February 2011
February was devoted to the Characteristic of “Responsibility”. RAIS
Students received awards and were recognized for Academics,
Responsibility, and Attendance during School Wide Assemblies in the
presence of their parents, classmates, and teachers.
Pre-K & KG1
Ms. Karen’s Class
Responsibility: Yara Al-Haddad
Academics: Haneen Al-Ali
Ms. Rima’s class
Responsibility: Dana Al-Zayer
Academics: Hassan Al-Dawoud
Perfect Attendance: Hassan Al-Dawoud
Ms. Cox’s Class
Responsibility: Abdulaziz Al-Herz
Academics: Belal Shahat
Ms. Assia’s Class
Responsibility: Naif Al-Marri
Academics: Moaaz Shahat
Perfect Attendance: Refaa Al-Mulhim, Abdullah Al-Momtan, Ali Al-Dawoud
Group Picture for all KG Students who received awards
Grade 1
Ms. Haifa’s Class
Responsibility: Eman Al-Ismail
Academics: Mariam Bin Abdi
Ms. Hogan’s Class
Responsibility: Omar Mustafa
Academics: Faris Al-Naim
Perfect Attendance: Omar Mustafa
Grade 2
Ms. Abeer’s Class
Responsibility: Zainab Al-Abbas
Academics: Sarah Al-Faraj
Perfect Attendance: Rehab Al-Nemer
Ms. Maya’s Class
Responsibility: Rashed Al-Ghumgham
Academics: Abdalbadee Lary
Perfect Attendance: Talal Al-Herz
Grade 3
Ms. Ramos’s Class
Responsibility: Alya Al-Ameer
Academics: Warda Shah
Perfect Attendance: Zainab Al-Ethan , Amjad Jalal Al-Khalifa
Ms. Manal’s Class
Responsibility: Abdullah Al-Rowaily
Academics: Abdullah Al-Rowaily
Responsible Do’s
 Think before you act.
 Think before you talk.
 Do only good things.
 Think about what will happen if you say or do what you want to say or
Fix your mistakes. Clean up your own messes.
 Be a good example.
 Think of ways to help others.
 Do your jobs.
 Do your best.
 Keep trying.
 Finish your work before you play.
Responsible Dont’s
 Don’t do anything before you think.
 Don’t say anything before you think.
 Don’t do anything that’s bad or wrong.
 Don’t blame others for your mistakes.
 Don’t leave mistakes or messes for someone else to fix.
 Don’t wait for someone to tell you to do good
 Don’t do anything that you won’t be proud of.
 Don’t play until you finish your work.
 Don’t pretend to have done jobs you really
haven’t done.

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