, ” President`s Message


, ” President`s Message
Silver Members
March 2015
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President’s Message
Chamber President –Tom Morris
Hello all;
First of all it is an Honor to be chosen to represent your Chamber as President. When I was asked to stand
my first thought was “I don’t have time”. My second was “Make Time” if you feel there is change required.
It has always been my belief that if you think there is something that needs change—then do something
about it rather than complain to the Gossip groups and rumor mills. Let me be clear in that I have never
thought our Chamber did a poor job. The opposite is true. I feel our Chamber has worked very hard. Some
individuals more than others but the entire Board has always worked with the Kindersley Business community, and its betterment, in mind.
Changes I felt needed to occur are;
Communication to our Membership could be better.
More gatherings, or other types of forums, so the Business Community knows each other better.
More openness as to our activities so Members understand the work the board does on their behalf.
More interaction with levels of Government on behalf of the Chamber members.
A better bang for your buck so members don’t ask “why should I been a member” but rather “why
wouldn’t I be a member”.
A better involvement from the board in all areas of the Chambers activities. It is our goal to make
things happen and as a Board we will all be involved in making these things occur for the benefit
of our Membership and Kindersley as a Whole!
Way more fun!
So with these items in mind I, and our board, commit our Promise to you all that we will work hard to make
this list a reality.
In Closing I welcome any ideas, comments, or criticism you may have for our Chamber. Yours is a voice
which needs to be heard!!
Tom Morris
The Kindersley Chamber of Commerce hosted a Business Christmas Party on December 13, 2014.
Held at the Elks Hall, with 150 people attending. A great roast beef meal with all the trimmings was
catered by Eat Your Heart Out, by Jodi Deana. The group danced the night away to the the upbeat music of “The Dick Cash Band”. A local band from Eatonia. This was a great way to kick off the Christmas Season.
The Annual AGM Meeting was held February 27th at 11:30 am at the Legion hall. The satert of the meeting, everyone was
welcomed by Tolanda Baker. Everyone enjoyed lunch and dainties, catered by Simply Satisfied. Tolanda got down to business, and chaired the yearly Chamber AGM Meeting. After the meeting was adjourned, Constable Doucette from the Kindersley RCMP, introduced the speakers, Corporal Grant Williams and Corporal Wayne McDonald. They spoke to us , on
the topic of Fraud.
. Fraud means, to lie, or deceive someone. Where do the criminals look? On the internet, and indentify theft. The most
realistic counterfeit bill was called the “Weber Bill”. Around 5 million of these 100 hundred dollar bills were put out. Some
things to watch for are those who come in and purchase a small order with a large bill, they may seem to be in a very big
hurry, and can be rude.
There are some hints to protect you from internet fraud. Do not hit links, which come in a form of an email. Watch out for
malicious software, it’s then downloaded on to your computer. Do not give out private information.
Indentify fraud, is unauthorized use of your personal information. Keep social insurance cards at home in a safe place, do
not carry them with you. If you suspect fraud, phone ECO Facts, and they will then flag your accounts, to watch for any
suspicious happenings. ECO Facts is also a way to check your own credit rating, and to check if anything is not right on
your credit check.
In the year 2013 there was 11 million dollars stolen and estimated actual losses of $ 222, 000, 00. Normally it takes 12
months to notice the crime activity; some things to look for can be credit cards you haven’t applied for.
Criminals want your name, Date of Birth, social insurance number, driver’s license, birth certificate, and passports to gain
vital information on you.
When putting a credit card through at your business, the CBC # is needed, but not always asked for. When putting checks
through, manually check them; ask for id, such as driver licenses, and other information.
As of today’s date there are more than 40 million social insurance numbers that are active. If you do your own taxes such as
turbo tax, do not store this on your computer, this has all your vital information on it. They then can open bank accounts,
apply for credit cards etc. They can access your information various ways as well, by false IP addresses, fake sites, chat
rooms, passwords, and social media (Face Book)
If banks notice that there is some irregular activity going on, in a clients account, it should be made know to that person. For
people to steal, they don’t even need the chips on the debit cards, or credit cards.
Another fairly wide known scam is the pin pad swap. A group of people will go into a business and will keep the teller occupied, and another will come in and swap out the pin pad swipe. They then go into a vehicle or some by close and steal all
the cards that go through the machine.
.... If you are a victim of fraud, notify the police, notify your bank. The Anti Fraud number is 1-888-495-8501.
30 th Annual Trade Show Exhibition
June 11 & June 12
Early Bird Booths by April 17th
You still have time to book your booth
Positive Ticketing
May 2015
For More Information please call the office
(306) 463-2320
Email: kindersleychamber.com
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