findlay High School Volleyball. The JV team finished 19-2 and 10-0 in
the GBC, while the Freshmen team finished 20-1 and 10-0 in the GBC. In the seven years of existence of
the GBC, the Findlay volleyball teams have not given up a match in conference play, and the Varsity team
has won 71 consecutive matches in league play.
All Greater Buckeye Conference:
• 1st Team- Kristen Davidson, Hannah Gephart, Kayce Krucki
• 2nd Team- Krystan Krucki, Meghan Opperman
• Honorable Mention- Becca Feczer, Morgan Winans
All District 8 (Divisions I, II, and III):
• 1st Team- Kristen Davidson, Hannah Gephart, Kayce Krucki
• Honorable Mention- Krystan Krucki
District 8 Division I Player of the Year: Kristen Davidson
District 8 Coach of the Year (Divisions I, II, and III): Ryan Shifley
All Ohio:
• Honorable Mention- Kayce Krucki
Ohio All-Star Match: Kristen Davidson
District 8 All-Star Match:
District 8 All-Star Coach West:
Kristen Davidson, Hannah Gephart, Krystan Krucki
Ryan Shifley
Fostoria Boosters All-Star Match: Becca Feczer, Krystan Krucki, Meghan Opperman
Team awards presented by the coaching staff included:
Most Improved:
Becca Feczer
Trojan Award:
Kristen Davidson
Players of the Year:
Hannah Gephart, Kayce Krucki

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