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Bulgaria - RACD - Excellence Project
is the largest city and seaside resort on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast and the
third largest city in Bulgaria. It is the eleventh-largest city in the Balkans
It is the marine (or summer) capital of Bulgaria, Varna is a major tourist
destination, a starting point for all the resorts in the northern Bulgarian
Black Sea Coast
The city is over 11 km long and about 9 km wide.
Varna is the "sea capital" of Bulgaria. With its over 30 km long beaches
Commercial shipping facilities are being relocated inland
into the lakes and canals, while the bay remains a recreation
area; almost all the waterfront is parkland.
Varna is a record holder, the oldest golden treasure in the world was discovered in
Varna Necropolis, consisting of artifacts dating to 4,750 BCE
This discovery provided grounds for archeologists to change their notions on the
development of human civilization
the Roman Baths is the biggest ancient public discovered
in Bulgaria until now. The well-preserved walls depict a
massive building, rising on an area of 7000 square meters. It
was built towards the end of II - the beginning of III century
and it functioned until the end of III century
Aladja monastery is the most famous rock
monastery on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, one of
the numerous rock cloisters inhabited by monks
during XIII - XIV century.
18 km to the west of Varna you will see the
remarkable nature area - Standing Stones.
Stone columns rise up to 5 -6 metres
Scientists believe they have been
the result of the works of the sea and wind
The Euxinograde Palace, royal
summer residence, built in 18811885
Green houses with over 310
types of plants
The Sea Garden is the emblem of Varna, a
national monument of gardening and
landscaping art. It is spread along the
seacoast over an area of 850,000 sq.m.
The Planetarium to the
observatory is the first facility of
this kind in Bulgaria
The Aquarium and the Marine
Museum in Varna were opened in 1932
and they are the only ones of their kind
in the country.
Varna Dolphinarium is a modern
building made of aluminum and glass
with original architecture. It is located in
the northern part of the Seaside Garden
The economy is service-based, with 61% of net revenue generated in trade and
tourism, 16% in manufacturing, 14% in transportation and communications, and
6% in construction
Port of Varna is the largest seaport complex in Bulgaria
Port of Varna offers full service: loading, discharging,
stevedoring, freight forwarding, storage and various
intermodal services
International Airport Varna
• The second largest airport after Sofia.
• Connection to 35 countries and 101 cities around the world.
• Marked seasonal busyness; depending on the share in the
financial results, the traffic serviced can be divided in the
following groups:
• Passenger's charter, servicing the Black sea resorts during
the summer season.
• Regular international flights.
• Cargo charter flights.
• Flights of general purpose ( General aviation ).
• The vision of the Government is concession granting.
Tourism is of foremost importance with the resorts of Golden Sands, Holiday Club
Riviera, Sunny Day, Constantine and Helena and others with a total capacity of
over 60,000 beds, attracting millions of visitors each year
Northeastern Planning Region (NERP) - General Information
NEPR comprises 6 districts and 49 municipalities
Varna district includes 12 municipalities
Territory -19966,6 km?s.
Total number of settlements 939;
Towns - 40,villages - 899.
Northeastern Planning Region (NERP) - General Information
The NEPR is situated in the northeastern part of the country.
To the north it borders on Romania and to the east is broadly
opened to the Black sea. Agriculture benefits from the
extremely suitable natural and climatic conditions. The NEPR
occupies first place in quantity of arable land in the country
which serves as a base for agriculture development. The Black
sea littoral is suitable for recreation activities and tourism.
There are significant territories occupied by nature parks,
reserves, managed reserves and other protected areas.
Availability of mineral water is a significant asset for tourism
•A non-profit partnership established in full compliance with the regulations of the
Act for legal non-commercial bodies –October. 30. 2008
•The partnership operates in GENERAL PUBLIC BENEFIT
•Organization of management and monitoring of the regional development
•Protection of natural environment
•Support for processes of regional, economic and social integration
•Development of transnational partnerships
•Improvement of attractiveness of regions and cities
•Creation of centers for social services
•Support and help for processes of territorial , economic and social
•Development of transnational partnerships of strategic importance
•Improvement of the investment climate
•Enhancement of innovations
•Development of links between business, organizations and institutions
•Protection of rights and interests of partnership members
•Organizing of public campaigns and lobbying
•Creation of economic, statistical, sociological, social research and
•Development and realization of projects
•Running practical, scientific and educational programs
•Support and help for activities related to the regional priorities
•Cooperation with regional and local authorities
•Cooperation and membership in international organizations and

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