Poly-Trace™ Capabilities


Poly-Trace™ Capabilities
Wastewater Treatment Optimization
ChemTreat’s Poly-Trace™
automated control unit
effectively optimizes water
treatment in DAF, clarifier, and
other wastewater systems.
In real time, anytime.
Poly-Trace™ Capabilities
Provides 24/7/365 monitoring and control
- Influent and effluent turbidity, TSS, pH,
conductivity, etc.
Advanced control responds in real time to clarity
and flow changes for treatment optimization and
cost reduction
Results in reduced labor, reduced chemical use and
consistent effluent quality
Optimized control can reduce total cost in areas of
sludge hauling, surcharges, chemicals and labor
Controls coagulant and polymer dosing, as well as
tracking and trending usage
Alarm notification notifies key personnel of critical
process changes
Self-cleaning sensors constantly monitor influent
and effluent clarity in real time
Ethernet and cellular communication are available
Flexible programming enables Poly-Trace™ to be
tailored to meet the unique requirements of each
Improved Control and Reduced
Variability of Effluent Water
Reduction and/or Elimination of
NOV Surcharges
Reduction of Chemical Usage
Improved Sludge Dewatering
Poly-Trace™ patented wastewater optimization is available only from ChemTreat.
Please contact your ChemTreat representative for more information to determine
if this solution is right for your application.
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