Corporate Overview - Oceanology International



Corporate Overview - Oceanology International
Linden TCD Cable at Elletra, Trieste, Italy
Buoyant ROV Cable, Chile
Lightweight Kite Tether, Netherlands
“…it is a great improvement
of existing cables.”
Anthony J. Christopher
VP Technical Operations
kSARIA Corporation
Buoyant ROV Tether, Sewer Inspection, Singapore
Precision Wound Spool, Subsea Temperature Profiler
“…the cable has
characteristics for handling
that makes it easier [to use].
The operators said, it feels
less prone to damage.”
Chris Potter
Lead Engineer JSF
Fokker Elmo
Buoyant Fiber Optic Tether (450lbs, 3.5mm OD)
2,000 lbs Work Load
Buoyant Fiber
TM is
“…Non-Kink STFOC
the first known cable which
shows a negative TCD.”
Michael Bousonville
Hamburg, Germany
2,000 lbs. Work Load Buoyant Fiber
“…One of the most
impressive products…and
something that would
improve the Air Force for
generations to come.”
SSgt David Simpson
31 Test and Evaluation Sq.
B-2 Weapons Suitability Evaluator
3 Channel High Temp Down Hole Cable
Linden’s Worldwide Sales Contacts
Fiber Optic Tow Rope
Linden Cables around the Globe

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