quest piękna góra


quest piękna góra
Follow this road until the place where you can see the
whole panorama. Here you can rest and have a coffee
or keep going as the end is near and so as new, final
finding. Here I will tell you more about the state.
As the civilization of Yotvingians developed, also the
way of managing the tribes changed. The capital of
the tribe was its managing centre, a seat of chief and
the nobility chosen from those most valiant. The
nobility, i.e. tribe's leaders had a lot of influence on
chief's decisions.
Find a letter as the first one in this word which
indicates the name of the wealthy. Put it as the
second in a row and go on..
After you leave, turn your eyes left and this symbol
will tell you who defeated Yotvingians in 13th
Now you can choose your own way and get to
know an original story about the white lady who
could not find a prince. On the left you will see a
chair lift. Do not be afraid – fun is great. You can
also take the previous way and your eyes will lead
you back. Welcome (On the other side) read a
legend about a beautiful lady.
With these words your „Quest” has ended but you
can continue the story in the books
Place for solution:
And now come back to the front desk
to get your trophy
In search of Yotvingian's Jaćwingów treasure
Quest's organizers:
Piękna Góra Rudziewicz: tel.: +48 87 615 49 43
Quest's creator:
Małgorzata Płoska: 48 602 182 742; [email protected]
Time of quest's circuit:
About 1 hour

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