HWEA Picks Photo Contest Winners


HWEA Picks Photo Contest Winners
HWEA Picks Photo Contest Winners
The Hawaii Water Engineers Association (HWEA) held its second annual photography contest for its 400 members. The contest
was developed as a way to increase membership participation at our annual conference and to help us recognize that, while wastewater is not the most glamorous job, there are aesthetic elements. Dozens of entries were pared down to 12 finalists, and the top
three were selected by a panel of judges. Trade Publishing Editorial Director Aimee Harris and Building Industry magazine Editor David
Putnam assisted in the judging. The entries were displayed at the HWEA’s meeting in February. The winning photographs:
1st Place
Reflections of Sustainability
Sand Island Wastewater Treatment Plant
By Athan Adachi, Division Chief, City and County of Honolulu
– Wastewater Treatment and Disposal
The city is committed to a sustainable program for its treatment
plants. The most viable part of the solids handling at the Sand
Island Wastewater Treatment Plant is the egg-shaped digester,
which is reflected upon the water, a valuable resource, in the
primary clarifier. The Sand Island Wastewater Treatment Plant
solids handling facility produces fertilizer pellets, which reduces
the impact on our sanitary landfill thereby extending its life. The
fertilizer pellets reduces the need to import 4,000 tons of fertilizer,
reducing the cost to residents.
2nd Place
In the Belly of the Snake
Beachwalk to Ala Moana Sewer Tunnel
By Michael Hong, Civil/Environmental Engineer,
R.M. Towill Corporation
This photo is a snapshot of wastewater history. The new permanent 72-inch diameter Beachwalk force main is the first curved
drive constructed in Hawaii (2nd in the nation). This 5,800 LF
force main will convey wastewater from Waikiki and parts of
Moilili below the Ala Wai Canal from the Beachwalk Wastewater
Pump Station to the Diamond Head-end of Ala Moana Park.
The straight portions of the force main are constructed with
centrifugally cast fiberglass reinforced polymer mortar pipe. The
S-curve portion is constructed with polymer concrete pipe.
3rd Place
Night Fire
Sand Island Wastewater Treatment Plant
By Chuck Donathan, Operator 4 at Sand Island Wastewater
Treatment Plant, City and County of Honolulu
– Environmental Section
This is a photo of the digester gas flare. Solids from the wastewater are collected and placed in anaerobic digesters. The digesters
provide an environment for wastewater microorganisms to
metabolize organic materials and produce methane. Some of the
methane is used to heat the digesters. The remaining methane
is burned at this flare. Ideally, the extra methane could be used
to generate electricity and offset the city’s energy demand. This
photo serves as a reminder of our need to fully utilize all of the
resources from the wastewater treatment process.
54 | Building Industry | march 2013

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