Our Lady of the Mountains


Our Lady of the Mountains
Our Lady
of the Mountains
June 12, 2016
12 Junio 2016
Pastor Fr. Randy Oswald
(307) 733-2516
Associate Pastor Fr. Louis Shea
Monday, June 13
8:00 AM
Tuesday, June 14
8:00 AM
Wednesday, June 15
8:00 AM
1:30 PM
Thursday, June 16
8:00 AM
5:30 PM
Friday, June 17
8:00 AM
7:00 PM
Saturday, June 18
8:00 AM
5:30 PM
Sunday, June 19
8:00 AM
10:00 AM
7:00 PM
Betty Lutze +
Kristen Long
The Furey Family
John & Mamie Mortillaro
No Intention
No Intention
Healing Intentions
Jennifer Kudar Tucker, Kenly Spilman,
Staebell & Youngman Families, Walter Swank,
Rudy Hoffman
Souls of the Departed
Catherine Kelly Playford, Sarah Staebell, Reilly Hubele,
Rosemary Boyle, Donald Turner
JUNE 18-19
The intentions listed here will be the intentions of the
priest and will not be announced to the gathered
5:30 PM
Ann Carruth, Judy Greig
Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion:
John Doyle, Becca Jewison, Sam Jewison
8:00 AM
Bill Doyle, Stuart Palmer
Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion:
Natalie Stewart, Ann Wenger, Joseph Wenger
10:00 AM
John Dorsey, Vic Wagner
Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion:
Max Kudar, Barbara McPeak, Carol Ramthun, Sarah Rock,
Avelina Zárate Gómez
Director of Religious Education
Director de Educación Religiosa
Our new pastor, Fr. Lucas Kazimiro Simango is seeking
a new Director of Religious Education. The position is
part-time averaging 10 – 20 hours a week. The DRE
will organize, plan, schedule, recruit, and provide direction for grades K – Confirmation. The DRE will receive support from the parish office staff. If you are
called to serve our parish, please contact the parish
office or submit your resume to
[email protected].
Nuestro nuevo Párroco, Pbro. Lucas Kazimiro Simango esta buscando a un nuevo Director de Educación
Religiosa. Es un puesto de tiempo parcial, 10-20 horas por semana. El Director organizará, planeará, programará, contratará, y proveerá dirección para Kinder
-Confirmación. El Director recibirá apoyo del personal
parroquial. Si esta llamado a server a nuestra parroquia, por favor, contacte a la oficina o entregue su
resume a [email protected].
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No Intention
No Intention
No Intention
Elias Naegele
No Intention
The Furey Family
No Intention
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Year of Mercy :: Heal the Sick
There are many ways people visit with and
heal the sick-- spiritually, emotionally, and
physically. Pope Francis has laid out our
task; it is up to us to share the same love we
have received from God with others. In fact,
this is the very definition of mercy! Mercy is
a particular mode of love, such that when
love encounters suffering, it takes action to
do something about it. It is making someone
else’s pain our own. Mercy is love in action.
And there is no better way to put our love in
action than to visit the sick and share with
them our love (received from God).
Excerpted with permission from Beautiful
Mercy: Experiencing God’s Unconditional
Love So We Can Share It With Others. Fr.
Donald Calloway, MIC. Dynamic Catholic
Institute, 2015.
Año de Misericordia::Sanar a los Enfermos
Hay muchas maneras en que se puede visitar y sanar a los enfermos—espiritualmente,
emocionalmente, y físicamente. El Papa
Francisco nos ha compuesto la tarea; es
nuestro deber compartir con los demás el
mismo amor que hemos recibido de Dios.
¡De hecho, esta es la definición de la misericordia! La misericordia es un modo especifico del amor, de manera tal que en cuanto se
encuentre con el sufrimiento, hace algo para
resolverlo. Es abrazar al sufrimiento de alguien más. La misericordia es amor en marcha. No existe mejor manera de poner nuestro amor en marcha que visitar a los enfermos y compartir con ellos nuestro amor
(recibido de Dios). Citaron el texto con permiso de Beautiful Mercy: Experiencing God’s
Unconditional Love So We Can Share It With
Others. Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC. Dynamic
Catholic Institute, 2015.
Musical Notes Handbell Choir
We need a few more people to ring handbells. All adults and High School students
who would like to learn to play handbells
are invited to join the Handbell choir. Rehearsals on Wed. evenings from 5:30 to
7:15. Basic music reading skills are helpful,
such as knowing how to “count” the various
types of notes and being able to discern
whether a note is a line or a space note on
the music staff. If you are interested, please
see Ron at the organ after Mass.
Coro de Campanillas—Todavía nos hacen
falta unas personas para tocar la campanillas. Todos los adultos y estudiantes de High
School quienes quieren aprender a tocar las
campanillas están invitados a venir. Practicamos los miércoles de 5:30-7:15 PM. Seria
bueno saber los básico de leer partitura,
saber contar las notas musicales y discernir
lo que es una nota lineal de lo que es una
nota espacial en la pentagrama. Si esta interesado en participar, por favor, vea a Ron
en el órgano después de Misa.
OLM Spring Cleaning
Thank you Ginny and Rachel Mahood for
THOROUGHLY cleaning the basement windows!
Limpieza de la Iglesia
¡Gracias a Ginny y Rachel Mahood por lavar
PROFUNDAMENTE las ventanas del sótano!
We need photos of Fr. Randy & Fr. Louie for
a slideshow presentation at their reception
on June 25. Please e-mail pictures to
[email protected].
Pedimos fotos de Padres Randy & Louie
para su fiesta de despedida el 25 de junio.
Por favor, mande las fotos a
[email protected].
Global Leadership Summit
August 11-12,2016 : Presbyterian Church
For more: willowcreek.com/summit.
Priority Code: 16PRTC
To register, contact the parish office.
Cumbre Global de Liderazgo
11-12 Agosto 2016 :: Iglesia Presbiteriana
Para más: willowcreek.com/summit.
Código: 16PRTC
Para inscribirse, contacte a la oficina.
The Diocesan Campaign at
Our Lady of the Mountains
(As of June 11, 2016)
as of today
(67% of goal)
70 of our 700
as of today
(9% of goal)
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