Teambuilding Aktiv Fritid - Aktiv Fritid


Teambuilding Aktiv Fritid - Aktiv Fritid
Teambuilding at
Base Camp
An eventful and varied team competition
We emphazise tasks for everyone. There are
few points to collect at the physical activities, but
a lot of opportunities for all at the practical and
theoretical challenges. The team who manage to
include all their members and to organize themselves best, will most probably win the competition.
Suggestions for your Teambuilding program
We start with «true or false» inside. Outside we
have a variation of exercises at a low hight (or at
the ground) such as: The ladder, Timber and rock,
archery and air rifle, dart or Catch the ball zip line.
We also have exercises high up for those who want
greater challenges: Zip lines, Rope bridge and Find
your balance. The bravest can test our demanding
airy climbing route categorized black. The competition ends with an amusing graduation and awards.
We can serve snacks and drinks. Would you like
to have dinner in our vibrant dining hall «Gamma»,
the chef will serve great food immediately after the
From 2 -3 hours, competition at Base Camp
From 5-6 hours, competition and dinner in Gamma
Your experience
Great fun with your colleagues with engaging tasks
in a safe and enjoyable adventure. The views
over the coastline and the national park Færder
will most certainly give you great impressions. To
do something different together gives inspiration
and team spirit also in your everyday work.
Safe activities
All our activities are supervised by an instructor,
and you’ll be given full training at the beginning of
each new activity.
Companies, private gatherings, family gatherings,
group of friends, organizations etcetera.
We are open all year round and have activities for
every season.
Prices Team Activities
370,- NOK incl. VAT, per person
5.000,- NOK incl. VAT, 6 to 14 people
The price includes activities and awards for all
Prices Team Activities and dinner
790,- NOK incl. VAT, per person, with Zip line
13.430,- NOK incl. VAT, 6 to 17 people
What about other activities?
We offer you various activities at Base Camp:
• Via Ferrata climbing
• Bike rides to Verdens Ende
• Word games «False, taste, true»
• Organic temptations in a bottle
• Dinner in our vibrant dining hall Gamma
Need a place to stay for the night?
Scandic Havna Tjøme
Engø Gård Hotel
t (+47) 33 30 30 00
t (+47) 33 39 00 48
Welcome to Base Camp at Tjøme
Telephone: (+47) 97 14 25 12
Mail:[email protected]