eSembler Overview - Collier County Public Schools



eSembler Overview - Collier County Public Schools
eSembler Overview
Use you Novell Log In to access your account.
The first time you log in every year it will prompt you for a User ID. This is your 10 digit employee ID # (located on your employee ID
The front page of eSembler will be updated as needed to send communication and updates about eSembler.
Taking Attendance
1. From Classes, click the Attendance button next to the appropriate class. (Elementary will only take attendance
in the course labeled ELEMATTD/attendance course.
It is important that you take attendance accurately each day in eSembler
The Gradebook Archives are only accessible to the years that you were employed in Collier County.
Elementary teachers: Click on the class labeled ELEMATTD Attendance in eSembler
Secondary Teachers: You will need to click on each section/period to pull the individual reports
from eSembler
If the student count ever turns red this is an indicator that you have gained/lost a student on your roster since the last time you
logged in. The color will stay red for a day and then return to black the following day.
New Teacher Orientation August 2012
If all students are present click: All Present (this submits this period with all students as a P= Present)
If you want to modify any student, view a listing of your students, or include attendance comments
click: Attendance
2. From Submit Attendance, select the appropriate attendance status for each student. (By default all of your
students will appear present.)
3. Click the Submit button.
(N/A will be U for Unexcused on August 20 the first day of school.) Please discuss with your school what their policy is
on marking students Tardy.
You can add more options to this page by clicking: choose your preferences
New Teacher Orientation August 2012
Student- General Settings: Birthday Notice, Nickname, Photo, ID Number, Grade Level…
Student- Special Attributes: State test scores, ELL/ESE , Glasses, Community Service…
Display: Comment area, History of past days, totals…
Note: If you click List View on any of the preference screens it will list all the possibilities of preferences on one page.
New Teacher Orientation August 2012
Printing a Blank Roster
From the initial Classes screen, hover your mouse cursor over the Reports icon; select the Blank Roster option from
the menu.
Before you print this roster you can add additional options such as: birthday notice, date of birth, photo, grade, level, ID
#, FCAT Info, and ESE info. Click: Choose your Preferences add the option you want and when you are ready to print
this roster click: Go to Print View- it will prompt you to choose if you want to print this class or all classes.
Managing Your Categories (Standards Based Schools- This does not apply to you)
1. From the initial Classes screen, hover your mouse cursor over the Assignments icon and then click the Manage
Categories menu option.
2. Click: Add new category
3. Make sure all your weights add up to be 100%. This is a common mistake! Grades will not appear on the submit
grades page if your weight do not add up to 100%. (Middle school teachers this is how you will set up your
midterm/finals for 6th and 7th graders- you will need to create a new category for them.)
a. 6th grade midterm/final counts as an assessment/test
b. 7th grade midterm/final counts as a separate category worth 5%
c. 8th grade-high school finals- you will have a category already created (You will see it under the option
when creating an assignment)
New Teacher Orientation August 2012
4. Options: Set colors, drop scores, drop to other courses. (Elementary- you are not allowed to grade homework,
but if you want to track homework create a category and set the weight to 0%. This category will not be used in
the grade calculation, but you are able to use eSembler to monitor homework.)
5. Click the Save button.
Creating an Assignment
1. From the initial Classes screen, hover your mouse cursor over the Assignments icon and then click: Add New
2. From Add New Assignment menu, complete the required information. If this is the first time you’ve used this tool,
click the Advanced Mode button to view all available assignment options.
3. Click the Save button
Secondary- You have the option to click:
Keep private until scored (this will hide the
assignment from parents/teachers until
you have scored any assignments)
Target Score (optional)- You can set this as
a target of what score you want from your
students on this assignment. This will be
used on individual students’ graphs.
File Locker- Upload documents for
parents/students related to this
Category- allows you to connect this
assignment to a category.
Type- Typical (default), Final Exam, or Extra
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Grading Assignments
Score Count- How many students have scores for this assignment
Grade- Grade all students on this one assignment
Clone- Creates a duplicate assignment of this assignment
You can add additional items to the menu by clicking: Choose your preferences
When grading assignment you have the option to use Special Scores to indicate why a particular student doesn’t have
a grade.
NA- Not Applicable: Good to use if you are creating an assignment that will not be used for the entire class.
X- Exempt: This score will not calculate a 0. You are indicating that the student was exempt from this
M- Missing- (Secondary only): This will calculate as a 0, but indicates that the assignment was missing instead
of the student turning in the assignment and earning a 0.
Fill Colum with Score- allow you to enter the same score for every student. You can go back and adjust the outliers once
you complete this.
Score- Retake- Override columns
This allows you to enter the first score a student received on an assignment and modify the grade three additional times.
By default the highest score on score and retakes will be the final grade on this assignment given to the student. (You
can modify this when creating the assignment.) The Override column is the final score regardless.
Elementary- the lowest grade you are allowed to enter into eSembler is a 50%. If a student earned a 25% on the
assignment you can enter that into the score column and then enter 50% into the override column. This will allow you to
monitor if growth is actually taking place and have true scores for parent/teacher conferences.
New Teacher Orientation August 2012
Other Grade Assignment Options
Grade All Assignments-Creates a table/excel time sheet that allows you to enter all scores for all assignments at the
same time.
You can enter the special scores of M, NA, X…. but you will need to know these codes because they are not
shown on this option for your viewing.
You will not get the option for retake and override
Grade Individual Students-Allows you to enter all grades, including special scores and overrides, one student at a time.
Digital Locker
From the initial Classes screen, hover your mouse cursor over the Tools icon, select the Other Tools option from the
menu, and then click the Manage File Locker menu option. (This is where you will find additional eSembler documents).
Secondary-You can also load additional items in this File Locker for parents/students to view.
Note- Every school has an eSembler/Data Warehouse Point of Contact Trainer. They will help you with any problems you
are having.
(Standards Based schools- under Angel there is a folder under SBPR called eSembler help with videos and addition help)
New Teacher Orientation August 2012
Data Warehouse Overview
DW Login Info- Novell User Name and Password
Student Login
DW Login Info- Grades 2-12: Student ID and birthday (month and date); Grades K-1 Students ID and 1 (password)
If there are any assigned online tests, they would appear at the top portion under: Take a Test.
New Teacher Orientation August 2012
FCAT/Test Scores: Go to the Tab labeled- Click: Student Test Scores
If you want a listing of all students and their scores, click: ALL (under the Pie Chart)
If you want to view just your Level 1 students, click the light blue colored area on the Pie Chart
If you notice that one of your categories is lower than the others, click on the Test Specifications under the Bar
Graph to view the details of this test category.
New Teacher Orientation August 2012
Helpful Resources
Student Data Snap Shots- Located in the drop down menu of Student Test Scores: This is a one-page document with a basic overview of an
individual students demographic information, grades, and test scores.
My Customized Report - Located on top of every page to the left of your name: This is a report that you can customize based on specific
information you want to view about your students, such as assessments, demographics, schedule, attendance, behavior, and GPA. (Try to
develop a new report if you add more than 10 columns.)
At Risk Students- Located in the drop down menu of My RtI: This Report will flag students that have a risk factor in various areas such as, low
9th week grades, Level 1 FCAT, absences, retained, suspensions, and low credits.
My RtI Help Topics- Located in the drop down menu of My RtI. You can find numerous RtI help sheets and videos
ESE & ESOL Codes-Located in My Links/Help- Definitions and Charts (Top right): Here you will find an explanation of the ESE & ESOL codes
found in Data Warehouse
How Many MIP Points You Have- Located in My Links/Help- My InformationK-2 Teachers manual entering of responses for an online test into DW-Online Test- Upload/Input Scores- Enter Reponses (ALL)
Assigning an Online Test- Online Test-Select Test (First you have to add the test to “My Regular Test“ and then you can assign it)- My Regular
Tests- Turn light switch to green- Click Monitor- Choose Class and Set date.
FCAT Retakes- Located under Student Test Scores on the left side- FCAT Retakes
Parent Conferences- Located under My RtI drop down menu- Add/Edit Conference Date
EOC Results -Located under Course Grades & Enrollment – State Algebra 1 Exams…
Attendance Listing-Located under Demographics Drop down menu- Attendance-Select Attendance Listing
FCAT Content Focus Reports Located under My Links/Helps-Resources under each subject area: this is an overview of the benchmarks that
have been tested on FCAT over the past two years.
*Note: When you open the document you will need to enlarge your screen and look to the bottom left to select a grade level.
New Teacher Orientation August 2012

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