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400 students | Coeducational | 3-18 years | MAIS | ECIS | Middle States Association
for July 2015
LSC Education: recruiting outstanding leaders in education
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LSC Education: recruiting outstanding leaders in education
Verdala International School (VIS), located
on the small island of Malta in the central
Mediterranean, is a successful, thriving and
growing school. Founded in 1976 as a day
school to serve the children of expatriate
families living in Malta, the school has
since gone through considerable change,
development and expansion. It was originally
sponsored by an American oil company, but in
1985 reconstituted as a non-profit foundation.
The school has a broad international student body, from over
40 nationalities, along with a diverse, multinational staff faculty.
The school’s vision is to strive to ensure that all of its students
become knowledgeable, inquisitive and ethical contributors to
our world. This vision is underpinned by a clear set of personal,
social, creative and academic values which drive the school.
Over the past few years, the school has benefitted from a
process of major refurbishment and investment in its facilities,
and has a well-established action plan in place for further
improvements over the next few years.
VIS offers a truly international curriculum, teaching the IPC
in the Elementary School and the IMYC in the Middle School
Grades. Students then take IGCSEs, the American High School
Diploma and finally the IB Diploma Programme. A two-form
entry system operates, with small class sizes enabling more
individual attention and personalised learning. The school has
recently been re-accredited by the Middle States Association
through to 2021.
VIS were recently proud to announce outstanding IBDP
results for 2014, with 3 of their students achieving 40+ points,
a school point average of 34 and almost a third of their
students receiving a bilingual diploma. These results confirm
the past five years' trend of IBDP average scores consistently
above the global point average.
The School’s Board is currently seeking to recruit a Head of
School to lead the school from July 2015. Their new leader will
be an outstanding individual, with demonstrable experience
of successful international school leadership. They will have
excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to inspire and
engage the school community. They will be highly driven and
motivated, with the energy and commitment needed to take
the school through its next phase of growth and development.
For an informal discussion about this opportunity,
please contact Edward Clark on +44(0)1256 862840 or
+44 (0)7718 588616, or email at [email protected]
To apply for the post, please visit www.lsceducation.com.
Closing date:
Longlist interviews:
Shortlist interviews:
31 October 2014
6, 7 November 2014 (Tel. or Skype)
24, 25 November 2014 (in Malta)
Verdala International School is committed to safeguarding and
promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects
all staff and volunteers to share this commitment. The successful
candidate will be required to undergo relevant background checks.
Call us: +44 (0)12 5686 2840
As the School's Chief Executive Officer, the Head of School is
responsible to the Board of Directors' for his/her work. The
Head of School is responsible for the conduct of the School in
all its aspects, carrying out his/her duties in accordance with
the laws of Malta.
Duties and responsibilities
Executes Board determined policies and ensures that
the programmes of the School reflect its objectives
in all its areas.
If, in the fulfilling of their duties, the HoS needs to depart
from the established policy, they must request prior Board
approval and a clear explanation of the proposed procedure
as well as the reason for the departure from policy.
Where action is urgently needed and the matter is not
covered by Board Policy, the HoS can act on their own
discretion; it is their duty however to report their action to
the Board as soon as possible and to recommend new policy
for future guidance.
Reports to and advises the Board on issues relevant
to the educational programme.
Proposes further plans for the School's development with
respect to educational policies and practices.
Keeps the Board informed of the school’s educational
system and reports on the students’ academic progress
as measured by standardized tests.
Briefs the Board on the results of the yearly assessment
of staff and their job performance.
Attends all Board meetings and serves as Administrative
Secretary to the Board.
Prepares and presents at the monthly Board meetings
the Head of School Report.
Supervises and monitors the preparation of the school’s
annual calendar.
Maintains adequate records of the school.
Carries out additional duties as periodically assigned
by the Board.
LSC Education: recruiting outstanding leaders in education
Supports the Bursar in the development of the school’s
Budget, so that the school’s annual budget is ready for
Board approval no later than November 31 of each
school year.
Reviews, evaluates and coordinates departmental requests
for the instructional budget and presents them to the Bursar
in a timely fashion, in preparation for the annual budget.
For significant sums requiring Board approval, the HoS
must present a clear and detailed explanation for any
expenditures not budgeted for in the annual budget
of the school.
Has overall responsibility for ensuring the correct
disbursement of funds under the Budget.
Closely monitors, together with the Bursar, the school’s
ongoing expenditures.
Confirms and endorses, with the approval of the Board,
budget addendum and/or modifications.
Instructional Programmes/Student Matters
Facilitates and supervises the instructional systems
of the School at all levels.
Develops and co-ordinates the Pre-K, Elementary, Middle
and High School curricular programmes and is responsible
for ensuring that the curricular requirements are met.
Develops and implements a full and effective programme
of evaluation and assessment of student achievement,
aptitude and proficiency.
Makes provision for and supervises academic counselling.
Is responsible for maintaining academic standards and
for sending reports required by accrediting agencies.
Ensures proper maintenance of all school records, both
academic and administrative.
Has overall responsibility for student morale and discipline.
Call us: +44 (0)12 5686 2840
Personnel Matters
Organizes the administrative, instructional and noninstructional personnel in such a manner which, in the
HoS’s judgment, best serves the School.
Selects, assigns, appoints, transfers and terminates
(in consultation with the Board) all administrative,
instructional and non-instructional personnel.
Represents the school before the public as well as being
the official representative of the School in Government and
other matters, and is the correspondent for communication
with government offices and departments.
Supervises and directs, as appropriate, all employees
of the School. Works with the Bursar, who reports directly
to the Board.
Promotes good relationships with the Maltese Community,
and assists in the development of service projects in the
Is responsible for the School's promotional activities and
for the public relations of the School.
Supervises all news releases originating at VIS and approves
all media interviews with school employees.
Acts as a liaison between the Board and the professional
staff and the parents with respect to the efficiency and
advancement of education in the school.
Develops and implements a full and effective programmer
of yearly evaluation and assessment of the job performance
of all instructional staff and in cooperation with the Bursar
of the non-instructional staff and administrative personnel.
Has overall responsibility for staff morale and discipline.
Exercises general supervision of the school and the work
of the Principals, teachers and the relevant support staff.
Communicates regularly with parents on matters related
to the School.
Defines duties of all personnel, except for the Bursar
and delegates authority commensurate with specific
Meets, as deemed necessary, with Student Representatives
and PTO.
Establishes and maintains liaison with other schools,
professional organizations, appropriate agencies of
the Maltese Government, the general public and such
other organizations relevant to the educational programme
of the school.
Attends school functions.
Directs the operations and activities of administrative
Assists, when a second opinion is required, with classroom
supervision and evaluations.
Reviews, monitors, organizes and implements professional
development/in-service programmes.
Approves requests for professional development
Attends department, curriculum, budget and other
academically related meetings as necessary to remain
informed of the school’s instructional and co-curricular
LSC Education: recruiting outstanding leaders in education
Qualifications and Training
Qualified Teacher status.
Masters degree with education component,
preferably in educational leadership
Evidence of commitment to further professional
Substantial leadership experience in post as
a Head or Division Principal, preferably in an
international school setting.
International teaching experience, preferably in
multiple divisions (elementary, middle school
and high school)
Knowledge, understanding
and skills
Experience with IPC, IMYC, IGCSE, American High
School Diploma and IB Diploma Programme
Experience with and understanding of enquirybased learning.
Familiarity with MSA Accreditation or similar
accreditation programmes preferred.
Key Personal &
Interpersonal Skills
Strong interpersonal skills, with a proven track
record of success in leading and managing staff
and students, with the ability to challenge them
to excel.
Team player, who acknowledges and accepts
others’ valid input.
Ability to delegate authority and responsibilities
as appropriate.
Ability to think creatively and develop new and
innovative ideas.
Shows initiative, motivation and drive.
Reliable, responsible, thorough, follows through
in the execution of agreed plans.
Strong oral and written communication skills.
These job details are a guide to the duties, professional responsibilities
and core competencies. They do not form the contract of employment.
Call us: +44 (0)12 5686 2840
Closing date:
Longlist interviews:
Final interviews:
Please include within your CV the names, job titles, email
addresses and telephone numbers of three referees.
These preferably need to include your current and past
employers and line managers.
31 October 2014
6, 7 November 2014
24, 25 November 2014
If you would like to have an informal discussion about
this post or the school, please contact Edward Clark on
+44 (0)7718 588616 or email at [email protected]
We will need to collect full references before final interviews
but if you have a specific preference that we do not contact
one or more of your referees, please notify us of this.
Please rest assured that no referees will be contacted until
LSC Education has received your specific consent to do so.
If you are keen to apply for the post:
Visit the LSC Education website at www.lsceducation.com.
Click in the Vacancies section.
Click into the posting relevant to this job.
At the bottom of the page click on ‘Apply Now’.
Complete the brief Job Application Form and attach your CV
and Letter of Application, including contact details of your
referees within your CV.
Click on ‘Submit’.
We will be in contact with you shortly after your application
has been reviewed.
If you encounter any problems with this process, please
contact [email protected]
Qualifications, Identification,
Health and Background Checks
Please note that you may be required to bring
documentation to interview providing proof of your
identity and qualifications. You may also be required,
within the final appointment process, to undergo a health
check and relevant background checks as part of the
school’s recruitment and safeguarding procedures.
LSC Education
LSC Education supports schools and education organisations,
globally, to attract and recruit outstanding leaders.
Our search and selection service includes complete creation
and management of the recruitment process and we aim
to provide an excellent service to our clients and candidates.
For further information about LSC Education, please visit
our website at www.lsceducation.com

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