September 2013 - Athlete Factory



September 2013 - Athlete Factory
An Athlete’s Advantage
The Athlete Factory Newsletter
September Edition, 2013
What’s Happening this
Monday September 2nd - Labour Day
Open 9am-4pm.
Friday September 13th 6pm
Performance Testing
Sunday September 15th 12PM
Recovery Session
Saturday September 28th 1PM
Performance Testing
Did you know…. We want all of our athletes to
take their heart rates every morning as soon as
you wake up!
Why? Our heart rate (HR) increases from day to
day when our body has to use more blood to
recover or keep itself healthy. So by taking your
heart rate daily you can see the impact of
factors such as; poor sleep, nutrition, a hard
workout the day before and many other
How does it help? By taking HR daily, if it does
increase by a large amount, your coach is likely
to rest you or give you a lighter session to
prevent you getting run down and sick and
missing more training! Often the culprit is not
enough sleep/rest and not enough proper
nutrition for the workload you’re doing. It’s
important to get all elements of your program
So make sure you’re taking it daily!
Frequency Specific Microcurrent
At The Athlete Factory we have the only
Certified Frequency Specific Microcurrent
Practitioner in Alberta, Kim Pittis. So here is a little
more info on FSM and how it can help!
What is microcurrent: Microcurrent is a physical
therapy modality that has been in use for over
16 years. Microcurrent is measured in millionths
of an amp with such a low current that it
doesn’t stimulate sensory nerves so you won’t
feel it.
How does it work? Your body uses the
Microcurrent energy to increase its production
of ATP (your own chemical energy) by up to
500%. It also increases protein synthesis and
waste product removal.
What are the benefits of FSM therapy?
Microcurrent treatment is painless, increases
speed of recovery, often promotes healing in
conditions that have not responded to other
treatment, and is cost effective. The effects are
long lasting and the healing of tissue is more
If you want more detail on FSM therapy read
the link below and for more detail on how it can
help you come visit our Sports Therapy Clinic!
An Athlete’s Advantage | Sep 2013 Edition
Congrats to the following
athletes for outstanding
work in their sport or at the
Athlete Factory:
Huge congrats to Geneva
Roach, a Jr. Women’s
Canadian Water Ski
champion winning 4 gold
medals in slalom, jump,
trick and overall and then
going on to being
selected as CTV’s athlete
of the week!
All the hard work is paying
off again for Sue Childress
of the Calgary Rage,
recently being selected as
Defensive MVP! Keep it up
Sending good luck to all
our athletes who have
headed back to school or
who play for teams
outside of Calgary! Keep
in touch so we can keep
helping you while you’re
away and look forward to
seeing you when you’re
home for the holidays!
Congratulations to Nick
Blevins and the rest of the
Canadian Men’s Rugby
Team who defeated the
“Persistence can change failure into
extraordinary achievement.”
Matt Biondi
U.S in their two recent
internationals, securing
their place at the IRB 2015
Rugby World Cup in
Miles Hunter has been
rewarded for his fantastic
rookie year, winning WMBL
Canadian Rookie of the
Year! Great Work Miles!
Hornets Senior Women’s
rugby team won
provincials! Well done to
all the girls but especially
Britt Jones, Raeleen
Desmond, Lizzie
MacKinnon and Michele
Helmeczi (also an AF
Coach!) for an amazing
Congratulations to Ally
Miller on her bronze
medal in the tennis
doubles at the Canada
Games, and we’re proud
to have had our coach
Aletha Desimone there
working with the team…
Good luck to all our
hockey athletes at your
camps and tryouts!
Jarrett Manriquez and
Jordan Bunke continued
their great season winning
provincials with Foothills
U14’s team! Good luck in
nationals in October guys!
Congrats to Luke Ulsifer,
a member of the
Canadian National
Mogul Ski team on
achieving his carded
status with Athletes
Fantastic win for Devin
Rochon at the
TascoCAMC in
Chatsworth Ontario last
Some good results in the
Lake Chaparral
Triathlon, Emily Johnson
winning the female
sprint distance event
and Henry Jubenvill
winning the Kids of Steel
Triathlon for his age
Mark Sauer is heading
back off to the TUSA
Tennis Academy in the
US! Have fun!
Congratulations to
MacKenzie Mumford
whose Foothills U14 Girls
team finished second at
soccer provincials!
Good luck to Jan
Hudec who’s hitting the
slopes in Portillo Chile
this week in preparation
for Sochi 2014!
An Athlete’s Advantage | Sep 2013 Edition
Athlete Testimonial
We love our athletes and our number one goal is to help them achieve their goals. Time to let some of
them brag!
Name: Ryon Moser
Age: 21
Sport: Hockey
When did you first start playing hockey and what
inspired you to get into the sport?
I started playing hockey when I was 5 years old. My
dad got me into the sport and coached me as a
young player growing up and I have loved it ever
What are your short and long term goals for the
My short term goal is to go over to Switzerland and
play professionally there in their top league the NLA. I
want to have a good season there and then continue
to play pro in Europe or North America. My long term
goals are to make a living playing pro hockey and
then someday to play in the NHL would be a dream
come true.
What is your top memory?
My top hockey memory is winning the Macs Midget Tournament and going to the Telus Cup finals with
the Calgary Buffaloes Midget AAA team in 2008. We had a great team and were the first Calgary team
to win the Macs tournament in over 10 years. Also to go all the way to Telus Cup and make it to the finals
to play for a national championship was pretty special.
What are some recent achievements you’ve had in your sport?
I was third place in the three stars award for the Swift Current Broncos in 2011/12. This is awarded to three
players with the most three star selection points at home games that season.
When did you start training at The Athlete Factory and how has it helped in your sport?
I started training at The Athlete Factory a year ago. It has helped me on the ice with my power and
speed. I also feel stronger and more solid on my skates, as well as quicker and able to turn and change
direction more effectively.
You’re preparing to move to Europe to play professionally soon, what are you doing to prepare for this
I’m trying to improve as much as I can on and off the ice, getting stronger, faster and more powerful. I
am on the ice four or five times a week as well as in the gym five times a week.
What do you believe your biggest challenge is going to be in making the move?
Getting adjusted to the bigger ice, as well as playing against stronger and better players than in junior.
The game in Europe is slightly different than Canada in that there is more room to make plays on a
bigger ice and there is less physicality, so adjusting to that style will be a challenge. Also the European
lifestyle and language differences, as well as living on my own will all be new to me, but I am looking
forward to the challenge.
An Athlete’s Advantage | Sep 2013 Edition

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