2007 Annual Report - National Multiple Sclerosis Society


2007 Annual Report - National Multiple Sclerosis Society
402-572-3190 / 1-800-FIGHT-MS
Chapter President
Lisa Brink
Development Manager
Deidra Andrews
Director of Community Development
Kristyn Burr
Director of Programs
Kristi Harvey- Simi
Development Manager
Mary Langdon
Director of Finance
Carolyn Lipcamon
Development Manager
Carrie Morris
Director of Programs
Katy Pierson
Marketing Director
Stacy Schultz
Data Admiistrator
Jan Wadleigh
The National Multiple Sclerosis Society (NMSS) does
not endorse products, services or manufacturers.
Such names appear because they are considered
valuable information. NMSS assumes no liability for
the use of any product or service mentioned.
Information provided by the society is based upon
professional advice, published experience and
expert opinion. Information provided in response
to questions does not constitute therapeutic
recommendations or prescriptions. NMSS
recommends that all questions and information
be discussed with a personal physician. NMSS is
dedicated to ending the devastating effects of MS.
© 2007 National Multiple Sclerosis Society,
Nebraska Chapter
Self Help Groups
Gina Baker
(402) 395-3127
Carol Fuhrman
(402) 468-5892
Cecelia Ray
(308) 432-5267
Kathi Brown
(308) 432-5545
Robbin Cutsor
(402) 270-3305
Council Bluffs
Jerry Ebsen
(712) 366-9569
Kay Grinde
(308) 784-4409
Grand Island
Jayne Decker
(308) 382-1883
Chris Vincik
(308) 381-1604
Rod Breckner
(402) 461-3957
Kathy Krueger
(402) 462-9418
Gregg Lowe
(308) 234-3393
Anita Martin
(308) 324-4406
Karen Lind-Olson
(402) 486-1885
Leatha Johnson
(402) 826-4113
Joann Nemechek
(308) 345-6816
John & Printha Fox
(308) 278-2165
Marcia Overton
(308) 345-6412
Ken Merkel
(402) 379-3629
North Platte
Ella Ochoa
H:(308) 534-5024
C:(308) 534-2630
Nancy McBride
(308) 284-2400
Ron Siffring
(308) 284-4565
John O’Neal
(402) 431-9954
Vincent Romano
(402) 955-2941
Omaha (long term care residents)
Marlene Smalls
(402) 571-5386
Janice Chrisman
(308) 783-2438
Beth Lonowski
(308) 631-0433
Shelley Rowlee
(308) 635-3699
Dianna Young
(308) 377-2683
Message from the President
On behalf of the Nebraska chapter, I would like to welcome you to the annual report. It is an
exciting time as we begin celebrating our 50th year of serving Nebraska and look to re-evaluate our needs and areas of focus to create the strongest program possible.
Yes, we will still continue to provide quality programs and go forward in our pledge to be bold,
relevant, inclusive, transparent, and engaging. But with the encouragement and support of
our national organization and local volunteers, we will also focus on building strength in our
Nebraska Chapter by:
- gaining increased awareness and visibility throughout our communities for this
great organization
- leveraging programs, ideas and funds throughout the chapter to more effectively
position us or the challenge of serving the expansive state of Nebraska as well as Pottawattamie County in Iowa
- building strong working collaborations and relationships which help position us for
greater success
- substantially increasing contributed income to fund a vibrant local Multiple Sclerosis
Society, both at the local and national level
- creating an efficient and effective organizational structure streamlining the administrative tasks that may be taking staff off focus of serving our clients, volunteers, and other
The staff has built a strong foundation for future initiatives and I have no doubt that we can put
a strategy in place to achieve all of our plans and dreams. We are here to serve you…and the
door is always open. Do not hesitant to contact myself or another staff member to share any
innovative ideas or suggestions that help us build a stronger program in Nebraska.
Like you…’we are people that want to do something about MS’ and together we can make that
Thank you for investing in the success of NMSS and believing in our
ability to execute on the vision.
Lisa Brink
Nebraska Chapter President
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A Year of Successes
We are committed to our mission of creating a world
free of MS and everything we do comes from that
relentless pursuit.
This year has included many highlights and successes
which would not be possible without the support
of companies, foundations, and individuals such as
yourself as well as volunteers and staff who put in
countless hours to make our programs possible.
Launch of a Direct Assistance Program – with more
than $20,000 disbursed directly assist more than 120
clients with sustainable services and goods that remained unavailable to them after other resources had
been utilized. This program offers financial assistance
on many levels, thus giving clients and their families a
renewed sense of hope that they will be able to maintain their normal lives, despite a diagnosis of MS.
Implemtation of Advocacy and Research Teleconference Series – Due to the extreme importance on both
of these topics in today’s society, it has become vital
for the NMSS to provide education. As a result, we
launched individual teleconferencing series’ for Advocacy and Research. Each call included a professional
in the field, current and up-to-date information, and
a time for client participation. There were more than
150 participants on these calls.
Community collaborations/partnerships – The chapter joined forces with multiple organizations in 2007
to provide various programs and services for our clients. From discounted prices on medical equipment
to free transportation during MS Awareness Week,
the chapter recognizes the importance of collaborating with other agencies to offer a higher quality of
care to our clients. This type of collaboration will be
continued and expanded in 2008 and beyond.
MS Awareness – The chapter made a tremendous
effort to raise awareness about MS and the NMSS
in 2007. The annual MS Awareness Week activities
throughout the state helped showcase local Self-Help
Groups, programs and services available through the
NMSS. The society’s new branding plan was unveiled,
thus raising awareness about the new look of the
A client needs assessment was performed in the 4th quarter, challenging clients to raise our awareness of what they
want and need. We have analyzed the results and will
estalish an operational plan around the results which will
help us better meet client needs and serve our vast state.
This year, the Women Against MS Lunch (WAMS) brought
not only great awareness to our community, but also more
than 500 supporters passionate about our cause. We are
looking to expand this event throughout the state based
on its success.
We took a hands on MS and disability awareness seminar
into the classroom- testing the concept on several classes
of 7th graders. It was well received and we can’t wait to
expand the role out this next year to educate more students about the challenges of those with disabilities.
“To accomplish great things we
must not only act, but also dream;
not only plan, but also believe”
And this list of accomplishments goes on!
-Anatole France
We are confident with the support of our community we
will make this next year an even bigger success!
We had a 28% increase statewide in
walk participation with more than
2,300 registered participants.
In addition there was an 18% increase
in total dollars raised to $260,000.
which allows us to allocate more
funds towards research.
The MS150 and Celebrate Cycling
(CC) events were a huge success with
more than 475 enthusiasts and dedicated bikers joining the event.
To show their dedication to our cause,
the MS 150 participants increased
their per person fund raising by $91
and the CC riders, raised theirs by
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Our Finances at a Glance- Assets and Liabilities 2007
ASSETS Current Assets
Cash and cash equivalents
Prepaid expenses and other assets Total current assets
$349,160 - $348,160 $336,040
Furniture and equipment at cost
Less accumulated depreciation
$44,226 ($34,496) $5,730 $64,191
$353,890 $370,593
- $76,794 $20,920 $97,714 $1,082
$256,176 $254,079
$353.890 $370,593
Current liabilities
Due to NMSS
40% of income
Accounts payables as accrued expenses Deferred income
Total current liabilities
Commitments Net Assets
Revenue Sources
Net Special Events
Local and National
Contributions &
Functional Expenses
Other Revenue
Received at
JOIN THE MOVEMENT: nen.nationalMSsociety.org
Expanding Our Services
As we start our plans for 2007-08, we will become more focused and strategic with how we approach the
task of providing a wider scope of services to our entire geographic service area which includes all of the
state of Nebraska and Pottawattamie County in Iowa. Already we have some things in the works including:
1) Building relationships in Denver, knowing they may be better positioned to provide easier accessibility to
certain types of resources because they are physically closer to some of our service area.
2) Executing a Direct Assistance Program statewide which relieves some of the financial burden that comes
with purchasing the goods and services needed to manage MS when other resources (private insurance,
Medicare, Medicaid,, etc.) aren’t available. Last year, we allocated more than $25,000 in assistance and are
committed to maintaining the same levels of support.
3) According to a recent needs assessment survey, more than 80% of our clients are using computers.
Knowing this, we will explore ways to use technology to get information and programs across all areas.
4) The programming team is finalizing a Healthcare Outreach Plan, focused on building relationships and
providing information to healthcare providers throughout our state.
5) And, we will reach out to partner with volunteers to help us repeat successful programs in their communities. For example, the holiday project, which takes information and holiday wishes to people with MS
in assisted living or elder care facilities, as well as provides education and contact information to their care
givers. We can’t reach the masses without working with our incredible volunteer network.
6) Working through details for a partnership with the League of Human Dignity to provide caregiver services in more than 63 counties- primarily in the northern and western Counties including the Scottsbluff
and Norfolk areas. This is one of many partnerships we will need to create to provide a broader range of
We will continue to promote and develop inter-agency collaboration and service coordination to close the
gap within and among rural counties, but it won’t get us all of the way there. We need to look at everything
we so, revisiting how we deliver services, and ensuring that we are doing our best to touch each of our
clients and their specific needs.
JOIN THE MOVEMENT: nen.nationalMSsociety.org
A Special Thanks to Our Supporters
$1,000 – 1,999
American National Bank
Assurity Life Insurance Company
Bellevue University
Bryan LGH Medical Center, East
Columbus Area Chamber of Commerce
Election Systems and Software, Inc.
First Data Resources
First National Bank of Omaha
Giger Foundation
J. A. Woolam Foundation
John A. Woolam Fith Amended Revocable Trust
Kutak Rock
Midwest Turf & Irrigation
National Research Corp
Nationwide Mutual Insurance
Nebraska State Bank
Old Mill Toyota
Pamida Foundation
Quality Living
Rohwer Elementary
Security National Bank
The Church of the Holy Family
The Hawks Foundation
The S. Company
Wal-mart Foundation
World’s Foremost Bank
$2,000 – 3,999
B & R Stores, Inc.
Biogen Idec
Bayer Healthcare
DLR Group Services
First Data Foundation
Home Instead Senior Care, Inc.
Kappa Phi Fraternity
Lamp, Rynearson & Associates, Inc.
Methodist Hospital
Omaha Royals
Oregon Trail Community Foundation, Inc.
Pfizer, Inc.
Pur ProteinVP & RM Charitable Reimbursement
Wal-mart Stores
$4,000 – 6,999
EMD Serono, Inc.
Teva Neuroscience, Inc.
Natureworks LLC
World Insurance Co.
Nebraska Medical Center
Rabe’s Quality Meat
CBS Home Real Estate
Miller Grandchildren Charitable Annuity
$20,000 – 35,000
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska
The Enrichment Foundation
Omaha Steaks
Omaha Creative Group
Violet Christensen Estate
Community Health Charities of Nebraska
Private Donors
Terry Carter
Michelle Cisar
James Greisen
Carl Hatcher
Rosemary Horner
Kevin Kerrigan
Kim A. Kozelichki
Kathleen Langdon
Harry G. Loveless
Troy D. Mason
Joyce Pietramale
Aaron Rood
Alicia Simonsen
Beth K. Smith
Marlo Tomich
Debra Wagner
UNMC Physicians
Jon P. Vest
Mrs. Sandy A. Gardner
Kathy Brennan-Brick
John R. Kirchofer
Mrs. Renee L. Loffe
Mrs. Tasha M. Lueder
Mrs. Jamie M. Wieczorek
Mrs. Carol S. Hyland
Mr. Galen Helton
Ms. J Renee Jaurigue
Mrs. Lori A. Bartels
Ms. Roxanne Mostek
Jessica Sundquist
Mr. Carl Hatcher
Cathy Rustermier
Ms. Faith R. Gregory
Ms. Emma C. Fritschle
Miss Mary Kincaid
Mrs. Susie J. Mohrmann
Mr. Ryan P. Toillion
Ms. Joann S. Nemechek
Mrs. Robbin M. Cutsor
Mr. Kenneth H. Merkel
Mike Matejka
Tom Weidner
Carey Buckles
Tracy Dittman
Kate Holstein
Steve Scheffert
Jeffrey Wageman
Nancy Fullmer
Jan Schmidt
Phil Wandrey
Mrs. Lisa S. Hyland
Mr. Brad Sullivan
Chris Grady
Rodney Freeman
Mr. Matthew S. Jensen
Mrs. Pat (PJ) Schnecker
Ms. Michelle Cisar
Ms. Alicia Simonsen
Mr. Ralph B. Holtmann
Michael Schumacher
Matt Musinski
Lori Pinkerton
Mike Potter
Eloise Hiemke
Craig Kelley
Sara Wiebye
Randy Akers
Steve Anderson
Laura Grosenheider
Glenn Roberts
Bruce Cudly
Edward Cunliffe
Kevin Hitzemann
Ann Cannon
Bob Bals
Dana Foote
Don Geier
Donna Walsh
Fred Massoomi
Gail Jones
Gaye Lynn Schaffart
Jeri Homolka
Joe Gehrki
John O’Neall II
Kim Sucha
Kristen Drescher
Kurt Wullschleger
Leatha Johnson
Loren Steenson
Lori Pinkerton
Mary Ellen Wychulis
Melinda Foley
Michael D. Matejka
Robyn Bartlett-Andersen
Roger Braumbach
Sherry Rivard
...And the many other generous donors and volunteers that make our program possible.
JOIN THE MOVEMENT: nen.nationalMSsociety.org
Our Vision
Every hour in the United States, someone is newly diagnosed with multiple
sclerosis, an unpredictable, often disabling disease of the central nervous system.
Most people with MS are diagnosed between the ages of 20 and 50, with more
than twice as many women as men contracting the disease. There is no cure, and
MS affects more than 400,000 people in the U.S., and 2.5 million worldwide.
The National MS Society is a collective of passionate individuals who want to do
something about MS Now . Together we are the MS movement.
We are a driving force of MS research, relentlessly pursuing prevention,
treatment and cure
We address the challenges of each person whose life is affected by MS
We are activists
We mobilize the talents and resources of the millions of people who want to do
something about MS
We will raise a total of $1.25 billion by the end of 2010
We are a movement by and for people with MS, moving together toward a world
free of multiple sclerosis.

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