Summer is here! Yaaaaa! With the onset of this terrific season, God



Summer is here! Yaaaaa! With the onset of this terrific season, God
Summer is here! Yaaaaa!
With the onset of this terrific season, God has given you some wonderful opportunities that you might not have during the school year,
one of them being the extra time to read. I know that with the sun
coming out and the better weather, there is a tremendous draw to be
outdoors, which is great and I hope you take advantage of that as
well. But might I suggest that you also take some time to grab a
few good books to expand your mind and be challenged in your
Christian walk. The good news is that you can also be outside and
read at the same time. AWESOME!
So along with daily Bible reading, let me recommend some good
books that would be of great benefit to you, not just this summer,
but at any time during the year:
Holiness by J.C. Ryle. This is an older book written in the late
1800s, but it speaks truth that is vitally needed today for the believer to live as Christ.
The Thought of God by Maurice Roberts. Roberts does a masterful
job at expanding our view of God, what it means to be a follower of
Christ, and how to live with other believers.
Do Hard Things by Alex and Brett Harris. This is a recent book
that will challenge you to rise above the status quo of the low
expectations of today’s youth and work to make a difference in the
world for Christ—even now.
If you would like other recommendations, just let me know. I pray
that you will wisely take the time that God has given you to allow
Christ to be formed in you through the books that you read. Happy
Press On,
Youth Summer Camp 2014
August 4
Cascades Camp &
Conference Center
With guest speaker Brent Hisayasu
 $200 for individual coming alone
 $150 per student for families with
 $150 per student for those who bring a
 $25 deposit due by July 23, 2014
Registration forms available from
Pastor Ryan
Movie Night
@ Teeler’s
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School Bash
Youth Praise, our signing, singing, drama, and stick
ministry for youth in grades 9–12 will be starting up
again in September. Watch for more information
about his wonderful ministry in the bulletins and
August Eastridge newsletter. For more information,
contact Lynnette Emme or Briana Borton.
@ Lake Meridian
Saturday, July 26, 2014
Cost: $3 per person
Bring your lunch, your favorite beach toys, and a friend!
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Movie Night at the
Friday, August 29, 2014
@ 7:00pm
Annual Men’s Conference
Friday, September 5 (7:00–10:00pm)
Saturday, September 6, 2014 (8:00am–4:00 pm)
Eastridge Baptist Church
(there is a fee to attend this conference)
All youth boys are invited
Friday, September 19, 2014
@ 5:00pm at the church
Celebrating special you...
Happy Birthday to the following
youth/leaders who have birthdays
in July, August or September!
Rachel Roach – July 8
Luke Martinez – August 11
Rachelle Mayes – August 17
Annika Mayes – August 24
Abigail Teeler – September 5
Kevin Bartholomew – September 12
Paul McCafferty – September 21
Pastor Ryan – September 24