Ayder Hospital at Mekelle University, Ethiopia


Ayder Hospital at Mekelle University, Ethiopia
Case Study Ethiopia
Ayder Hospital at Mekelle University in Tigray
"The Mekele University Hospital is very proud to be
the first in Ethiopia to apply an advanced water
reuse system as offered by Emefcy for the benefit
of the local community.”
Kindeya Gebrehiwot(PhD),
President and Associate Professor at Mekele University
The Ayder Referral Hospital was founded in 2008 and serves the 8million
population in its catchment areas of the Tigray .
It is the second largest hospital in the nation.
The Ayder Hospital is used as a teaching hospital for the College of Health
Sciences, the Mekelle University.
Ayder Hospital's vision is to be the center of excellence in clinical
teaching, tertiary health care services and clinical research in the country.
Lack of sewage infrastructure at the Ayder Hospital in Mekelle University
The wastewater has been directed along the town until it reaches the
wastewater treatment pond outside the city. This stream of wastewater
creates sanitation and health problems.
The customer was looking for a localized wastewater treatment solution
placed inside the University Hospital.
The solution had to be odorless, easy to operate and maintain with very
low power consumption.
Plant Design
Design Parameters:
• Flow: 320 m3/day
• Wastewater characteristics: Sanitary wastewater only
• Wastewater minimum temperature: 200 C
Raw Wastewater Influent Characteristics:
• BOD5,t:
250 mg/l
• TSS:
290 mg/l
• Ammonia:
45 mg/l
Effluent Requirements:
• BOD5,t:
• TSS:
• Ammonia
10 mg/l
10 mg/l
15 mg/l
Emefcy’s MABR-based wastewater treatment solution was chosen due to its
Extremely low energy consumption delivering low operating costs
High effluent quality
Competitive capital cost and
Neighbourhood-friendly design.
The MABR-based system will treat 320,000 litres per day
The high-quality wastewater effluent achieved allows the ability to reuse the
treated water for irrigation and toilet flushing on the hospital’s grounds .
Process Flow Diagram
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