Gruene trails - Gruene Chapter Harley Owners Group


Gruene trails - Gruene Chapter Harley Owners Group
Gruene trails
Gruene Harley owners group
January 2013 news letter
ThaT’s righT iT’s 2013! Can you believe it? we have new leaders, new
members, new rides and new ideas. Next month our meeting will also
be someplace new. Herberts taco hut 1440 n. walnut, near the loop.
They open at 9:00 am and will be serving food. Meeting time is still
at 10:00am. See the ride schedule or website for up to date info.
Afterwards the ride is to the cowboy mardi gras in bandera.
January meeting moments
New head road captain walter grier gave
wade his road captain patch.
Meet some new members
Alma and Robert pope
john and susan blanchard
jo and Daniel Ramirez
and here’s our new officers
Marta Roberts
Cheryl Anderson
Joe Gonzales
assistant director
lynda kohler
matt gardner
curt carter
seargent at arms
Rick Roberts
becky grier
head road captain
walter grier
jerry Ramirez
jeff York
ladies of Harley
michelle Scirone
jon magill
Paulie panamarenko
Product review
By the editor
Ever been riding and your
fingers got so cold you
couldn’t feel them? Harley
Davidson offers a choice of
heated gloves so that could
never happen again. The
“dual source gauntlet” is the
style I chose. They plug into
the bike via the battery
tender adapter or separate
connector to the battery.
There is an available
rechargeable battery pack
you can purchase instead so
that you don’t have the wires
running down inside your
jacket. The packs go into
little pockets built into the
backs of the gloves. The
gloves are very comfortable
and work great, so great at
times I actually have to turn
them off. Controlers are also
available separately. The
Gauntlet set comes with the
gloves and the on off switch
only, wires and adapters are
available separatly. The
shorter style comes with
gloves, switch and required
wiring but are only available
in mens. Harley Davidson
offers a full line of heated
clothing including vests
pants and socks. The heating
elements in the gloves have a
lifetime warranty, the rest of
the glove one year. Go online
for prices and other
accessories. If your hands are
gonna be in the cold winter
wind you might think about
adding heated gloves to your
riding gear.
Mens gauntlet pn 98216-12vm
Womens gauntlet pn 98323-09vm
Mens 98231-12vw
Coming up at Gruene Harley Davidson

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