- Congregation Anshe Chesed


Transcription - Congregation Anshe Chesed
Over the past several years, Linden, NJ has become
a new and exciting destination for young, modern
Orthodox couples and families looking to settle down
and raise their families in an affordable, convenient
and relaxed community. Congregation Anshe Chesed,
at the heart of our community, rests in a tranquil, quiet
corner of Sunnyside, the most desirable neighborhood of
Linden. We take
tremendous pride
in our friendliness
and openness to
anyone who walks
through the doors
of our shul.
There are three Mikvahs in Elizabeth, a 7-minute
drive away. Linden is currently working on mikvah plans,
and we hope to break ground within a year.
Kosher Establishments
Kosher restaurants in the area include: 1) a Chinese
restaurant, 2) a deli/fast food restaurant,
3) a one-stop grocery store with an in-house butcher,
4) a pizza shop, 5) a Carvel, 6) a TexMex style restaurant,
and 7) a kosher, 24-hour Dunkin' Donuts, all in Elizabeth,
a 7-minute drive away. 8) In Metuchen, a 14-minute drive,
is a fine Israeli deli called The Orchid. 8) In Union,
15 minutes away, an upscale restaurant called Mosaica.
Day Schools
Yeshiva day schools within the area include the Jewish
Educational Center (JEC), Rabbi Pesach Raymon
Yeshiva (RPRY) and Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy.
High Schools include: Bruriah HS for Girls, Rav Teitz
Mesivta Academy (Boys), and Rae Kushner Yeshiva
High School.
We invite you to join our exciting growth and be a part
of something truly special. Learn more about the “rebirth”
of Anshe Chesed and how Linden became the exciting new
destination for young Orthodox couples and families that
it is today.

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