Mass Schedule of Intentions August 28, 2016 28 de Agosto 2016 St


Mass Schedule of Intentions August 28, 2016 28 de Agosto 2016 St
August 28, 2016
28 de Agosto 2016
St. Mary’s Parish
Mass Schedule of Intentions
August 27 – September 2
8:30 AM ~ Special Intentions
5:00 PM ~ Memory of Bob Jackson
7:00 PM ~
8:30 AM ~ For the People of St. Mary’s
11:00 AM ~ Memory of Pat Brillon
1:00 PM ~
8:30 AM ~ Memory of Ethel Shobe
8:30 AM ~ Special Intentions
Wednesday 8:30 AM ~ Memory of Earl & Margaret McLean
Wednesday 5:30 PM ~ For the Souls in Purgatory
8:30 AM ~ Memory of Nadine Barrett
9:45 AM ~ For the Mennonite Home
8:30 AM ~ For the Souls in Purgatory
September 3 – 4
8:30 AM ~Intention of Joe and Kay Marcum
5:00 PM ~ Memory of Carl Beyer
7:00 PM ~ For the People of St. Mary’s
8:30 AM ~ Memory of Gloria Weber
11:00 AM ~ Memory of Pat Brillon
1:00 PM ~
Mass Intentions & Memorial Candles
If you would like to have a Mass offered for a particular
Intention or for someone who has died, or if you would like to
dedicate a candle to an intention or a loved one, please call the
parish office. The stipend for the Mass is $10. The candles are
$30 for 1 month, $60 for 6 months, or $90 for one year. Our
office staff will help you find an open date and time for a Mass,
or available candles for dedications.
Who would you like to invite to dine with you? Friends? Celebrities? Family?
I will invite the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. I know you will ask
me, why him. There can be many reasons and they may vary from interest to
need. However, just like any one, I choose somebody who is significant, and
very usually we invite the rich, the famous and the powerful.
“When you hold a banquet, invite the poor, the crippled, the lame and the
blind.” (Lk. 14:14) Jesus, in this challenge, teaches us charity without counting the cost and without expecting a reward, especially the latter.
Very often those who are greedy will invite those who can give back a favor,
especially the favor to make them feel important, needed and indispensable. I
know of a politician’s story. He used his power to stay in power. How? When
he became the mayor of the town, he put up a small clinic using government
funds. He provided cheap or low cost medical service for the indigents who
comprise almost all the population of his town. Through his “philanthropic”
work, he convinced his townspeople he was needed, thus he stayed in power.
Every election, he reminded his town about the mayor’s clinic, which bears the huge sign: MADE
THROUGH THE PROJECT OF MAYOR SO AND SO. He served as Mayor for twenty years (with pauses in
between as the election code allows a mayor to serve for three consecutive terms of three years) until he was
killed by “rebels” (actually, the opposition who felt the abuse is already too much).
Often we do not realize we can be like the mayor. We use our God given gifts to be praised. And since
being praised has become very satisfying to us, we abuse the use of those gifts to continue being praised.
Have you heard yourself saying: “Oh, it was me who made that”, “I have been leading that for 20 years
and saw a lot of good results”, “I am the only who made that area very clean and beautiful”, “Without me, that
group is in shambles”, “I know better and I have the keys to the success of your company”, “Who is this young
person that dictates on me”, “What kind of culture he has; our culture is better” and the like. When you hear
yourself say any of this, reflect. Reflect so hard. We need to reflect when we have this hunger for praise. When
we do great things, make sure that we do them for God’s praise not our own. We will know that we become so
engrossed with our own hunger for praise when we make others believe that we are the only righteous individuals to be loved and others to be hated.
Seek only the things that are above (Col 3:1). It is the true reward. Human praise is passing and does
not last. The heavenly praise is everlasting.
¿A Quién le gustaría invitar a cenar con usted? ¿Amigos? ¿Famosos? ¿Familia?
Voy a invitar al Secretario General Ban Ki-moon. Sé que me va a preguntar, Yo se que me preguntaran
porque a él. Puede haber muchas razones y pueden variar el interés y la necesidad. Sin embargo, al igual que
cualquiera, elijo a alguien que es importante, y por lo general Invitamos a los ricos, los famosos y los poderosos.
"Cuando a preparado usted un banquete para, invitar a los pobres, a los lisiados, a los cojos y a los ciegos." en (Lucas. 14:14) Jesús, en este desafío, nos enseña la caridad sin contar el costo y sin esperar recompensa, sobre todo lo último .
(continua en la pagina próxima)
Muy a menudo los que son codiciosos invitan a los que pueden regresarles un favor, en especial el favor de hacer que se sientan importantes, necesarios e indispensable. Conozco la historia de un político. Él utili-
zó su poder para mantenerse en el poder. ¿Cómo? Cuando se convirtió en alcalde de la ciudad, puso una pequeña clínica con fondos del gobierno. Que proporciono servicio médico a bajo costo para los indigentes
que abarcaba casi toda la población de su ciudad. A través de su obra "filantrópica", convenció a la gente del
pueblo que lo necesitaban, por tanto, se quedó en el poder.En cada elección, se le recordaba al pueblo sobre la
clínica del alcalde, que lleva un signo enorme que decía:
ESTO ES REALIZADO A TRAVÉS DEL PROYECTO DEL ALCALDE. Se desempeñó como Alcalde durante veinte años (con pausas en medio como el código electoral permite a un alcalde servir por tres períodos
consecutivos de tres años) hasta que fue acecinado por los "rebeldes" (en realidad, la oposición sintió que ya
era demasiado el abuso ).
A menudo no nos damos cuenta que podemos ser como el alcalde. Nosotros usamos nuestros dones
dados por Dios para ser alabados. Y como somos elogiados eso ha llegado a ser muy satisfactorio para nosotros, abusamos de la utilización de esos regalos para continuar siendo alabados.
¿Te has escuchado a ti mismo diciendo: "Oh, fui yo el que hizo eso", "He sido líder desde hace 20 años
y veo muchos buenos resultados", "yo soy el único que hizo todo ese lugar muy limpio y hermoso", "Sin mí,
ese grupo estaría perdido", "yo sé mejor y tengo las claves para el éxito de la empresa", "¿Quién es este joven
que me quiere dirigirme a mí", "¿Qué tipo de cultura tiene; nuestra cultura es mejor “ y cosa similares a esto.
Cuando te escuches a ti mismo diciendo algo así, Reflexiona. Reflexiona mucho. Tenemos que reflexionar
cuando tenemos este hambre de elogios. Cuando hagamos grandes cosas, asegurémonos de que las hacemos
para la alabanza de Dios, no para la nuestra. Sabremos que estamos tan absortos con nuestra propia hambre de
elogios cuando hacemos que otros creen que somos los únicos individuos rectos para ser amados y otros para
ser odiados.
Como dice en Colosenses 3:1 )Buscar sólo las cosas de arriba. Que es la verdadera recompensa. Los
elogios humanos pasan y no dura. Pero la alabanza celestial es eterna.
Life Chain 2016
Sunday October 2nd, 2:30-3:30pm on Lancaster Drive
Life Chain is not confrontational or political. It is a silent prayer time for Christians in
opposition to abortion. It’s only one hour. Please consider joining us. For more
information see the bulletin board by the sacristy or call 503-585-7856.
Speak for those who cannot speak … Prov. 31:8
All life is God given and all life matters!
Prayer Corner 
Please keep all those who are in the military, or are ill or suffering in your prayers.
For those who are ill or homebound: Tom Barnes, Jeanette Duncan, Bob Worthington, and those struggling with cancer
and other illnesses or upcoming surgeries
We pray for peace throughout our entire world. We remember our family members and friends who are serving the
military: Michael Pennington, Mike Andre
If you would like to add the name of someone who is serving in the military, please call the office.
For the repose of the souls of all the faithful departed: Epifania Caspe
Coats for Kids Breakfast
T hi s
With many families continuing to struggle in these challenging economic times, there
has never been a better time for you to support your Knights of Columbus council and
help provide warm winter coats to children. Because of St. Mary’s generosity the last
three years, we’ve been able to raise enough money to purchase 216 coats. The
Knights of Columbus have raised funds to purchase these new Coats. These winter
coats are provided to families who need help, free of charge . The winter months are
coming and we need your help to raise money to purchase the Coats for Kids this
year. August 28th, the Knights will be serving a breakfast after the 8:30 am Mass
and the 11 am Mass in the Gathering Space. Come and enjoy yourselves with friends,
neighbors and family while supporting this very worthy cause.
We work with St Mary’s and community resources to determine where the greatest needs are and hope to distribute them around Thanksgiving.
Point of contact for Albany Council is Jon Keefer at [email protected] or find
me at the 11:00 AM Masses.
Ask a Knight how you can help Build the Domestic Church.
Inquiry Sessions
RCIA - INQUIRY is an open
opportunity to learn more, to
ask questions about what
Catholics believe, how we
worship and celebrate our faith.
Come and join us to the INQUIRY
sessions every 1st and 3rd
Tuesday of the month 6:30pm at the Parish Office (Peace
For more information contact Ace Tupasi at 541-926-1449.
Thank you.
Offertory Update
Week Ending 8/21/16
General Collection: $9,824
Building & Maintenance: $326
Raise the Roof: $4
Local Charities Fund: $25
Catholic Education Fund: $235
Hispanic Ministry Collection: $939
Thank you for your support of
St. Mary’s Parish through your
prayers, good wishes and gifts
of time and money. If you
would like to use envelopes or
EFT to make your donations,
please contact the parish office.
Upcoming Events/Proximos Eventos
Religious Ed registration is open for K-8 and First Eucharist/Sacraments classes
Registracion para la primera comunión estan abiertas.
Ministry Fair: Set-up before 5pm Mass on Saturday, September 17th; visit the
tables after Masses all weekend (17-18 & 24-25)
Feria del Ministerio: Tener todo listo antes de la misa de 5pm en sabado, 17
de Septiembre; puede pasar a ver las mesas de información el Septiembre 17,
18, 24, 25 despues de cada misa
Anniversary Mass (Bilingual): September 18th, 11am Mass
Misa de Aniversario (bilingue): El 18 de Septiembre a las 11am
Parish Picnic and FUN day: September 18th, Noon - 3pm
Dia Familiar de la paroquia, mucha diversión para toda la familia: El 18 de Septiembre de 12 - 3pm
Religious Ed Registration Day AND First day of classes: September 25th,
9:45am - 10:45am
Primer dia de clase de la primera comunion Septiembre 25 de 11:30-12:45pm
Bible Study of Sunday Scriptures
Wed. 9:30-10:30 am beginning Sept. 14. in the Peace House Fireplace room.
Each week’s focus is on the readings for the upcoming weekend Masses using printed material and occasional
questions. The group dynamics is comfortable with the intention of better understanding the Bible readings.
Please join us for lively, thoughtful yet casual discussions.
Contact person: Charlene Dunten 541-926-2665
Results of the Blood drive from 8/8/16
The goal was 32 units. We succeeded in meeting that goal. It may be possible to help up to 3 people per pint.
We may have helped 96 people. That’s pretty awesome! Thank you for your support.
Looking to Hire
Music Director
Coordinate and direct all parish
music programs
 Must be a proficient pianist
 Organist skills a bonus
 Part-time with benefits
Mail in or drop off resumes at the office:
706 Ellsworth St. SW
Albany, OR 97321-2366
Esperanza Para Las
La depresión después del parto
Grupo de Apoyo en español
En el Boys and Girls Club,
De Albany los Miércoles de
11:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.
Para mas información llamar al
541- 812-4303 o al 541- 768-5772
pregunta por Rocio
Answering phones and directing callers to the
right resource
We have many ways people can help us at the office.  Greeting and helping visitors to the office
Some things are more frequent, some are seasonal,  Records
some are ‘as needed.’ Those who are proficiently
bilingual in Spanish and English are much needed. If We are willing to train to the tasks listed. We are not
asking one person to take on everything. Many
you are interested in helping at the office, please
contact Teresa Middlemiss at 541-926-1449 or email hands make light work. Give us a call and let us know
what you are good at.
her at [email protected]
Seeking Office Help
A few examples of work we need help with:
 Mailings
 Art projects
 Spreadsheets
Thank you for considering sharing your time and
talent with us.
Does Jesus speak to your heart?
“Come and serve my people!”
Priests of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (SCJ) -- men called to go to the
people and make a difference through prayer, service and sacrifice.
Be God’s Love in the world.
[email protected]
Registration for Religious Education is now open. You can find the forms on the Faith
Formation Board in the church, online or at the parish office. Religious Education is for
children from age 3 through 5th grade.
Registration is also open for the First Eucharist/First Reconciliation classes.
Classes will begin on Sunday, September 25. The cost for First Eucharist is $60. The cost
for all other elementary level classes is $30. If you have questions about any of these programs, please contact Suzanne Duda in the parish office or at [email protected]
Eternal Rome
The Catholic Tour, a Roman Catholic Pilgrimage Apostolate is offering our “Special”
7 Day Pilgrimage to Eternal Rome operating from two Airline Gateways of New York
JFK, and Boston, Mass.. The Price of $1999.00 is the all inclusive price includes airfare,3 star hotel, most meals, tour guide , deluxe bus, Tour Guide and more . Price is
the same from both airports and we can assist you in securing air from your home city to one of the 2 gateways listed above. The travel dates from both Airports will be Nov. 4-10, 2016. Brochures and reservation
forms are.available at the Catholic Tour call 1-877-627-4268 toll free. Or simply e-mail
[email protected]
Eucharistic Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
Saint Augustine, Bishop, Doctor of the Church, N. Africa (354-430)
“Thou art Christ, my Holy Father, my tender God, my great King, my good Shepherd, my one Master my
best Helper, my most Beautiful and my beloved, my living Bread! (St. Augustine)
Please join us for Eucharistic Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. Adoration is available in the chapel 24
hours every day. For adoration outside of the 24-hour regular Thursday schedule, call the office for instructions and
to enlist. Everyone is welcome. Spend as much or as little time as you can. Thank you for offering our Lord this
special hour. Expect God's blessing, and give Him thanks.
Married Couples
Find out how to live out God’s
design for your marriage.
Strengthen, renew, and rekindle
your marriage sacrament by
attending a Worldwide Marriage
Encounter Weekend on
November 11th - 13th at Mt.
Angel Abbey. For more
information call 503-853-2758
or apply on-line at
Additional dates and locations
are listed on-line.
APPEAL 2016.
$39,197.00 $54,560.51
Weekend Retreats for
Healing after Abortion
R a c h el ’s V i n ey a r d c a n h el p you
experience God’s love, c o m p a s s i o n ,
a n d f o r g i v e n e s s . Rachel’s Vineyard is
therapy for the soul.
Do not continue to live in shame,
fear, anger, grief, or numbness
Southern & Mid-Oregon Annual Retreats:
Eugene area weekday retreat Oct. 2527, 2016
For more information, call the regional
Project Aurora at: 541-942-2861
e-mail: [email protected]
National website:
Percent of
Retiros de Fin de Semana
El Viñedo de Raquel es un lugar seguro
Para aquellos con un corazón roto.
El Viñedo de Raquel te puede ayudar a experimentar amor de Dios, compasión y perdón.
El Viñedo de Raquel es terapia para el alma.
No continúes viviendo con vergüenza,
Centro y Sur de Oregón Retiro Anual:
Eugene área: Oct. 25-27, 2016
Medford área: Abril 28-30, 2017
Para mas información contacte al patrocinador regional :
Proyecto Aurora al: 541/942-2861
Para Español: 541/6217047
Website: www.Project
Email: [email protected]
El Grupo de la Divina Misericordia de la Iglesia de San José
los invita:
SEPTIEMBRE 9,10,11-2016
P. Diario Betancourt de N.Y.
P. Dante Agüero desde Argentina
David Bisono N.Y.
Grupo ELI Yakima
$15.00 P/P
(por los 2 días)
Niños menores de 12 años entran gratis
Habrá venta de Comida
1850 45TH AVE NE
SALEM, OR 97305
Para más información o comprar boletos: Alex & José Salinas 503 569-2136 / 503 881-7878
La Misericordia en el matrimonio: Un evento especial para los matrimonios El 14 de
Octubre, En La Iglesia Santa Ana, de Gresham
La Arquidiócesis de Portland patrocina el año especial de la Misericordia un evento para las parejas casadas
de habla hispana el 14 de Octubre del 2016. Con el Predicador católico Héctor Molina quien dará los temas en
este evento en la parroquia de Santa Ana en Gresham. Las puertas se abrirán a las 6:30 pm, y concluirá a las
9:30 pm. El programa incluye dos presentaciones, La Divina Misericordia, la oración la música, y aperitivos.
Una donación voluntaria será colectada y cuidado de niños limitado y disponible para aquellos que se inscriban antes de tiempo. Además de las presentaciones, habrá guías y recursos que destacan los diferentes ministerios matrimoniales y familiares. Esta es una oportunidad maravillosa para todas las parejas casadas que buscan
crecer en la fe y en el amor en este Año de la Misericordia. Tenga en cuenta que: todas las presentaciones se
ofrecerán en español. Todas las inscripciones serán a través de la parroquia de Santa Ana. Por favor, póngase
en contacto al 503-665-4935.
Confirmation Preparation for High School Youth
Parent Orientation Meetings
Please attend one.
September 4, 9:45-11:45 am in the Youth Loft (English)
September 11, 12:15-2:15 pm in the Youth Loft (English)
This meeting is required for parents of 10th-12th grade youth interested in receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation next spring. We will share important information about our Confirmation
Preparation Program, review expectations for the candidates and their parents, provide a calendar
for the year and complete registration materials. Please bring a copy of your teen’s Baptismal Certificate with you to the meeting.
For inf0rmation, please contact Cherrie in the Youth Ministry Office at 541-905-3491 or email
[email protected]
Preparacion de la Confirmacion para Jovenes de High School
Las Orientaciones Serán
Favor de asistir a uno de estos días.
Septiebre 4, de 2:30-4:30 pm en el cuarto de jovenes (en español)
Septiebre 16, de 7:00-9:00 pm en el cuarto de Jovenes (en español)
Esta orientacion es requerida para padres y jóvenes que estén interesados en recibir el sacramento
de la Confirmación la próxima primavera (grado 10th en adelante). Compartiremos información
muy importante acerca de la preparación de la Confirmación y las expectativas de los candidatos y
sus padres se dará el calendario y completar toda la registracion y los materiales. Favor de
The state fair is almost here!
I want to let you know there are a handful of volunteer openings http:// remaining for Oregon Life United's booth, including a few evening shifts (6pm to 10pm). We’ll be inviting fair-goers to ”vote” on the best ways to care for
pregnant women in need, and we’ll also be raising awareness about pro-life pregnancy resource centers here
in Oregon.
Would you like to help? Each volunteer will receive training, an admission ticket to the fair, and
an Oregon Life United T-shirt. Please contact Shannon Henshaw at [email protected] for more information, or complete the volunteer application
Whether you’re able to work a shift or not, please keep this outreach in prayer. We need
protection, divine appointments, boldness, and wisdom as we desire to share the truth in love with many
thousands of people over the course of 11 days.
Jeff Jimerson, Director, Oregon Life United
St. Mary’s
Appreciates our
Bulletin advertisers!
Catholic Daughters of the Americas
Regent: Dorothy Gall
1st Monday each month @ 6:30 PM
All lady parishioners welcome!
A big THANK YOU! To the
groups who faithfully set
out our coffee and donuts
each Sunday.
To our anonymous parishioner
who is generously donating
flowers every month ...
For information about an ad
in the bulletin, contact Joni
[email protected]
Dave Pautsch
Bill Raschko
Juan Vasquez
St. Mary’s
Principal Broker
Listing Specialist
Buyer Broker
Listing Specialist
Buyer Broker
Listing Specialist
Buyer Broker
Se Habla
Your Ad
Be Here!
Holy Mary,
Mother of God,
pray for us.
Our Bulletin goes out in
print, via email and is
posted on the web &
Patty Mello
Independent Beauty
(541) 926-2631
Albany Helping Hands Thrift Store
705 First Ave E
Changing Lives
Open 10 AM— 6 PM
Monday– Saturday
Donate a Vehicle
Help a Neighbor
St. Vincent de Paul’s Car Program
Free towing
St. Mary’s Celebrating
131 Years!
1885– 2016
Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish
706 Ellsworth St. SW Albany, OR 97321-2366
August 28, 2016
22nd Week in Ordinary Time
Father Aniceto Guiriba, Administrator, ext 338
Father Leonard Omolo, ALCP, Parochial Vicar, ext 338
Administrative Assistant to the Priests:
Teresa Middlemiss, ext 338
Parish Office: Marty Kloeck (AM)
Business Office: Joni Siewell, ext 305
Elementary Religious Education Director:
Suzanne Duda, ext 344
Youth Coordinator: Cherrie Barnes, ext 315
Adult & Young Adult Religious Education Director and
Liturgy Coordinator: Ace Tupasi, ext 331
Office hours Monday- Friday ~ 9 to Noon & 1 to 4 PM
Parish Office: 541-926-1449
Emergency Phone: 541-220-0634
Fax: 541-926-2191
Email: [email protected]
web site:
WEEKEND MASSES: Saturday 5:00PM English, 7:00 PM Spanish; Sunday 8:30AM English, 11:00 AM English, 1:00PM Spanish
DAILY MASSES: Monday to Saturday 8:30AM, Wednesday 5:30PM, 1st Thursdays @ 9:45AM in Mennonite Home Chapel
CONFESSIONS: Wednesday 9:15AM - 5PM, Saturday 3:30 - 4:30PM, 6:15 - 7:00PM, Sunday 7:30 - 8:30AM, 10:00 - 11:00AM, 12:15 - 1PM
NOVENA to Our Lady of Perpetual Help: Communal Recitation 8:00-8:30AM and 5:00-5:30PM, personal recitation all day Wednesday
in the chapel (Novena booklets available in both languages.)
ADORATION: Thursday 9:00AM to Friday 8:15AM
In Times of Need
PRAYER CHAIN: Fran Pace, [email protected]
PRAYER SHAWL MINISTRY: if you would like a prayer shawl for someone who is ill or experiencing a loss, please contact
Carol Hawke at 541-926-2106 or [email protected]
RETROUVAILLE / REDISCOVERY OF OREGON: for couples whose marriages are experiencing pain or communication
breakdown. 1-800-470-2230 or
BEGINNING EXPERIENCE: weekly support meetings and weekend retreats to aid in healing and beginning again for the
widowed, divorced and separated or anyone experiencing the death or loss of a friend or relative. 503-393-2361.
Bienvenidos a su casa a su iglesia Santa Maria
Asistentes en el Pastoral del Ministerio Hispano
Marciano y Honorina Lopez 541- 619-1504
Los Sacramentos en español :
Bautismo: Marcos y Aracely Rodriguez; Anselmo Nunez
Primera Comunión: Suzanne Duda
Boda: Humberto y Susana Martínez 541-971-2698
Quinceañera: María Chavez
Confirmación: Marciano y Honorina Lopez
Catecismo para Adulto: Antonio Reyes - Domingo de 11:20 am a
12:40 pm
Representante del Consejo Pastoral: Marisol de la Torre
Para preguntas llamar o venir a la De Martes a Viernes de
1:00pm a 4:00pm 541-926-1449 o al 541-619-1504
Horario de las Confesiones son:
Miércoles : De 9:15am a 5:00pm
Sábados : De 3:30pm a 4:30pm y 6:15pm a 7:00pm
Domingo : De 7:30 a 8:30am, 10:00 a 11:00am, y 12:15pm a
Horario de las misas en español Sábado: 7:00pm
Domingo 1:00pm
Aquí en nuestra parroquia tenemos grupos de oración y evangelización. Los invitamos a formar parte de esta familia parroquial .
Lunes grupo de oración en la capilla a las 7:00pm
Martes grupo San Juan Diego para hombres a las 7:00pm en la
casa Guadalupe
Miércoles grupo San Juan Diego para mujeres a las 7:00pm en la
casa Guadalupe
Viernes grupo Apóstoles de la palabra a las 7:00pm en la casa

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