neopreno TRAD AN



neopreno TRAD AN
Neopreno 90 gloves are tough gloves without support and
with a diamond-shaped texture to enable firm holding of wet
or dry objects.
They offer effective protection against numerous chemical
Description and Features
These work protection gloves are manufactured from a
mixture of neoprene and latex (blue material) on latex
(yellow material).
These work gloves are recommended for manipulation
or light assebmly tasks, such as:
- Aeronautical industry assembly
- Battery manufacturing
- Chemical processes
- Electronics
The top quality cotton flock lining increases comfort
and reduces the risk of irritation.
Technical specifications
Thickness: 0.53 mm
Length: 330 mm
Manufactured in sizes 8, 9 and 10
A B C D (2 1 0 1)
10 pairs in each plastic bag. 12 bags per box.
EC Certification
A: Mechanical hazards
B: Resistance to knife cuts
C: Resistance to tearing
D: Resistance to perforation
EN 374: 2003
EN 338: 2003
Health and Safety requirements
Resistance to permeation:
• Acetic acid 30%
• Paraffin
• Potassium hydroxide 50%
Level 6
Level 6
Level 6
of the R.D. 1407/1992

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