Microwave Fries - Playing With Fire And Water


Microwave Fries - Playing With Fire And Water
Microwave Fries
Wash and dry russet or yukon gold potatoes (don't use waxy potatoes). Puncture
each potato twice to release pressure as they cook. Place them in the
microwave, not allowing them to touch. Cook on high for 4-8 minutes,
depending on the size of the potatoes and power of microwave. Cook them
only until they yield when pressed--do not overcook or the texture will be
compromised. (My 1000-watt microwave will cook 4 medium potatoes in 5-6
While the potatoes cook, place a heavy-bottomed saute pan or a cast-iron
skillet over medium-high heat and pour in 1" of oil (it can be olive oil, veg oil,
lard, or goose fat).
As soon as the potatoes are done, they must be dealt with quickly. They can be
easily peeled by cutting a thin slice off the ends, standing them up, and trim
away the skins, or just leave the skin on. Cut as desired. Don't try to make
skinny fries--it won't work. Work quickly--the best results are achieved when
they are fried while still hot.
Drop the fries into the hot oil, turning them as the color develops. Remove
them from the oil when they are evenly browned. Drain on paper towels and
sprinkle with salt.
March 09