Open the programme here.


Open the programme here.
TAP Knowledge B2B Partnership
and Networking Conference
Malta - Gateway to Doing Business in the 21st Century
Germany, Netherlands & Malta: Pooling Forces & Ideas
Building Bridges for Economic Development with North Africa
organised by
Property & Life Magazine
Date: Friday, 11th April, 2014
Time: 8:30 – 13:30
Open Panel discussions programme
Introductory presentation
Werner E. Jung, Flexible Factory Institute, Germany Sr. Lecturer, Trainer, Consultant
1. Malta - hub and catalyst for trade, technology transfer and competence integration for Europe
On Geostrategic positioning and cultural ties....and the beauty of being small
Balancing more and more focused and narrow competence specialisations with customers’ requirement for holistic tailored solutions
The importance of collaboration & integration for servicing local clients operating in a global environment - Outsourcing 2.0
The growing centrality of education and knowledge development as a cornerstome of today’s knowledge economies
Emerging opportunities on verticals like Logistics, Quality Control, Assembly, Financial Services, Green economy, Education & Training
Malta – One Stop Shopping for doing Business with Africa
Moderator: Ranier Fsadni
Panelists: Klaus-Peter Brandes, Rita Dulci Rahman, Kenneth Farriugia, Dr Tonio Fenech, David J Dingli, Stephanie Cutajar
2. Delivery by engineering optimum financing structures and harnessing the power of pervasive ICT
EU funding programme and conditions under the 2014-2020 MFF – towards sustainability and simplification
From traditional corporate finance to innovative mechanisms for funding growth and development in organisations and economies
Technology not merely as a tool but as core enabler of new business models
Navigating today’s information and communications landscape – the challenge of prosumers, information overload, datamining the big data, etc.
Moderator: Anamaria Magri Pantea
Panelists: Dr Vanni Xuereb, Emile Elewaut, Anamaria Magri Pantea, Adrian Spiteri, David Borg, Pierre Mallia, Alexander Grech
A certificate of attendance will be given to all registered attendees. Three hampers worth over Euros 250 will be raffled courtesy of Dical Foods and surprise holiday draw offered by our main sponsors.
THIS IS A FREE EVENT - THOSE WHO WISH TO ATTEND, PLEASE CONTACT: Martin Vella - (+356) 9926 0162 / 9995 2660
PARKING FREE: 200 vehicle spaces at Eden Car Park - Parking Included for all delegates attending on first-come first-served basis
where validation of Car Park tickets shall be done at InterContinental Lobby Bar or Reception desk
Klaus-Peter Brandes
Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Malta
Having studied political economy and sociology at Universities of Bochum and Frankfurt/Main, Klaus-Peter Brandes obtained his M.A. in political economy, University of Frankfurt/Main.
He acted as an Economic Advisor with the City of Frankfurt/Main and with the German Office for Foreign Trade, Cologne. Mr Brandes worked also in the German Embassy, Dakar/Senegal;
German Embassy, Washington D.C./USA; and the Federal Foreign Office, Bonn. He acted as Deputy Head of Mission, German Embassy, Harare/Zimbabwe, Deputy Head of Division, Public
Relations Federal Foreign Office, Bonn and was also the Principal Private Secretary to Ministers of State Schaefer and Volmer, Federal Foreign Office, Bonn. Mr Brandes held the post of an
Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Brunei Darussalam; to the United Arab Emirates; Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and to Cameroon and was the Head of Division, Organisation
and Global Planning, Federal Foreign Office, Berlin.
Rita Dulci Rahman
Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands,
HE Mrs Rita Dulci Rahman, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Netherlands is a career diplomat with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Hague and was born in the island of Aruba, one of the
four countries of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Mrs. Rahman holds a higher teacher degree in Mathematics and a Master in Sociology of the University of Leiden. Prior to her posting as
Ambassador to Malta, Mrs Rahman served as Ambassador for the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the Dominican Republic with non-resident accreditation to Haiti. Mrs. Rita Dulci Rahman also
served as Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Tunisia, and previously she functioned as Deputy Ambassador and Head of the Economic and Trade Relations Department at the
Royal Netherlands Embassy in New Delhi, India. Mrs. Rahman held a position as Director of the Gender and Development division at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Hague, following her
posting as First Secretary at the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Mrs. Rahman is also known for her writings. She has published three novels and several non-fiction books on
Global Economic, Social and Political issues. For her fiction she received a literature prize in 1971 and in 2012 her novel “Love and Death in saving Europe” was shortlisted for the EU Book prize.
Kenneth Farrugia
Chairman, FinanceMalta
Kenneth Farrugia joined Bank of Valletta plc, Malta’s largest banking group, in 1985 and over the years has occupied various positions within the Bank. Kenneth currently holds the post
of Chief Officer Fund Services and sits on the Executive Committee of the Group. He is responsible the Bank’s two subsidiaries; Valletta Fund Services Limited, the Bank’s fund servicing arm,
and Valletta Fund Management Limited a joint venture between Bank of Valletta plc and Insight Investment Management, a fully owned subsidiary of Bank of New York Mellon. Kenneth
also serves as Chairman of the Malta Funds Industry Association and Chairman of Malita Investments plc, which is listed on the Malta Stock Exchange.
Ranier Fsadni
Lecturer Anthropological Sciences, Faculty of Arts, University of Malta
Ranier Fsadni’s work over the past years has concentrated on policy (e.g. serving, between 2006-2012, as member of the European Commission’s Member States Expert Group on Maritime
Policy, and, between 2009-2012, as member of the Working Group for an Integrated Maritime Policy in the Mediterranean). Ranier has recently returned to full-time academic work after
a three-year spell as a director at the European Commission-League of Arab States Liaison Office, where he is still an advisor. His current research projects include: identity and memory
in the western Libyan interior, especially in the wake of the revolution of 2011; Malta’s Libya policy since 1964; and the prospects and institutional implications of scenario analysis in
Euro-Arab relations.
Tonio Fenech
Managing Partner, Fenech Farrugia Fiott Legal
Dr. Tonio Fenech, Managing Partner at Fenech Farrugia Fiott Legal, has forged a legal career specialising in commercial law, seeing the law as the architecture of relationships, to be
designed for long-term success. He has taken an entrepreneurial approach in building a professional services infrastructure that allows Malta-based professionals to actively assist in
bringing to fruition large complex transactions in a borderless global economy. Tonio obtained his Masters Degree in Maritime and Aviation law from the University of London (UCL) and
his Doctorate in Maltese law from the University of Malta in 1986.
David J Dingli
Maastricht University Lecturer
David is the Managing Consultant of Resource Productivity Consulting Services, (R.P.C.S.), Formed in the year 2000, his consulting practice specialises in strategic development and
operations management, while the corporate training arm focuses on management development programs on a broad range of topics. He has consulted & provided training in private
manufacturing & service organizations as well as Government bodies. He is also an Assistant Professor with Maastricht School of Management (MsM).The Netherlands and lectures at
MBA level in: Operations Management, Global Supply Chain Management, Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship, & Innovation. His international experience over the last 13 years
reaches out to 27 countries, in Europe, Africa, Asia and South America. Throughout his career he has delivered lectures and corporate training to over 5000 managers from more than
50 nationalities.
Stephanie Cutajar
Researcher, Centre for Entrepreneurship and Business Incubation, University of Malta
An economist by profession, Stephanie Cutajar is currently reading for a PhD on Corporate Governance and Human Resource Management with the University of Warwick. Ms. Cutajar is a
Master of Science graduate in Public Sector Economics from the University of York and a Bachelor of Commerce graduate (Hons.) in Economics from the University of Malta. Her main areas
of interest include corporate governance, human capital, knowledge economy, public sector economics, and social dialogue. The role of family in the economy is also an area of research
which she is interested in. Prior to her engagement with the Centre of Entrepreneurship and Business Incubation, Ms Cutajar lectured within the Economics Department, the Institute of
European Studies and the Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies in areas including Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Public Sector Economics, European Economy, International
Economics, Economic Diplomacy and European Trade. Ms Cutajar also worked as a consultant with a leading private advisory firm and within the Strategic Policy Secretariat within the
Office of the Prime Minister.
THIS IS A FREE EVENT - THOSE WHO WISH TO ATTEND, PLEASE CONTACT: Martin Vella - (+356) 9926 0162 / 9995 2660
PARKING FREE: 200 vehicle spaces at Eden Car Park - Parking Included for all delegates attending on first-come first-served basis
where validation of Car Park tickets shall be done at InterContinental Lobby Bar or Reception desk
Dr Vanni Xuereb
Head of MEUSAC
In May 2008 Dr Xuereb was entrusted with the task of spearheading the process for the re-activation of MEUSAC as an instrument for Government to consult with the constituted bodies
and with civil society on EU-related issues, disseminate information, and provide support with regard to EU Programmes. Dr. Xuereb is a graduate in Laws from the University of Malta.
He then pursued post-graduate studies in European Law obtaining a Diploma in Advanced European Legal Studies from the College d’Europe in Bruges, Belgium. Dr Xuereb’s career has
centred on EU affairs. He served as Legal Research Officer at the Permanent Delegation of Malta to the European Communities and as Legal Consultant on EU Law to the then Malta
External Trade Corporation, now part of Malta Enterprise. He is also practiced as a lawyer, specialising in financial services and EU Law. He was also President of the Commission for the
Church in Malta and Europe, acting as an advisor to the bishops of Malta and Gozo on European Affairs and also headed the EU Office within the Maltese Episcopal Conference. Dr Xuereb
is a member of the National Commission for the Promotion of Equality (NCPE) and of the Experts’ Forum of the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE).
Emile Elewaut
Director International Affairs Energy at TNO Utrecht Area, Netherlands | Oil & Energy
Emile Elewaut is Director International Affairs TNO Energy at TNO, Treasurer/secretary at Netherlands Journal of Geoscience, and also Executive Director at European Geolog. Mr
Elewaut successfully held positions as Manager Business Development at TNO, Manager Business Development at TNO and with Built Environment and Geosciences. He studied at
Universiteit Gent, SIOO
Anamaria Magri Pantea
Business Development Manager, TAP K Resources Ltd.
Anamaria is specialised in EU funding, innovation management and business development. Holding an Honours Degree in Economics and a Master in Business Administration with
Distinction, she has over twelve years of experience in projects structuring and funding sourcing, their initiation, coordination, supervision and evaluation. Anamaria previously worked
with Malta Investment Management Co. Ltd (MIMCOL) where one of her responsibilities related to establishing and managing Malta’s National Contact Point for the EU’s Competitiveness
and Innovation Programme. She also worked directly with the European Commission within the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) where she supported the
development of the first three Knowledge and Innovation Communities - large pioneering projects bringing together in a long-term collaborative framework businesses, research and
education organisations from across Europe.
Adrian Spiteri
Managing Director, RG Capital Advisors. Ltd.
Adrian is a corporate finance and infrastructure finance specialist, and focuses in particular on deal origination and execution. Adrian has eighteen years professional experience including
over ten years in corporate finance advisory with PwC and six years in industry with hands-on senior management responsibilities ranging from international business development,
logistics, quality assurance and product development. Adrian advised on a number of high profile projects including the MIDI plc initial public offering, the valuation of a number of
high profile family businesses, the refinancing of €320m of Enemalta’s debt, the privatisation of Enemalta’s Petroleum Division, the proposed offshore wind projects and the Malta-Sicily
interconnector. In his 3 years with PwC in London, Adrian advised on a number of large infrastructure finance transactions both, on both buy side and sell side.
David Borg
Director Tax and Business Advisory, Capstone Group
David is the group’s tax partner and is responsible for business development. He is a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (UK), the Malta Institute of Taxation
and the Malta Institute of Accountants. He also holds a Chartered Accountant’s warrant issued by the Malta Accountancy Board. David has worked in a senior management capacity
with some of the largest international corporations to operate out of Malta. Over the years he has gained extensive experience particularly in the oil and gas, international tourism and
real estate sectors. He has advised various companies on business development, tax structures and corporate governance issues. He has also developed and implemented accounting and
administration systems for various entities.
Pierre Mallia
Managing Director, iMovo Ltd.
Pierre is a 23 year veteran of the ICT industry with extensive experience across a range of sectors - public sector, telecommunications, software development, manufacturing, healthcare,
transport, financial services and recruitment. Whilst working for the Malta Government’s IT agency, he was involved in a range of projects covering Vehicle Registration, Social Security,
Tax, VAT, Healthcare, Civil Registration and was instrumental in helping to initiate Malta’ first eGovernment programme. He co-authored Malta’s National Strategy for IT (1994) and
Government’s Information Systems Strategic Plan (1998-2001). Pierre has been the Country Manager Microsoft Corporation and has served on the boards of various companies. He also
worked for a number of startups, including a Swedish dot-com company, and presently runs 2 startups focused on the international market. Pierre is a graduate in the field of computer
science and holds a bachelor’s degree from KingstonUniversity and has followed executive development programmes at the National University of Singapore and INSEAD.
Alexander Grech
Managing Partner, StrategyWorks
Alex Grech is the Managing Partner at StrategyWorks and also an Honorary Research Fellow at University of Hull. Alex is also aisiting Senior Lecturer at University of Malta. Alex’s past positions
include Director - Strategic Business Development at Go; Managing Consultant at Office of the Prime Minister, Malta Controller Business Operations Europe - CS&S at Hitachi Data Systems.
MEP’s and candidates - Miriam Dalli; Dr Alfred Sant; Jonathan Shaw; Roberta Metsola; Ray Bugeja;
David Casa; Stefano Mallia; Cyrus Engerer; Helga Ellul
Online Video Conf: Gerd Müller, German Minister for Economic Development and Foreign Aide
Including Participation of Dutch Companies Endorsing Event:
Green Energy/Economy, Mobile Apps - Appsterdam, Green ICT, Aviation Cosmetic
THIS IS A FREE EVENT - THOSE WHO WISH TO ATTEND, PLEASE CONTACT: Martin Vella - (+356) 9926 0162 / 9995 2660
PARKING FREE: 200 vehicle spaces at Eden Car Park - Parking Included for all delegates attending on first-come first-served basis
where validation of Car Park tickets shall be done at InterContinental Lobby Bar or Reception desk
Several professional representative bodies will be contacted for their endorsement and participation, to provide
specialised sectorial advice and information to visitors, foreign businessmen as well as local enterprises. These
Malta Institute of Management
The Malta Chamber of SMEs (or GRTU)
Finance Malta
Malta Hotels & Restaurants Association
Malta Business Bureau
Malta Bankers Association
Malta Association of Credit Management
Malta Insurance Association
Malta Association of Risk Management
Malta Federation of Professional Associations
Institute of Journalists
Malta Employers Association
Malta Institute of Accountants
Chartered Institute of Marketing
Chamber of Engineers
Chamber of Advocates
Chamber of Architects & Civil Engineers
Malta Business Aviation Association
Malta Association of Women in Business
Mata Business and Professional Association
Local Councils Association
Business networking
I will not surprise anybody in affirming that networking plays a predominant role in business and that once again
Property and Life Magazine will be following on the success of the last VFM B2B networking Event held at Xara
Lodge on 27th Sept 2013.
The last event gathered over 300 economic, business, industrial, diplomatic, banking, finance, political or
associative decision makers. You may view photos at:
This event brings together a microcosm of top level executives and CEOs from the business, commercial and
industrial community, as well as finance, iGaming and IT, apart from other sectors mentioned above in a friendly
atmosphere. Networking will be on top of the agenda as information and knowledge between members of this
business and professional community are exchanged. New and existing business opportunities will be promoted
and explored – together with any forthcoming social events.
As one of the potential privileged sponsors of the B2B Partnership Networking event, Malta’s most contemporary
B2B event, would like to thank you for your interest in their forthcoming networking seminar and B2B showcase.
The second edition of this important networking event for top executives from Malta will be held at The
Intercontinental Hotel and we hope to renew our close association created under the aegis of Valletta Fund
Management, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of the Economy and the Ministry for Tourism and also other
entities, and sponsors. This time we are also securing the support of Vodafone Malta, Air Malta, Emirates Airlines
and other prestigious established names in the business, hospitality, airline and maritime sectors, including
Lufthansa Technik, subject to their confirmation.
Target audience
Economic decisions makers, researchers, entrepreneurs, executives, politicians and business owners from
all over the industrial, commercial, financial, banking, aviation, maritime, real estate, hospitality and other
sectors with a concern for Malta and who want to participate actively to the economic development of business
co-operation between all sectors of the community.
Number of participants: More than 400 delegates
Supported by:
THIS IS A FREE EVENT - THOSE WHO WISH TO ATTEND, PLEASE CONTACT: Martin Vella - (+356) 9926 0162 / 9995 2660
PARKING FREE: 200 vehicle spaces at Eden Car Park - Parking Included for all delegates attending on first-come first-served basis
where validation of Car Park tickets shall be done at InterContinental Lobby Bar or Reception desk
The Event
Business decision makers meet every quarter for a half a day with the aim to learn to know each other, share
discussions about business, compare their experience and analyse the future.
On that day, the participants will listen to a group of speakers of international stature and including live broadcast
direct from EU with a VIP- to be confirmed by next week.
A singer/performer and fashion shows for men/ladies wear summer 2014 collection will be also promoted
during the event, which will be hosted also by the Dutch Embassy and the Embassy of the USA.
The Property and Life Magazine B2B Experience will provide unique marketing platform to various business
sectors including banking, finance, insurance, ICT, transport and logistics, real estate, travel, hospitality, safety
and security, commercial, technology, media, PR, HR, Sales, Marketing, building and construction, motoring,
luxury, fashion, lifestyle and much more.
The theme shall be focusing around Malta - Gateway to Business Opportunities - Bridge between EU/N Africa,
treating green issues, alternative energy, ideal for corporates, SMEs, Start-ups and IT Security/Apps, including
international business.
Sponsorship Package
Sponsorship Package offers the following benefits:
• Full page advert on one issue of the Property & Life Magazine;
• Full page online insert / advert in Programme together with logo placement on sponsorship page;
• Presentation of your company by moderator on no least than five occasions during the event;
• Mention as Category Sponsor in all media communications pre/post event;
• Logo placement on the backdrop canvas (used for all media photos);
• Banner on the General Business landing page of the Property & Life Magazine, website (for 1 month);
• Banner on the Current Affairs landing page of (for 1 month);
• Complimentary follow-up features (nominee profile; Write-Up; Press Releases; News Feeds) on
Property & Life magazine and Business Weekly, including The Times and;
• 1 year signage on Website as Sponsor;
• Your Company/Organisation’s Executive on the Program Presenter;
• eNewsletter – 1 highlight of your Company/Organization which circulation is 150,000 readers;
• eBlast Sponsorship – 1 month campaign;
• Invite to over 5,000 Linked In contacts;
• Sharing of event database participants;
• Exhibition Stand and chairs for representatives showcasing company during event.
Total Package €700 + VAT
For further information, booking and registration details, please contact:
Martin Vella - Mobile: 9926 - 0162; 9995 2660 - Email: [email protected]
THIS IS A FREE EVENT - THOSE WHO WISH TO ATTEND, PLEASE CONTACT: Martin Vella - (+356) 9926 0162 / 9995 2660
PARKING FREE: 200 vehicle spaces at Eden Car Park - Parking Included for all delegates attending on first-come first-served basis
where validation of Car Park tickets shall be done at InterContinental Lobby Bar or Reception desk
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