- Aftab Communication Group


- Aftab Communication Group
Case Study Eghtesad Novin Bank
Corporate Banking as an Added Value
The Brief
Communication Objetievs:
Positioning the client as the first bank.
which offers added value services to the
trading corporations.
Rising awareness towards the corporate
banking services as an opportunity for all
trading sectors
Eghtesad Novin Bank (EN Bank) was the first Iranian bank which started providing the
corporate Banking services in the country. This campaign was developed In order to
increase awareness of its services and also positioning EN bank as a professional in
corporate banking and creating share of voice among their desired target group.
The Creative Strategy
Based on the CVL (Consumer Value Ladder) we structured for EN Bank, the values which
were offered to target group were: trust, tranquility, efficiency and constant corporate.
Then we need to translate these values in to our target group visual language and for
their different industries. In order to attract the attention of managing directors of big
companies and major corporations, we chose to indicate the EN corporate color (Violet)
in a significant part of the design to position and imply the of EN Bank as a professional
partner and also in terms of broad service we used different industries in several
As the “corporate Banking” target group is B2B (large businesses with high turnover), in
order to run a cost effective campaign and of course to have an effective and competent
communication with the target audiences and present them with opportunity to have an
interactive communication in case they needed more information, ACG Developed the
concept into the print Media (Newspapers, trade magazine and professional journals)
POP touch points and local branches. Obviously there was no need to split the budget
into the mass media as well.