Together Middlesbrough March 2015 Newsletter


Together Middlesbrough March 2015 Newsletter
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March 2015
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Impact Report
Together Middlesbrough was launched by the Archbishop of York in
December 2012.This is a snapshot of what has been achieved over the
past two years. It has been so encouraging to see the many projects
and partnerships that have developed during this time. You can read the
two year review on our website, hard copies are also available please
contact [email protected]
Church in Action Report
Social action is not an optional side project for the Church; it is core to
its heart and mission. The commitment to this calling can be clearly
seen in the sheer scale and diversity of activities offered by local
churches, ranging from food banks and debt advice, to lunch clubs and
fitness classes. This report reveals the scale and nature of Anglican
social action in England. By sharing the results of a large-scale national
survey, this report highlights and celebrates the contribution that
churches are making to their local communities.
Click here for both the full report, and the executive summary.
I Was a Stranger & You Welcomed Me
On Thursday 5th February people from churches & faith groups across the Tees Valley gathered at the
Trinity Centre, North Ormesby, to learn and share about how we can work together to provide hospitality
and welcome to people seeking sanctuary in our communities of Middlesbrough, Stockton &
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The main speaker was Rose McCarthy, national streams co-ordinator for Cities of Sanctuary – a
movement that seeks to build a culture of hospitality for people seeking sanctuary in the UK. She
encouraged us in our progress towards becoming ‘Tees Valley of Sanctuary’ suggesting we could lead
the way in developing a ‘Faith Stream’ as part of this. The evening was also attended by Rt. Revd. Paul
Ferguson, Bishop Of Whitby who joined us to offer his support. You can read a full report of the evening
here I was a stranger
Churches and faith groups are being encouraged to sign a resolution of support for Tees Valley of
Sanctuary, you can find out more at There will be an official launch
of Tees Valley of Sanctuary (TVoS) during refugee week June 15th-21st, more details will be available
Help Me Make a Home
Can you help ex homeless clients who are going to be moving on into
their own accommodation very soon? Donations of simple household
items, such as bedding, curtains and kitchen essentials, will help
people setting up in their own home.(Unfortunately we can not accept
electrical items or large items such as drawers, beds etc.) If you would
like to donate, please get in touch with Brian High, Help Me Make a
Home Leader Tel 01642-243389 or email [email protected] and state what you wish to donate, he can make
arrangements to either collect or give you directions to bring in donated
Homelessness: Are We Really Helping?
A day event is planned for Thursday 30th April 2015 9.30-3pm at the Trinity Centre, North Ormesby, TS3
6LD. This will be an opportunity to share, learn and network with faith groups, projects and agencies
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concerned with homelessness. The keynote speaker will be John Kuhrt, Executive Director of Social
Work, West London Mission who writes about issues of homelessness and social justice when
helping people doesn't help. We will also be joined by The Bishop of Jarrow, The Rt Rev Mark Bryant,
who is a trustee of DePaul UK and a volunteer host for Nightstop. For more information contact Heather
Black e-mail [email protected] Tel 07446908451. Bookings via Eventbrite
Washday 2015
Washday is all about taking part in practical social action during Lent
and Holy Week. Washday is an opportunity to go out and wash anything
and everything! It could be cleaning windows for people who would find
that difficult, washing a car, washing clothes for homeless people, or
washing up mugs in an office. Washday is a new take on Maundy
Thursday. Traditionally, church people have washed people’s feet – or
more recently offered free shoe-shining on the streets – on Maundy
Thursday, as a way of telling the story of the Last Supper. You can do
your washing on Maundy Thursday itself, during Holy Week, or at some
other point during Lent if that is easier. Then post your pictures and
videos using the hashtag #washday15 to inspire others.
Use your imagination and think how you could make a real difference in
your community, it can be anything that makes it a better place. To find
out more visit
Made of Money
Made of Money is a highly recommended course that helps to give
people the skills to take control of their financial future. Ali Blakeley will
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be running Made of Money sessions at Easterside Community
Hub, Broughton Avenue, Middlesbrough, Friday mornings 9.30 – 11.30
starting March 13th. To find out more please contact Ali Blakey Tel:
07580 739764 or email: [email protected] Ali may also
be able to deliver sessions in other communities so if you are interested
in hosting Made of Money please contact her.
OR you may want to do the training yourself, and learn how to deliver
Made of Money sessions on your community. If you are working with
people on low incomes then here is an opportunity to gain skills to help
them with their finances. The course offers an adaptable approach
which has been successfully used in a variety of settings, and is suitable
whether or not you have experience of financial advice. There will be a
course running at Breckon Hill Community Centre on Wed 29th & Thurs
30th April 2015. To find out more, book or register interest, Call: 020
8983 5047 or Email: [email protected]
General Election 2015
In a pastoral letter from the House of Bishops to the people and parishes of the Church of England, the
Bishops urge Christians to consider the question how can we "build the kind of society which many
people say they want but which is not yet being expressed in the vision of any of the parties?"
The letter also encourages church members to engage in the political process ahead of the General
Election and to put aside self-interest and vote for 'the common good': "The privileges of living in a
democracy mean that we should use our votes thoughtfully, prayerfully and with the good of others in
mind, not just our own interests." The letter can be read here Who is my Neighbour?
It is complemented by the Catholic bishops' Election Letter. Both are careful to be non partisan and are
true to Christian social thought. Together For The Common Good have gathered these and messages
from other sources (Quakers, Black Churches, Citizens UK, Evangelical Alliance etc) on their website
Pre-Election page. Churches Together in Britain and Ireland have also gathered useful resources for
the general election on their website
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Thrive are hosting 3 local Hustings events during April 2015 to provide an opportunity for voters to hear
the views of election candidates and ask about issues that are important to them. If voters would like to
ask a question, they are asked to submit questions 2 weeks prior to each of the Hustings events. Due
to time constraints, we cannot guarantee all questions will be asked, but we will forward them to all
candidates and ask them to comment on them. Questions are to be sent to: [email protected]
Hustings Event for Middlesbrough 9th April, 7pm at Middlesbrough Community Church
Funding Opportunities
Here are some examples of current funding opportunities. If you would like help and advice re funding
please contact Heather Black on Tel 07446908451 E-mail [email protected]
Comic Relief Local Communities Grants Tees Valley
This programme is about creating lasting change in their communities. Projects should be run by
people directly affected by the issues they are dealing with and priority will be given to small, locally
based groups or organisations in areas of disadvantage that have a clear understanding of the needs
of their community. This can also include ‘Communities of Interest’ which cover a wider geographical
area.Under the programme, organisations can apply for funding to:
Increase local services
Build skills of local people
Increase community cohesion
Respond to local economic needs.
The next deadline for applications is March 26th more details at comic relief funding
Together Grants 2015
The Together Grant programme provides small grants of up to £5,000 for faith based organisations to
engage in social action, by supporting them to initiate or develop community work.The programme has
the following criteria:
Tackling poverty: The activity must be directly tackling poverty. We favour activities that are
working directly with people in need.
Faith basis: The lead applicant should have a faith basis.
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Working in partnership: Applicants need to be working in partnership with at least one other
organisation. This partnering organisation does not need to be faith based.
Local community focus: The activity needs to be based in the local community and to have local
community involvement in identifying needs, initiating responses and running the project.
For more details visit
Tw itter
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