Craigslist Connect 20160107 Tucker


Craigslist Connect 20160107 Tucker
It’s a new day.
Be great at selling your
cars on Craigslist.
More shoppers are on Craigslist
than AutoTrader and
52 Million Unique Visitors Each Month
Auto Trader 4.9 Million / Month 4.2 Million / Month
Auto Pull & Updates
Your inventory automatically turned into Craigslist postings. If anything on your vehicle changes in your
inventory feed, we update your listing immediately including new photos, description changes, and more.
Sale Swap™
When you sell your car we automatically swap it out for another listing.
Smart Posting™
Our data scientists post the cars that sell and give you the biggest return on investment.
Automated software that lets you
dominate Craigslist every day.
Multiple Markets
Customize your target area for an extended reach into other markets.
Your Design
Design your own template, or use one of ours.
100 phone calls a day.
“The most powerful service...”
“Besides their vehicle listing looking fantastic, their approach to listing my inventories
in a very intelligent and strategic manner is a key factor to why our phones are
constantly ringing.”
- Jim Elder Jr. – General Sales Manager – Suburban Ford Of Sterling Heights
Awesome Reporting
Phone call recordings, daily summary, real-time activity notifications and detailed analysis.
Verified Craigslist Partner
You pay us, not Craigslist. Why? So you pay us once a month, not everytime you list a car for sale.
Sell more cars, do less work.
Hands free software. Nothing for you to
do but pick up the phone.
Thousands of clicks
to your website.
Hundreds of phone calls, emails and
sms text messages on your inventory.
Unparalleled support and service from
an industry leader.
Contact Kimberly Tucker for more information:
Email [email protected]
or call (313) 293-3791

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