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Spring 2010
You Belong Here!
Holy Cross
w w w . H O LY C R O S S H I G H S C H O O L . o r g
ancer News
5035 Route 130 South • Delran, NJ 08075
Holy Cross High School Welcomes the New Decade!
oly Cross High School has
entered the new millennium,
future-focused and faith-based,
bringing 21st Century learning to our
Our technology initiative includes
wireless internet access, Promethean
Boards (smart boards), and the Tablet PC
program, which allows learning to take
place one-to-one and any time – any place:
Our graduates have set college grant
and scholarship records;
Our newspaper and yearbook have
experienced phenomenal growth and
recognition, while many new activities
such as the Equestrian Club, Key
Club, and Rocket Club, have gained
Our Board of Trustees has provided
expertise and led the directive for our
balanced budget and operating stability;
Our use of collegiate (block) scheduling has transformed Holy
Cross High School into a “Junior College” where students explore a
variety of interests and receive valuable instruction;
Our new partnership with the Parish of the Resurrection has opened
Holy Cross High School to parishioners and religious education
We are happy to continue with the activities that build the spirit of
our community. Proclaiming “You Belong Here!,” we observe the many
traditions that make Holy Cross High School great. From our Opening
Liturgy to Senior Class night, we are advancing our mission of
educating young men and women through Sacramental, Catechetical,
and Transformational guidance. It is because of our Holy Cross
community’s great support that we have entered the new decade
stronger than ever. Most Sincerely,
Dennis M. Guida, Principal
Cross Students’ Essay,
Poems Published
eon Soo Kim ’12, a native of Seoul, South
Korea, moved to the United States in eighth
grade. Her experience of disillusionment in
Louisiana translated to her moving to live with
relatives in Southampton, NJ and attending Holy
Cross High School. In her Grammar and
Composition class this past fall, Yeon Soo composed
a provocative essay reflecting both the challenges
and the values of moving to the U.S. Her piece was
submitted and has been accepted for publication by
Creative Communications.
In the summers, when Yeon Soo returns to visit
with her immediate family, she often considers her
dissimilar environments. She notes that “Seoul is
the largest populated city in Korea and has many
high-rise buildings,” while her U.S. home has
— Continued on page 2
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H ol y C r os s Lancer N e w s • S pri ng 2010
By Justin Falcone
Class of 2011
Cinnaminson, New Jersey
The light is dark
And makes me crawl
To where the sun last bounced across
And moonlight seems
So far away
The coves of water
Call the stars
Asking them to dance upon
Breaking its silky surface on and on
Wave by rolling wave
Cathedrals of seamless stone
Rise above the growling tide
Crying out of Heaven’s shadow
Faith-Based and Future-Focused;
Cross Students’ Essay, Poems Published
— Continued from page 1
plenty of natural scenery. She appreciates the
diversity in New Jersey and notes that in Korea
“you only meet other Korean students. Only some
of the teachers were non-Korean.” There is also
the variety in class work at HCHS as she enjoys
the opportunity to select her courses, whereas
in Korea “everyone takes the same classes;
there is no choice.”
Thirty-three HCHS poets were selected
for the Spring 2009 anthology, “A Celebration
of Poetry,” published by Creative
Falcone ’11,
an editor for
Yeon Soo Kim ‘12
the literary magazine, “Tumbler,” and the
yearbook, recently had his poem “Choir”
selected for publication in volume 27 of
Susquehanna University’s “The Apprentice
Writer.” Justin’s piece, depicting the lyricism
in nature he experienced in Bar Harbor, ME,
was selected from over 4,000 submissions.
As an aspiring writer, he was “surprised and
excited” that his poem would reach an
estimated 11,000 readers! — Justin’s poem “Choir” is on the left
With foggy tears
Wiped across the sky
Justin Falcone ‘11
Beyond the Auditorium
Broken bones of hollowed trees
Cast a silent spell upon granite levees
Silently, leaning listening
To the whispering of echoes
Among their fading leaves
Between cattails and water reeds
Frogs and insects join
In a moments melody
Singing the same song as the stars
The sun, the trees, that never tires W
hile our HCHS theater performances continue
to enjoy great success and popularity, many
aspiring students are actively involved in local theater
groups, including the Burlington County Footlighters, a volunteer
organization affiliated with the NJ Council of the Arts. This past
September, HCHS students provided music for the production of “The
Secret Garden.” Chris Hochstuhl ’11 played flute, Rachel Jang ’10 was
the rehearsal accompanist and played violin, and Cameron Stringham ’10
played the piano. Ray Bonnette, HCHS choir director, portrayed Major
Holmes, and Matt Becker ’06, Nick Francesconi ’08, Alexandra Haas
’98, and Caroline Haas ’02 performed significant roles. Other functions
were filled by Jean Delfera Weyman ’84, assistant director, Jim Frazer
’71, lighting, Pat Cantrell Frazer ’75, set decoration; and Peg A. (Petti)
Smith ’70, current HCHS IT Associate, served as musical director. 2
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Holy Cross High School • You Belong Here!
A Catholic, College Prep Education
Habitat for Humanity on the Mississippi Gulf Coast
or many of us, Hurricane
Katrina is a distant memory,
especially in the midst of the
earthquake in Haiti; however, many
families are still in the process of
rebuilding their homes and their lives
from the havoc that the Katrina storm
caused. Many still need assistance.
For the fourth consecutive year, Holy
Cross High School students, staff, and
friends spent the week prior to
Thanksgiving painting, caulking,
spackling, and installing woodwork to
restore damaged homes and to build
new homes in the town of Lizana on
the Mississippi Gulf Coast.
During their stay, the HCHS
Habitat for Humanity student group
was led by Ms. Karen Parker,
Director of Project Hope and
Compassion (PHC), an ecumenical
ministry of St. Ann’s Catholic Church
working to bring compassionate
Christian relief and hope directly to
the victims of Hurricane Katrina
along the Mississippi Gulf Coast.
The students raised funds through out
the year to cover their expenses for
the trip, but they still had plenty of
energy for rebuilding.
HCHS senior Michael Fynan
said it was an “even better experience
this year than last; we all bonded right
away.” He went on to note that this
year “we were putting the finishing
touches rather than doing a lot of
construction.” However, there was
Pictured in the top row (left to right) are Alec Clelland ’11, Michael Fynan ’10, Dave Sample ’11,
Haley Gannon ’11, and Ryan Timken ’11. Second row from top are Megan Gallagher ’10, Katie
Hawk ’10, Catherine Buck ’10, Steve Szyszkiewicz ’10, Kayleigh Denneler ’10, Jessica Brum ’11,
Jessica Snyder ’11, and Jen Cray ’10. Third row from top are Angela Stewart ’10, Kate O’Neill ’10,
Mr. Joe Fasanella, Chaperone and retired HCHS teacher, and Kelsey Ryan ’11. On the left side of
the stairway is Mike Fynan, Chaperone and Associate Principal for Business Administration. On the
right is Theresa Snyder, Chaperone and Student Activities Administrative Assistant.
still plenty of construction to be done.
For example, Jessica Snyder ’11 and
Angela Stewart ’10 became quite
adept at utilizing a table saw.
Students and chaperones began
each day at dawn and enjoyed their
lunch breaks on the beach which was
within walking distance. Ryan
Timken ’11 thought that “working
down on the Gulf Coast gave me a
sense of working everyday. It gave me
a great feeling to help someone to have
a home again.” He, like many of his
peers, was impressed by the generosity
of the Lizana community. Ryan
recalled that, on the last day of their
project, “a family brought gumbo for
the whole Holy Cross team. It was a
selfless thing to do – to provide lunch.”
One of the chaperones, Mrs.
Theresa Snyder, Student Activities
Administrative Assistant, recalled the
resourcefulness of the residents
despite hardships. One homeowner,
she remembered, re-purposed
materials strewn about from the
hurricane to re-build his home. In his
home, he used bricks from a destroyed
building, and an uprooted tree found
new life as chair rail.
Kayleigh Denneler ’10 was
particularly moved by the Habitat for
Humanity experience. Back at HCHS,
she stated that “it was rewarding
going to Lizana. I feel that we made a
difference no matter how small my
own impact may have been.” Jen
Cray ’10, said “It was wonderful to
say to yourself at the end of the day ‘I
did that’.” Many of the HCHS Habitat
for Humanity group plan to utilize
the skills they learned from their
experience in Lizana throughout the
rest of their lives. HCNwsltr_Spring2010-REV3.qxp:Layout 1
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H ol y C r os s Lancer N e w s • S pri ng 2010
Faith-Based and Future-Focused;
Barbara Garro is an artist, a writer
and the president of Electric
Envisions, Inc. She is helping others
to “create and grow themselves a life
they love living.” Barbara pledged to
volunteer 20 hours a week with local
non-profit organizations in Sarasota
Springs, NY where she resides.
Afghanistan. Ray resides in Marlton,
NJ with his wife Lisa and his children
Sean(13), Andrew(9), and Abigail(6).
Michael Giacchino was awarded the
Golden Globe Award for the Best
Original Score (Motion Picture
category) for “Up.” Michael also won
the Critics’ Choice Movie Award for
the original score and the score has
been nominated for an Oscar.
Kenneth S. Domzalski is a New
Jersey Superior Court Judge. He took
his oath on May 28, 2009 for his
assignment to the Superior Court,
Family Division in Burlington
County, NJ.
John Spitz is a Senior Vice-President
at Hill International, Inc. where he
oversees management operations in
the United Arab Emirates. He is
currently working from Dubai and
previously managed the Hill
International Liberty Property Trust
team that led major Philadelphia
projects, including the design and
construction of the Comcast Center.
Spring Tulips©, a painting by Barbara Garro’61
The Class of 1975’s thirty-five year
Reunion is underway for Thanksgiving
weekend 2010. Please contact Cindy
Goodwin Petti at (856)-764-9714 or
Rich Suter at (609) 364-0499 for
more information.
Craig Plenn is a co-host of “The
David and Craig Show.” His podcast,
founded on “laughter and faith,”
provides a down-to-earth Catholic
perspective on news and pop culture.
Craig is also the coordinator of the
Youth and Young Adult Faith
Formation at St. Benedict’s Parish in
Phoenix, AZ. He resides in Phoenix,
AZ, with his wife Debbie and their
daughters, Madeline and Molly.
Ray Michaud is an attorney for
Marshall, Denehey, Warner, Coleman
& Goggin Law where he practices
construction law and represents
architects, engineers, and surveyors.
He is currently serving a tour of duty
with the U.S Air Force Reserves in
Alumni News
Kevin Moran is the Executive
Director of the New Visions
Homeless Day Shelter in Camden,
NJ. He recently partnered with our
Campus Ministry for a Christmas
retreat for middle school-aged
children and HCHS sophomores.
Ray Michaud ’84 in front of his favorite “Afghani” restaurant.
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Holy Cross High School • You Belong Here!
Lisa Stinsman Osborn is a youth
minister at St. Joseph’s Church in
Holy Trinity, AL. Her husband, Dr.
Captain Scott Osborn, is completing
his residency. Lisa spent a year doing
missionary work for Net Ministries
after graduating from Pomona
College in 2005. She and eleven peers
conducted middle school and high
school retreats in twelve states.
Joseph Gouryeb is serving his first
permanent duty with the 10th
Mountain Division in Fort Drum, NY,
after graduating from Officer Leader
School in Fort Benning, GA in 2009.
He earned a B.S. in Finance, a B.A. in
History, and a commission in the
United States Army from LaSalle
University in 2008. Joe was selected
for the 2008 George C. Marshall
Outstanding Cadet Award and was
named a Distinguished Military
Graduate, which placed him in the
top ten percent of cadets nationwide.
Robert (Rob) Curley has been
awarded the Football Championship
(Division 1-AA) Player of the Year by
the Burlington County Football Club.
As quarterback for the Lafayette
College football team, Rob set school
passing records for completions (231),
yards (3,044) and touchdowns (28).
He threw seven touchdowns in a 56-49
win over Colgate University’s Raiders
and earned national player of the week
honors from the Sports Network and
College Sports Network.
Dennis Landolt, left tackle for Penn
State’s football team, has been
awarded the Football Bowl Subdivision
(Division 1-A) Player of the Year by
A Catholic, College Prep Education
the Burlington County Football Club.
Dennis was also recognized by the
First Team All-Big Ten Conference
and Third-team Associated Press
Stephanie Huth and Nicole Huth
finished fourth and sixth, respectively,
in the Landmark Conference CrossCountry Championship and led the
University of Scranton Royals to their
first conference crown. Stephanie was
named the Cross-Country Senior Athlete
of the conference. Nicole earned First
Team All-Landmark Honors.
Lancers Named
to All-Decade SJ
Offense 1st Team
On December 15, 2009, the Philadelphia
Inquirer published the “All-Decade
South Jersey Offense First Team,” which
included the following four HCHS
football players: QB Tom Reilly ’08, OL
Dennis Landolt ’05, WR James
Townsend ’02, and All Player Wali
Lundy ’01. IN MEMORIAM
Mrs. Elizabeth Kuzy Harrigan ’79
Mr. Harold (Harry) Johnson ’74
Mr. David A. King ’69
Mr. Robert G. Kuzy
Parent of Mr. Michael A. Kuzy ’78,
Mrs. Elizabeth Kuzy Harrigan ’79*,
Mr. Donald J Kuzy ’80, Mr. Robert J.
Kuzy ’81, Mr. Richard S. Kuzy ’83
and Mr. John D. Kuzy ’85
Stephanie Huth ’06
Nicole Huth ’06
Photos by Jim O’Connor, stoptheaction.com
Will Grogan is a junior at Scranton
University and serves as the President’s
Alumni Liaison which is the “link”
between alumni and current students.
He is also the Vice-President of the
student government, a DJ for the
University’ radio station 99.5 WUSR,
and a freshman orientation assistant.
Mrs. Charlotte Lafferty
Wife of Mr. Charles (Hank) Lafferty,
retired Athletic Director, and
parent of Mr. David A. Lafferty ’73,
Mr. Matthew C. Lafferty ’80,
Mrs. Christine Lafferty McNulty ’81
Mr. J. Robert Lafferty ’83 and
Mrs. Elizabeth Lafferty Garner ’86
Mr. Frank Papotto
Friend of HCHS
Mr. Albert A. Paul ’61
We’d love to
hear from you!
Please e-mail us at:
[email protected]
with news, event information or
reunion planning.
Please help us be green!
If you are receiving more than one
newsletter at your address, please
e-mail us and let us know! 5
Mr. Leo P. Roselli ’84
Mr. Thomas Watson,
father of Cynthia Ann Watson Binning ’80
and Mr. John Watson ’83, and to his family
and friends. To paraphrase Mark Twain,
reports of Mr. Watson’s passing have been
greatly exaggerated. Mr. Watson still
provides excellent service to his customers
at his home appliance store, A-1 Appliance
on Route 130 North in Delran, NJ.
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H ol y C r os s Lancer N e w s • S pri ng 2010
Faith-Based and Future-Focused;
Upcoming Events Cross is Committed to Technology
March 6 – PTA’s Monte Carlo
Night ([email protected])
March 6 – Class of 2014
March 25 to 28 – Spring Musical
“Beauty & The Beast” – All Are
April 1 to 9 – Easter Break
June 2 – Baccalaureate Mass
June 4 – Class of 2010
Commencement – All Are
Welcome in the Tom Reilly
Football Stadium
June 7 – Holy Cross Sister Joan
Companick Scholarship Golf
Tournament with Tennis
August 5 – Football Golf Outing
To include your event in the next
issue of Holy Cross Lancer News,
please email us at:
[email protected]
For class reunion information,
please visit the alumni link on our
For easy online giving, please visit
the “Donate Now” link on our
website. You can select which fund to
support, update your infomation and
leave a note at one convenient site!
For updating your personal
information, adding emails to our
email list, or to remove your address
from our mailing list, please visit the
“Update Personal Information”
link from the “Alumni” link from
our www.HolyCrossHighSchool.org
website. ind Holy Cross Institutional
Advancement on Facebook
to read press releases, see
school news, connect with
fellow HCHS community members,
and learn about upcoming events! H
oly Cross High School was
recently recognized for our
commitment to incorporate
technology into the curriculum in a
Philadelphia Inquirer article “More
Schools Opening Door to Technology.”
The piece showed how Megan Malfi ’11
and sister Melissa Malfi ’07 could
submit homework assignments either
electronically via a virtual drop-box
or manually in the classroom.
When Melissa was a student at
HCHS, like most alumni, she took
notes by hand, printed
out papers, and lugged
text books. Now, as
HCHS completes our
third year of the Tablet
PC Program, our
students continue to use
personal computing devices as
essential tools in their everyday
learning environment. Furthermore,
we are moving toward electronic text
book use. As Megan mentioned, “My
sister had to write out her notes
longhand. I get to type mine. She’s
pretty jealous.” It may be Megan who
becomes jealous of underclassmen in a
few years time as HCHS’s technology
initiative continues to progress.
Principal Dennis Guida believes
that “this concept of one-to-one
computing will allow students access
to learning resources ‘Any Time, Any
Where’ during the school day and
beyond.” Coupled with the use of our
eight Promethean Boards, students
can take notes in real time and can
visualize lessons which enhance the
learning process.
Many students are adept at
figuring out the technology. For
example, Megan used her Tablet PC to
create her Baccanalian Rehabilitation
Center for her assignment regarding
Bacchus, the Roman
god of wine. Some
students discover
software capabilities
with less ease, but all
students benefit from
the technology. HCHS
requires extensive professional development for faculty. Training in
software like i-Talc allows teachers to
monitor student computer screens and
to assist virtually with a project.
The benefits for students,
including organization, improved
writing skills, increased math scores,
even reduced absenteeism, are
extensive. We are proud that our
vision of diversity, growth, and
forward thinking is exemplified with
our technology initiative. www.HolyCrossHighSchool.org
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Holy Cross High School • You Belong Here!
A Catholic, College Prep Education
Swim-a-Thon for Haiti Relief Fund
2 2ND
with Tennis
The 2009-2010 Holy Cross Co-Ed Swim Team with Head Coach Peggy Tedesco (far left, third row
standing), Assistant Coach Meghan Gardner (far left, kneeling).
Photo by Deb Chirichella
n Wednesday, February 3, 2010 the Holy Cross Co-Ed Swim Team
participated in a mini Swim-a-thon to benefit the American Red Cross
Haiti Relief Fund. Each swimmer secured sponsors and swam 100 laps
for this very worthy cause. Over $950.00 was raised by the team. Special thanks
goes to Coach T, Coach Meghan, and Team Photographer/Mom Deb Chirichella
for organizing this fundraiser.
Saturday, January 30, Lancer Swim Team participated in The 2010 South
Jersey Interscholastic Swimming Association Coaches’ Invitationals Meet. The
event consisted of over 30 teams and hundreds (if
not thousands) of swimmers from all over South
Jersey – from Northern Burlington to Cape May!
Congratulations to Team Captain Courtney
Wallace ’10 who placed first in the Girls 200
yard Freestyle (1:58.88) and second in the Girls
500 yard Freestyle (5:12.02) events. It was an
exciting, stroke for stroke, all-out race for 20 laps
with only a fraction of a second (0.14 to be
exact) deciding the difference! She had two
incredible races with two State Qualifying
Courtney Wallace ’10 warms up
Times. Courtney is the first Holy Cross SJISA
before the big race.
Girl Champion since 1998.
Congratulations also goes out to Chris Campbell ’11 who finished fourth
in the 200 yard Individual Medley (2:09.18) and fifth in the 100 yard Butterfly
(56.57) events. He also had State Qualifying Times and was part of the Boy’s
200 yard Freestyle Relay Team
along with Michael Bell ’11,
Collin Chirichella ’11 and
Michael Thomas ’11 that
placed 5th with a 1:36.51,
improving their best time by
over 5 seconds. Congratulations
to all the swimmers – good luck
at State Team Tournaments! Chris Campbell ’11 “flies” by the compeition.
22nd Sister Joan
Golf Outing
he 22nd Annual Sister Joan
Golf Outing with Tennis
will take place at the Riverton
Country Club, 1416 Highland
Avenue, Riverton, NJ, on Monday,
June 7, 2010. Please come out and
join us for a day of fun for a great
Cross Cause.
Proceeds for this annual event go
toward student scholarships as well as
help offset future tuition costs.
For more information contact
Melissa Lide or Sean Semple at
856-461-5400, ext. 3031, or e-mail
[email protected] or
visit www.HolyCrossHighSchool.org/
Alumni/Special Events/Reunions. Back To School
Super 50/50
The 9th Annual “Back to School
Super 50/50” sweepstakes, drawn on
Wednesday, September 23, 2009, was
an enormous success. HCHS staff,
students, families, and friends
generated first prize winnings of
$21,486, second prize winnings of
$10,743, and third place winnings of
$3,581. Furthermore, $36,000 went
to defray operational expenses and
lessen tuition increases. HCNwsltr_Spring2010-REV3.qxp:Layout 1
4:48 PM
Page 8
Cross Kids Care!
Care Program Recognized
Holy Cross High School • You Belong Here!
from the death of a loved one. Megan
learned that about 50 children from
Burlington, Camden, and Gloucester
counties attend in the summer shortly
after her grandmother was diagnosed
with cancer. She said that she “sort of
knows how they feel, and I felt like I had
H ol y C r os s Lancer N e w s • S pri ng 2010
to help.” In addition to the sweet sixteen
donations, Megan became a Camp
Firefly Junior Volunteer to guide
traditional summer activities such as
swimming and hiking while learning
about specialized bereavement exercises
including memorial activities. Morgan Tilton ’12
organ Tilton ’12 began a
care package program in
2008 to fulfill a community
service requirement for her grammar
school, St. Mary, in Bordentown, NJ.
Recently, she has been recognized for
raising more than $127,000 in care
package donations sent to troops
oversees and to children in Iraq. She
initiated her project after learning
about a deployed friend of her family
who mentioned the lack of basic
personal supplies and the living
conditions of Iraqi children. Morgan
is one of 200 children receiving a
$1,000 scholarship from the Kohl’s
Kids Who Care Scholarship Program.
She has plans to continue her charitable
work for those in Iraq. Megan Dicus ’11 is pictured in front of the Camp Firefly quilt. Each square on the quilt was created
by a child in memory of a lost loved one. Photo courtesy Moorestown Visiting Nurse Association.
It Pays to be a Cross Alumni!
HCHS alumni receive a 10% DISCOUNT
with Liberty Mutual insurance. HCHS
receives financial support for each alum
who has Liberty Mutual insurance. This is
an easy way to support HCHS. Rate quotes
“Sweet” Gifts for Camp
5035 Route 130 South
Delran, New Jersey 08075
Holy Cross High School
hen Megan Dicus ’11
celebrated her 16th birthday
in June, gifts were replaced
with over $500 worth of donations for
Camp Firefly, a bereavement camp for
children in Medford, NJ, to support
accommodation, meal, and activity
Camp Firefly is sponsored by the
Moorestown Visiting Nurse Association
(VNA) and serves children grieving