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Social Marketing
Bridging Society and Business
Bridging Business and Society
March, 15-16, 2013
Venu e: India Inter natio nal Cent re, New Delh i
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Bridging Business and Society
March, 15-16, 2013
Dr. Jagdish Sheth
Founder Academy of Indian Marketing
Chief Mentor, IMS 2013
Dr. Jagdish (Jag) N.
Sheth is the founder of
Academy of Indian
Marketing and
presently Charles H.
Kellstadt Professor of
Marketing in the Goizueta Business
School at Emory University. Prior to his
present position, he was at the
University of Southern California (7
years); at the University of Illinois (15
years), and on the faculty of Columbia
University (5 years), as well as the
Massachusetts Institute of
Technology (2 years). Dr. Sheth is
nationally and internationally known
for his scholarly contributions in
consumer behavior, relationship
marketing, competitive strategy and
geopolitical analysis.
Professor Sheth has worked for
numerous industries and companies in
the United States, Europe and Asia,
both as an Advisor and as a Seminar
Leader. His clients include AT&T,
BellSouth, Cox Communications,
Delta, Ernst & Young, Ford, GE, Lucent
Technologies, Motorola, Nortel,
Pillsbury, Sprint, Square D, 3M,
Whirlpool and many more. He has
offered more than a thousand
presentations in at least twenty
countries. He is also on the Board of
Directors of several public companies
including Norstan (NASDAQ), Cryo
Cell International (NASDAQ) and
Wipro Limited (NYSE).
Inaugural Session : Setting the Context
Day I (March 15, 2013)
Social Marketing was launched as a discipline in 1971 when a
pioneering article by Kotler and Zaltman in the Journal of
Marketing coined the term and described it as “the use of
marketing principles and techniques to advance a social
cause, idea or behavior”. Since then the use of social
marketing concepts, tools and practices has found
application in diverse fields such as improvement of health,
prevention of injuries, protection of the environment,
contribution to communities and enhancement of personal
financial well being.
9.00am to 9.30am Registration
9.30am to 11.00am Inaugural Session
Theme of the Seminar : Prof. Dhruva Chak, Summit Convenor, and
Area Head, Marketing, BIMTECH
Welcome Address: Director, BIMTECH
Inaugural Speech: Chief Guest
Keynote address: Dr Jagdish Sheth, Founder, AIM and Charles H
Kelldstat Professor of Marketing, Emory University
11.00am to 11.30am
“Shared value involves creating economic value in a way that
also creates value for society by addressing its needs and
challenges. Businesses must reconnect company success
with social progress. Shared value is not social responsibility,
philanthropy, or even sustainability, but a new way to
achieve economic success. It is not on the margin of what
companies do but at the center.” (“Creating Shared Value”
Porter and Kramer, HBR Jan – Feb, 2011).
Shared value redirects the gaze of corporate, NGO and
government leaders, enabling them to see new
opportunities for private enterprise to solve public
problems. This has challenged the existing paradigm of the
way businesses do business by expounding the co-creation,
co-llaboration, and co-operation model. Both Michael Porter
and Philip Kotler are propounding theories to support this
model which is redefining the entire strategic intent of
The challenge of Social Marketing is to find a space in the
newly enabled exo-system and get integrated as a strategic
tool synergizing with the newly re-defined purpose and
mission of organizations. This session focuses around these
concepts and challenges and the roles played by the various
collaborators – Business, Government, and Civil societies
while creating shared value processes in their business
Tea and networking
11.30am to 1.15 pm
Technical Session I
Business Challenges faced by organizations in embracing the concept of Social
“Companies can create economic value by creating societal value. There are three
distinct ways to do this: by re -conceiving products and markets, redefining
productivity in the value chain, and building supportive industry clusters at the
company’s locations. Each of these is part of the virtuous circle of shared value;
improving value in one area gives rise to opportunities in the others. The concept of
shared value resets the boundaries of capitalism. By better connecting companies’
success with societal improvement, it opens up many ways to serve new needs, gain
efficiency, create differentiation, and expand markets”. (Porter and Kramer).
Social Marketing is an integral part of Creating Shared Value. However, embarking on
this path presents several challenges. This session will explore how companies have
identified and negotiated these challenges successfully.
Moderator : Prof VN Bhattacharya, Strategic Consultant and Visiting Prof. IIM Bangalore
Speakers: Mr Himanshu Manglik, Director Business Community Foundation & VP
Corporate Communications Nestle
Mr Mehmood Khan, Rasuli Kanwar Khan Trust
Mr Alok Bharadwaj, Senior VP, Canon
1.15pm to 2.00pm
2.00pm to 4.00pm Technical Session II
Integrating Media, Communication and Technology for Effective Social Marketing
“Social media platforms offer tremendous opportunities to engage our audiences deeply
and wisely. However, we can’t approach social media with the same old mindset, and treat
these channels like cyber brochures that we push to people. Social media is about meeting
our audiences where they are both in cyberspace and in their daily lives, engaging them as
part of the solution and listening. That being said social media still needs to be grounded in
good strategic planning, as part of the marketing mix.” (Mike Newton Ward, Social Media
This session will explore how companies can integrate media, communication and
technology harmoniously to produce meaningful messages to reach their target audiences
and thus influence their behaviours for good. The session would focus around the services
and solutions provided by ICT service providers while facilitating organizations to embed
and enhance their efforts in Social Marketing.
Moderator : Mr. Amit Agnihotri, Chairman, MBA Universe
Speakers: Mr Brahmanand Singh, CEO, Mobius Films
Mr Ashustosh Chaddha, Director - Corporate Affairs South Asia, Intel
Mr Arup Datta, Managing Partner, Raad Consulting Partners
4.00pm to 4.30pm
Tea and Networking
4.30pm to 6.00pm Technical Session III
Building Social Marketing into the Corporate DNA
This session will feature a discussion involving academics and practitioners on how Social
Marketing can be woven into the very fabric of an organization and become an integral
party of strategy rather than be considered a peripheral activity.
Moderator : Prof Madhukar Shukla, Chairperson, Fr Arrupe Centre for Ecology &
Sustainability, XLRI
Speakers: Mr Bob Grove, Managing Director South East Asia, Edelman
Mr Suhash Apte, Partner - Blue Earth Network; Retired Chief Sustainability
Officer - Kimberley Clark
Mr James Kallman, President Director &Global Head of the Human Rights
Practice, Mazars Indonesia
Day II (March 16, 2013)
9.30am to 11.00am Technical Session I
Corporate Social Initiatives for Community well – being
“There are clear signs of stress around the world, coming from the “other 99%”. A billion
people still go to bed hungry. A child dies of starvation every six seconds. Our form of
capitalism has brought us far, but it hasn’t solved everything. We think that businesses that
are responsible and actually making contributions to society a part of their business model
will be successful”. (Unilver CEO, Paul Polman).
“When we come out of the fog, this notion that companies need to stand for something_
they need to be accountable for more than just the money they earn- is going to be
profound. (Jeffrey Immelt, Chairman and CEO, General Electric, November, 2008 at the
Business for Social Responsibility Conference).
This would be an experience sharing session wherein practicing executives would discuss
their experience in conceiving, implementing and sustaining CSR related initiatives
especially from the perspective of seeing value creation for organizations that have
embarked on the path of creating shared value as a strategic intent.
Moderator : Mr. Umesh Anand, Editor, Civil Society
Participants : Winners of FICCI / SEDF Business World competition
1. Deepak Nitrite Ltd.
2. IAB TataTeleservices Case to be presented by IAB
3. SRF Ltd.
11.00am to 11.30am Tea and networking
11.30am to 1.00pm Technical Session II
The Game Changers: Success Stories of Social Entrepreneurs
“Business are not the only players in finding profitable solutions to social problems. A whole
generation of social entrepreneurs is pioneering new product concepts that meet social
needs using viable business models. Because they are not locked into narrow traditional
business thinking, social entrepreneurs are often well ahead of established corporations in
discovering these opportunities. Social enterprises that create shared value can scale up far
more rapidly than purely social programs, which often suffer from an inability to grow and
become self-sustaining. Real social entrepreneurship should be measured by its ability to
create shared value, not just social benefit”. (Porter and Kramer)
“I have always believed that a plausible impossibility is better than a convincing possibility”.
(NR Narayana Murthy, Chairman Emeritus, Infosys Limited)
This would be an experience sharing session wherein a variety of Social Entrepreneurs
would provide insights into what goes into being, in the words of NR Narayan Murthy,
“agents of change using their imagination and determination to achieve what others never
dared”. It would also depict how social enterprises have become the last mile drivers for
the CSR efforts of corporates while attempting to attain their goals of shared value.
Moderator : Prof Ravi Sinha, Professor and Chairperson,Centre for Social Innovation,
Speakers: Mr Vijay Pratap Singh, Founder & CEO Ekgaon Technologies
Mr Kumar Ankit, Co-founder & Executive Director Green Leaf Energy Pvt Ltd
Dr Sushil Sharma, Founder and Chairman, Aarohi
Mr Avinish Jain, Grameen Danone Food Ltd.
1.00pm to 1.45pm Concluding Session and Valedictory
The Way Forward : Mr Pradeep Kashyap, Founder and CEO, MART
This session would attempt to draw up a road map for the future that would be useful for
all stakeholders involved in the process of Social Marketing.
1.45pm to 2.00pm
Vote of Thanks
Academy of Indian Marketing
Academy of Indian Marketing ( AIM ) is the apex body
of all top B - Schools of India. Co-founded by eminent
marketing guru Dr.Jagdish N.Sheth along with
Prof.S.Neelamegham, Dr.V.Kumar and Rajeev Karwal
primarily to facilitate doctoral research and faculty
development programs in the area of marketing in
emerging markets.
Vision : The Academy of Indian Marketing aspires to
become the world’s leading research and practice
driven academic organization recognized for creating
and disseminating unique marketing perspectives for
India and other emerging markets.
Mission :
• To foster academic research unique to emerging
• To become a catalyst between the academics and
practitioners in creating and disseminating
marketing perspectives unique to emerging
• To make marketing a positive societal force with
unique perspectives on the role of NGOs and
public/private partnerships.
• To encourage students and academic scholars
from diverse disciplines to focus on marketing
perspectives unique to emerging Markets.
Birla Institute of Management Technology
The Birla Institute of Management Technology
(BIMTECH) was established in 1988 under the aegis of
the Birla Academy of Art and Culture. The Institute is
supported by the B.K. Birla group of companies. Dr.
(Smt.) Sarala Birla, Chairperson of Birla Academy and
Syt. B K Birla, Chairperson of the B K Birla Group of
companies are the founders of our business school.
The Institute is governed by an eminent Board of
Governors mostly drawn from the top echelons of
The fully residential campus of Birla Institute of
Management Technology (BIMTECH) is located in the
National Capital Region (NCR). Its ambience is
predominantly green. The institute has an enviable
infrastructure fully connected with Wimax facility.
Over 60 faculty members with brilliant academic and
industry track records engage the students. Their
efforts are supplemented by inputs from guest
faculty serving the industry in senior positions
working in manufacturing, trading, financials,
operations etc. In addition, young research fellows
are engaged in carrying out research in industry
relevant issues.
The academic pursuits of students are fully supported
by a modern, well stocked library and seven state-ofthe-art data bases. BIMTECH has international
academic tie ups with several leading European,
American and Asian centres of management
education under which there is a regular exchange of
students and faculty.
BIMTECH offers two year AICTE approved post
graduate courses - PGDM, PGDM (International
Business), PGDM (Insurance Business Management),
PGDM (Retail Management) and PGDM (Sustainable
The Centre for Research Studies conducts doctoral
and post-doctoral programmes and academic and
industry focused researches. It has been one of the
earliest centres of its kind in private business schools
in the country. The centre has influenced policy and
structure in many organizations through its research
output. The programme is offered in collaboration
with University of Mysore, Mohan Lal Sukhadia
University, Rajasthan and University of Assam,
Registration Fees
: Rs. 5000.00
20% discounts for AIM members
Special offers can be considered for more than one
participant from the same organization.
The Registration fees includes two days access to the
summit, summit kit, Tea /coffee and Lunch for both the
days at the venue.
For details, contact:
Ms Veenu Sharma - Mobile : +91 - 9717336751
Ms Richa Singh - Mobile : +91 - 9999463752
Phone +91 -120 - 2323001 - 10 (Ext 413)
Email : [email protected]
Birla Institute of Management Technology
BIMTECH has been able to establish strong industry
linkages through its Management Development
Programmes, short term projects with industry,
colloquiums etc. organized with industry and
research bodies.
BIMTECH is a mini-India in itself. It has students hailing
from almost all the states of India, and also from a few
foreign countries. It is this mix of nationalities, cultural
backgrounds, academic and professional
experiences, which makes BIMTECH one of the most
exciting and enriching business schools in the country
Plot No 5, Knowledge Park II, Greater Noida, U.P. -201306

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