farshtey • elliott 2003 2003 - im Chronist



farshtey • elliott 2003 2003 - im Chronist
The Bohrok-Kal are seconds
away from completing their
mission – to free the Bahrag and
unleash the Bohrok swarms
once more. The Exo-Toa could
not stop them… the Toa Nuva
are powerless… and Mata Nui’s
time is rapidly running out.
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The only hope for the heroes
lies in an untried Mask of Power
so awesome that it could mean
the end of all things… and a
desperate battle of wills for the
greatest stakes of all. Toa Nuva
and Bohrok-Kal… one will win…
and one shall fall!
GREG FARSHTEY - writer • RANDY ELLIOT - artist • KEN LOPEZ - letterer
PETER PANTAZIS - colorist & separator • JAYE GARDNER - editor
TOBY DUTKIEWICZ - layout & design
The search for the 7th Toa begins.
Deep within the caverns of the
island of Mata Nui, the mysterious
Mask of Light has been
discovered. A herald must be
chosen. Ancient prophecies will be
fulfilled. Join the perilous
journey as unlikely heroes do their
part to bring light to the shadows.
A Hero
Will Be
Premiering On DVD And Video
September 16
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