Physical Therapy: Sport Rehabilitation



Physical Therapy: Sport Rehabilitation
Physical Therapy:
Sport Rehabilitation
By: Louis Walker
Importance of Sports Rehabilitation
After an injury occurs, rehabilitation is one of the steps
needed in order to regain full strength in the muscles or area
of the body that was injured and to help prevent re-injury to
the area
It is important to assess, diagnose, and then provide
treatment for the athlete to perform at optimal level.
When an athlete goes down with an injury, his first question
is always, “How long until I can return to playing?”
With these five pieces of equipment and software we can
help athletes get back on their feet and on the field of their
sport performing at their optimal level in the shortest time
frame possible.
We want to assure they are 100% healthy and have little to no
risk of re-injury.
Monark 827E Rehab Upright Bike
Monark 827E Rehab Upright bike
Is equiped with a well balance 48-pound
Flywheel with adjustable seat and handles,
And a display that shows RPM, HR, time, speed,
And distance.
 Purpose: To build up an athlete‘s endurance
and strength after an injury without too much
Wear and tear on the leg joints.
Use/Value: Increase the endurance and strength
Of the athlete.
 Price: $1,699.99
Monark Cardio Rehab 891E Upper Body
Monark Cardio Rehab 891E Upper
Body Ergometer comes with arm pedals
that offer fitness and endurance testing of the
Upper body. Comes with display that shows speed,
Calories burned, time, HR, RPM, and cycle power.
 Purpose: To strengthen and build endurance of
the upper body.
Use/Value: After an injury to the any part of the upper body of an Athlete,
this piece of equipment will help build up strength and endurance safely.
 Price: $6,099.00
Polar TriFIT 700 Body Fat Index Computer
Polar TriFIT 700 Body Fat Index Computer
system runs the TriFIT software that allows
physical Therapists to show were the athletes
are during their recovery and rehabilitation.
 Purpose: To offer the athletes more information
about where they are physically and also help with
Exercise and nutrition programs.
Use/Value: This software will help provide knowledge to the athlete about
where they stand during their rehabilitation and measures biometrics,
flexibility, body composition, muscle strength and endurance.
 Price: $12,999.00
Bosu Balance Trainer
The Bosu Balance Trainer is a half balance
ball with a hard 25 inch in diameter rubber plate
on the opposite side designed to improve sport
specific training.
 Purpose: Ideal for static and dynamic balance
training, lower and upper body. Also used for core,
endurance, and flexibility.
Use/Value: This would be great for athletes coming off of a lower or upper
body injury and needed to focus on strengthening the stabilizer muscles
and help regain strength and flexibility.
 Price: $155.00
Lifeline Fitness Cables
The Lifeline Fitness Cables bands with
handles on both ends that offer different
levels of resistance that interchangeable
and can be used for lower and upper body.
 Purpose: To strengthen the parts of the body
it is used for with full range of motion and
provides both concentric and eccentric
Use/Value: To help the athlete regain strength with resistance training to
strengthen the muscles and work the stabilizers as well and regain full
range of motion from the injury that may have been suffered.
 Price: $11.35 each.
The overall cost for these five pieces of equipment and software is
 Although this may seem high in cost, the end results will be worth it.
This is top equipment that will help provide the athletes with the
knowledge and ability to come back stronger and smarter from any injury
they may suffer.
The sooner we can help the athlete get back on the field at 100% the
If the athletes come back stronger it will help bring in more athletes
when an injury is suffered.

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