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Counseling and Psychotherapy
Couples, individuals, communication skills,
coming out, relationship issues, grief and
substance abuse. Gay therapist for
Lesbian and Gay Issues.
We care. We understand.
A Counseling
3001 Fifth St.
Metairie, LA 70002
David Wagner, LPC, M.Ed., NCC, HT
Danny McNamara
anny McNamara Jr., 60, a native of Thibodaux and a resident of New Orleans, died
Friday, October 5, 2007.
He was cremated at Crematorium
Inc, of Houma. A memorial service will be
held at a later date.
Danny will be remembered for his
contributions and works in the GLBT New
Orleans community. Many met Danny
when he worked for The Weekly Guide
and Whiz Magazine.
1021 W. J
e P
Chalmette, LA 70043
• Free Prescription Delivery
• Direct Billing to
• Private Insurance &
Third-Party Payers
• Billing Assistance
• Competitive Pricing
• Confidential, Personal,
Professional Service
24 Hour Beeper:
A proven community
leader in value and
customer service!
• We Deliver or ship to
your home/office
• We Accept
one last song ...from Main-24
Rodney Culotta, RPh
up well, with hanging baskets of plants
and large container of potted bushes and
trees. If one’s imagination served him
well it could have been the hanging gardens of Babylon. An array of colors burst in
beautiful fall blooms when he had moved
in this fall and now as winter was approaching, it was the brilliant greens of
evergreen foliage. He enjoyed standing at
this window and just staring out at the
green space across the way. It gave him a
sense of peach and of being out in the
country and not cooped up in the city. He
was after all a country boy at heart, having
grown up on a small farm outside of
Scranton Pennsylvania. As a young man
he thought that he would more than likely
grow up and become a farmer, like his
father and grandfather before him and the
would have suited him just fine, for he
loved the smell of the earth and the great
outdoors. But as fate would have it, his
childhood dreams were not to come to be.
He never knew the details, but after the
death of his grandfather, for some reason
or another, the place that had been in their
family for generations was theirs no longer.
He had never seen the occupant of
this apartment across the way, but from
it’s furnishings he assumed it was a young
woman. It was frilly and feminine in its
design and almost too well kept. He wondered quite often what she looked like and
for some reason he had conjured up her
entire life in his mind. He deduced that she
must be a career woman, as he had never
seen her as before stated. She must have
been a junior executive of some type or
another, rather well off from her furnishings and what belongings he had seen
left about the room. He imagined her
dressed in crisp, designer fashions, for
the office. Her hair worn swept up tightly on
her head and a rather nice pair of glasses
framing her face. A typical no nonsense
type of business woman. She was neat to
the point of obsession; he couldn’t even
9am-5pm Mon.-Fri.
9am-12noon Sat..
remember seeing anything out of place
ever or so much as a scrap of paper on the
expensive Oriental rug.
Then one morning in the middle of
November, as he stood at the window he
glanced across and was shocked to find
a vacant room staring back at him. What
had happened to its unseen occupant?
Why had she moved on? Could she have
gotten a better job someplace else or
maybe she had just up and left for better
unseen pastures. Well he would never
know, just as he had really never known
whom it was that was gone now.
The next evening upon returning
home from work, yes six-fifteen, he noticed a moving van parked in front of the
building next door. He thought to himself
that it sure didn’t take them long to find a
new tenant, then of course the move wasn’t
as unexpected for the realtors as it was for
him and they of course had more than
likely been advertising the vacancy for a
month or more. If he had any great fault,
this had to be it. He over analyzed everything, wondering just how everything corelated to all other things happening in his
world all the time.
When he got upstairs, he went directly to the side window and looked
across at the apartment. As he knew he
would, he saw stacks of boxes waiting to
be unpacked and two men moving furniture in. The two delivery men were getting
instructions from a younger man as to
where to place his things. He stood transfixed staring at the younger man, he was
so handsome, he must be someone famous he surmised, perhaps a Television
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celebrazzi (celebrations-paparazzi)
eryl-Lynn Foxx, Fish and Raven Kennedy opened the second annual Fish,
Bubbles & Balloons raising over $10,000 for In This Together and the Krewe
of Mwindo which brought out some 350 revelers to the Laborer’s Union Hall
in New Orleans. The Krewe of Mwindo Bal Masque X will be held on Saturday, January
26, 2008. Visit KreweOfMwindo.ORG for more information. And visit
InThisTogetherInc.ORG for more info on In This Together
ar baron’s Paul Chiriaco and John Vignone flank emcee Andre Trevigne and
honoree Linda Tucker for the Charlene Schneider Memorial Plaque Dedication hosted at JohnPaul’s, 940 Elysian Fields in New Orleans. The site
was formerly Charlene’s, one of the first club’s for lesbians in the city. Life partners
Charlene and Linda ran the club until the building was sold in 1999. Charlene lost her
battle with cancer and the plaque dedicated to the GLBT pioneer, which is on the N.
Rampart Street side of the building reads, “In Memory of Charlene Schneider, Owner
of Charlene’s 1977-1999, ‘Let the work I have done speak for me,’ Dedicated October
13, 2007.”
Rodney and Jerome join
birthday girl Sandra, along
with Teryl-Lynn Foxx and
Tangie for her post b-day pic at Society
Page following a surprise tropical blowout complete with sand and banana trees.
ary, Diane, Chuc and Kevin celebrate with Jerce Ann (front) for her 70th
birthday blowout hosted at Jerce Ann’s club, The Friendly Bar, in New
Orleans. The packed house enjoyed the sounds of Candy Riedl live along
with a scrumptious buffet.
ddi, Robert, Peter and Yuri of
BearForce1 makes their New
Orleans debut as the first “bear
band” to appear and perform live in The
Big Easy at Dance Club of the Year Oz on
world famous Bourbon Street. To download their new single visit BearForce1.nl.
You can catch the group at B-Bob’s in
Mobile on December 15.
egendary bartender Aletha
Bryant was joined by sister
Janice and Wood Enterprises
GM Ken Grandpre for her giant Trash
Disco birthday blowout at the oldest gay
bar in North America, right here in New
Orleans, Cafe Lafitte in Exile.
erald Alsandor and Larry
Poirrier celebrated their 15th
anniversary with an evening
out at Dance Club of the Year Oz in New
Orleans. The couple originally met in
amed New York photographer
Michael Alago opened his
“Rough Gods” exhibition at the
new Farrington Smith Gallery, 2514 St.
Claude Ave. in New Orleans. Thirty of his
astonishing limited edition prints, culled
from the book of the same name, were
unveiled. The exhibition runs through
November 3. The gallery is open Saturdays 12noon til 5pm or by appointment
(call 504.942.8600).
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ŠSpecializing in
Historic Properties
ŠFull-time Licensed Realtor
for 12 years
ŠFrench Quarter
Property Owner
ŠTo Buy, Sell, or Lease,
call Mary Lind!
Š Phone 504.948.3011
or 504.581.2020
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