File - McFarland Track & Field


File - McFarland Track & Field
2015 McFarland Track and
2015 McFarland Track and Field Staff
Alan Northouse
Bruce Fischer
[email protected]
Dwight Bernhagen
school: 838-4500 ext 5480
Emily O’Brien
cell: 630-3195
Kelly Jeffery
Andrew Garvey
Scott Fischer
Doug Peterson
Elisabeth Janke
What can you expect from us?
o We have a plan in place with an eye on peaking at the end of the season. Every
workout, lift, stretch, and video session is done with an eye towards maximizing the
potential of every athlete. We will be working with each of our athletes to help
them set goals and create a plan to reach their goals.
o Each athlete is part of the McFarland Track and family – the “Long Blue Line.” We’re
going to do everything we can to encourage them to achieve not just on the track
but in school and as members of the McFarland community.
o Track is unique in that each athlete can experience measureable success. For some
athletes success will involve competing at the state meet, while for others it will be
running a PR in a JV meet. We will create an environment where all athletes can
experience success.
Our most important responsibility is to clearly communicate with athletes and parents to
make certain we are all working together toward common goals. We have these tools to
help during the season:
Track Website –
o All important documents, blog and links to important information can be found
Remind – See separate flier
o Text alerts regarding meets, practices and any other last minute announcements. -
o Season results for each individual athlete and our team.
What do we expect from our athletes?
Classroom Achievement
All athletes must pass all of their classes and have a minimum of 1.75 GPA to be eligible.
Success in the classroom is a prerequisite for participation in track and field.
If an athlete needs to meet with a teacher after school, it is their responsibility to
communicate this with their event coach in writing and/or get a pass when arriving at
practice. The athlete may need to make up parts of the workout that were missed
You need to communicate all injuries with your coaches. Your first stop after that should
be Jay.
Prepared for Practices and Meets
Practice starts at 3:30 everyday – be prompt.
Athletes should have sweats and appropriate shoes for practice. Be ready for pool
workout days.
Athletes should know the workout for the day as well as what events they will be
competing in.
Be part of the TEAM
Stay at meets, know what events your friends are in, watch the competition, be supportive
Take Responsibility for Yourself!
Nutrition, stretching, athletic code
What do we expect from parents?
Support your Athlete, and our Program
Forms and Athletic Code Meeting
Check your email listed with the high school through Infinite Campus
Use Remind to receive last minute updates on your phone.
Earning a track letter will be determined by the number of points earned in varsity
competition. This number varies annually depending on the number of meets we have.
Volunteers for home meets (See sign-up form on front table)
o Dual meets on March 31st, April 7th, April 14th,
o McFarland Invite – April 18th @2:00PM
o WIAA Regional Meet – May 26th @4:00PM
Clothing order due March 9th at midnight. Using this as a fundraiser.

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