Training Agenda - Montana Rural Water Systems


Training Agenda - Montana Rural Water Systems
This Training Session:
Attend one of these FREE sessions and you will gain
Valuable Information on the importance of “Sampling
and Understanding your Laboratory Test Results!” You
use this information “Day-In & Day-Out” to help you
with your “Process Control Decisions” & with your
“Compliance Monitoring Schedules” for your Water &
WW Utilities.
We would love to see you in attendance and please bring
your Questions for everyone to learn the Answers!
We will also discuss the proper steps for completing the
various forms required for your compliance monitoring
and reporting.
New Links and Websites will be shown to assist you with
your Systems Recordkeeping. This training is geared
towards small-medium sized water & wastewater utilities.
For additional information:
Call Kevin Durocher 406-788-3338
-orVisit our website:
“Check out our NEW Links Section!”
Montana Rural Water Systems
925 7th Avenue South
Great Falls, MT. 59405
Phone: 406-454-1151
Fax: 406-454-3116
E-mail: [email protected]
Please pre-register by sending an e-mail to MRWS at
the address listed below if you plan on attending, so we
have an idea of how many handouts will be needed for
the class and for refreshments. “In your email let the
office know how many people you are registering and
from what Utility are they representing!”
[email protected]
Note: If you have lab paperwork / sample planners, etc.
for your system that you have questions about, please
bring it along with you and we’ll help you out!
CEC’s: 0.7 (Dual)
No Registration
Montana Rural
Water Systems
Lab Analysis
Water & Wastewater
Valier 9/15/2015
Havre 9/17/2015
With Training Provided by:
If you are not receiving these training notices by e-mail, & would like to, please send
an e-mail to John Camden at the Montana
Rural Water Office and request to have your
e-mail address added to the distribution list.
([email protected])
Include the below information in your email:
Your Name: ___________________________
E-mail Address: ________________________
System or Company Name: ______________
PWSID#: MT000___________
Position: (Operator, Board Member, Etc.)
Zip Code: ____________
NOTE: If you change your e-mail, please let us
know so we can update our mailing list!
Kristi Kline
MRWS Source Water Specialist
Kevin Durocher
Water-Tech Solutions LLC
MRWS Contract Water Trainer
This Session is FREE of Charge!!!
Training Agenda
Dates & Locations:
Valier, MT
September 15th, 2015
Valier Civic Center
514 Montana Street
Valier, MT
Havre, MT
September 17th, 2015
Havre Water Treatment Plant
(Upstairs Conference Room)
865 1st Street West
Havre, MT.
ADA Meeting Announcement Statement:
MRWS will make reasonable modifications
for persons with disabilities who wish to partici-
pate in this public training. If you would like to
request an accommodation, contact Rory
Schmidt at least 5 days prior to the event to
advise us of the nature of the accommodation
that you need.
“This training session is designed for
“Awareness Training” and is not
intended to be your only source of
Morning Session:
8:30 am - Noon
Registration 8—8:30 am
Introductions – Goals of Workshop
Operator Roles and Responsibilities
Overview of Treatment systems (Water and Wastewater)
-Sample Locations
-Sample Identification/Type
-Sampling Times
-Sampling Procedures
Analytes – Water/Wastewater
-Objective of Tests
-Understanding Test Units – mg/L; PPM; PPB; #/day, etc.
-Monitoring Schedules/Discharge Permit Requirements
Daily Monitoring Equipment/Calibration/Operation
— Temperature
Shipment of Samples to Outside Lab
—Sample Bottles
—Forms (i.e. Chain of Custody)
12:00 – 1:00
Lunch on Your Own
Afternoon Session: 1:00 pm – 4:30 pm
How to Decipher Your Analytical Report
—Review of Report
—What do the numbers tell you about your System’s operation?
—Retest Requirements
Reporting Laboratory Data to Regulatory Agency
Public Health Issues
—Disinfection – Water/Wastewater
Internet Links and Homepages for reference!!!
Discussion and Final Comments!
Turn in CEC Forms & Evaluation Sheets
—Packing a Cooler

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