gillette stadium wastewater treatment system


gillette stadium wastewater treatment system
Wastewater Reuse
Foxborough, MAssachusetts
Treatment facility eases strain
of halftime flush
Project: Professional Sports Studium
Wastewater Treatment System
Key Attributes: Wastewater treatment
and recycling for NFL stadium.
Project Type: Design, Build, Operate
Project Timeline: 2002-Present
Project Details
Game days at the home of the NFL’s New
England Patriots created a tremendous
strain on the water supply and wastewater
disposal capacity of Foxborough, a city of
16,000 people about 30 miles south of
Boston. The challenge for Applied Water
Management, a subsidiary of American
Water, was to create an environmentally
friendly system to produce high-quality reuse
water for the stadium’s nearly 69,000 fans
during peak halftime flush periods – without
creating additional demands on the
community’s existing systems.
The system is an all-inclusive wastewater
treatment and recycling facility. Advanced,
industry-leading filtration technology is
used to provide the main treatment to the
wastewater. Membranes effectively remove
particles and bacteria in the effluent before
the water is further disinfected by passing
through ultraviolet light. The system can
currently handle 250,000 gallons of
wastewater per day with the ability to
expand it to 1.3 million gallons per day.
Applied Water Management managed the
design and construction of a wastewater
treatment system for Gillette Stadium.
The system returns high-quality treated
wastewater both to the stadium and the
Foxborough economic development area.
The recycled water is used for flushing
toilets, facilities cooling and other purposes.
Population Served:
Nearly 69,000 on
game days
Technology Applied:
The facility utilizes
industry-leading, highly
advanced treatment
technology for nitrogen
removal that meets
Massachusetts’ direct
reuse standards.
The facility is staffed
on event days and at
other times operates
automatically with
regularly scheduled
operations and
maintenance visits.
Applied Water
Management Group
To learn more about
American Water, visit

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